Mujuru names Masvingo Parly candidates

Joice Mujuru

THE Joice Mujuru-led National People’s (NPP) has named some of its Masvingo aspiring parliamentary candidates for this year’s general elections.

Masvingo Mirror

Party spokesperson Jeffreyson Chitando named the candidates as Moses Mavhaire for Masvingo Central, Nobel Farai Mugabe (Masvingo North), Lawrence Mavhaire (Masvingo South), Chiedza Makoti (Masvingo West), one Mudzivo (Chivi North), Rodrick Rutsvara (Gutu North), Oliver Chirume (Gutu Central), Germany Wisdom Tichazorwa (Gutu West) and Peter Mashekete (Zaka West).

Chitando said the other candidates would be named soon after the party has held its primary elections.

He said in constituencies like Masvingo South, Chivi North, Gutu North and Gutu East there were no primary elections with candidates chosen through consensus.


  1. chitando be a man for once in ur life neroooooo is the real deal wonesa chembere iyi kuti hativade vasina chamisa

  2. Comment…Get everything from me my friend, that all these political opposition groups are seeking political power and nothing outside that box. We’re here to tell the truth that you will find out later in life. Zvakasikwa zvakadaro Kuti kune vamwe vanogona kunonoka kuona kunaka kwechinhu kana chichangotanga. The Chinese history has Deng who brought hope in all circles in China. Today, China has the largest economy in the world. Our political, economic and social story is related to the ancient China. Emmerson is our Deng who have to take on to win the Zimbabwean dream of prosperity.

  3. Comment…Deng wako is doing a lot of talking but no action. can someone tell zanupf its the ruling party now. how can they say if u vote us as if they are not already in power. we are seeing corrupt ministers still there, long queues getting longer no cash. what are they waiting for. where are the billions they brought from China when we can’t access our cash when we need it

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