More heads to roll: ZRP boss

Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga

POLICE Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga has warned of another shake-up with some positions being abolished as part of the force’s ongoing restructuring programme to improve service delivery.


Addressing top police officers in Harare yesterday, Matanga said the streamlining exercise could result in the redeployment of some officers.

“This operational trajectory requires additional staff deployment by operational stations, hence, the ongoing restructuring exercise. This inevitable process will ultimately result in the abolishment of certain posts and the thinning of some sections or even the complete disbandment of sections identified to be redundant or performing duplicate roles,” he said.

Matanga said officers should be driven by the need to serve the country and people first above self to ensure that the organisation regains lost public confidence.
“I want to stress that, I take greater exception to commanders who develop jelly legs and become jittery in fear of taking prompt and appropriate action when the ‘so-called’ political bigwigs commit crimes, be they politically motivated or otherwise,” he said.

The police boss said he was prepared to put his head on the block in defence of his subordinates as long as they were operating within the limits of the law.

“My objectives for this visit is to throw my weight to you as a province in all your policing endeavours. I know pretty well that in your line of duty you are the butt of undue derogatory comments,” he said.

Officer commanding Harare province Senior Assistant Commissioner Elias Mvere said they managed to reduce the city’s crime rate by 13% last year.

Mvere said murder cases dropped by 8%, robbery and rape (16%), unlawful entry (21%) and motor vehicle thefts by 28%.


  1. this is a welcome remark by the Boss himself Cde G Matanga. what’s left now is for him to walk the talk. I feel the organisation should not be the subject of ridicule from the country’s rulers, based on unsupported facts. the CGP should take pride in the organisation if it’s achievements are anything to go by. the organisation should be apolitical and he, CGP, should not be directed by selfish individuals, but by the Constitution and a desire to serve.

  2. Fair enough Matanga. Could you, however, tell us where Augustine Chihuri is? He was scheduled to appear before a Parliamentary Committee chaired by Mliswa. We have not heard a thong from you or Themba Mliswa about your predecessor. Has he quietly had a facilitated exit across the borders where he is eating the millions he collected from the public and other sources during his more than twenty year reign at Police HQ?

  3. If the top Cop can also advise the nation where Itai Dzamara is, his remains otherwise and who did what. It is obvious that the police and the present new dispensation order leaders know what happened but have chosen to be economic with the truth. They also know who killed the people’s general. Can we have a few murderers of 2008 brought to fore for their actions, these are well known and why no action to date.

  4. Cde G.Matanga is he aware that the police have started their extorting tendencies again by taking two dollars from motorist on the road again. The police officers will never repent and they really need retraining .

    • Why give them the $2. That means we (the public) are starting the rot again. Lets “STOP IT”

  5. Until the thug chihuri is brought back from hiding Matanga and all the current corrupt commissioners should Go. #THEVOICEOFTHEPEOPLEISTHEVOICEOFGOD

  6. It came out of an audit of monies unlawfully garnished from junior members of the ZRP, what about funds garnished for the boarding school, kwayedza, station fuel etc?

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