Motorist fined over false car theft report


A BULAWAYO resident has been fined $400 and slapped with a suspended six-month jail term for filing a false car theft report and claiming $8 730 compensation from the vehicle insurer, Old Mutual.


David Kontemeniotis Contakis (23) was convicted of fraud when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Sithembiso Ncube on Monday.

The court ordered him to pay a fine of $400, failing which he would languish in jail for three months.

He also received an additional six-month jail term, which was, however, wholly suspended on condition of good behaviour.

The court heard that sometime in 2016, Contakis bought a Toyota Rav4 car and comprehensively insured it with Old Mutual.

On September 17, 2016, he went to Bulawayo Central Police Station, where he falsely reported that his car had been stolen at Waverly Hotel in the city centre.

The matter was recorded under CR 225/09/16 and the docket was referred to Criminal Investigations Department Vehicle Theft Squad Bulawayo, where it was investigated under reference DR 25/09/17.

Two days later, he approached Old Mutual insurance company and claimed $8 730 indemnity for the vehicle using police reference records.

As a result, Old Mutual deposited $8 730 into his CBZ Bank account on October 26, 2016, as compensation for the vehicle.

The court heard that on May 1 this year, detectives from the vehicle theft squad Bulawayo arrested Frank Mbengo and recovered the alleged stolen vehicle in his possession.
On his arrest, Mbengo revealed that Contakis had left the car in question and two others under his custody as he left for Holland.

Mbengo showed detectives WhatsApp chats, where Contakis ordered him to burn the Toyota Rav4 car.

The WhatsApp message was produced as evidence in court.

After Contakis had been arrested, Old Mutual recovered the $8 730 they had been prejudiced.