Mphoko yet to get terminal benefits

FORMER Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko is yet to receive his government pensions and other benefits, more than six months after being forced out through a military intervention.


His lawyer Welshman Ncube confirmed the development at the weekend, saying they were still negotiating with government through the Attorney-General’s Office.
“Nothing has happened. The government has not yet given the former Vice-President his benefits and pensions. We are still waiting,” he

Ncube added that government had only offered to pay Mphoko’s pension, but was reluctant to give him other benefits he was entitled to as a former Vice-President.

“We want to see the things that we agree on with the office of the AG, then probably go to court over the things that we do not agree on. So far, there is agreement that he is entitled to a pension, but not the other benefits as contained in the law,” he said.

“So, we want to deal with the areas we agree and dispense with that and go to court on the areas that are not agreed. At the moment, we have not hit a brick wall, so we are not yet going to court.”

Mphoko is demanding that government should pay him a salary equivalent to a sitting Vice-President, for life, get access to State security, an office and a government vehicle.

Former President Robert Mugabe has been given his constitutional benefits, which Mphoko appears to have been denied.


  1. He already spend all his benefits at Sheraton. This fool was very arrogant. He doesnt deserve a cent. Him and ED must just go die somewhere quietly.

  2. Kuti akaitei

  3. Terminal benefits for what nhai Welshman? What did the fella did to deserve such? Just point out one. Me thinks in actual fact action should be instituted to recover most of the lucre he inappropriately get during the time period he masqueraded as vp.

  4. brian kandiye

    this fellow was an arrogant guy with a misconception that he was more important and superior than most Zimbabweans.His pension and benefits should take longer than that of ordinary people usually do so that he can know how the ordinary man suffers to get even what he is entitled too

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