Mnangagwa raps use of State resources for primaries


The government yesterday said it would not tolerate the use of State resources for partisan purposes, after Zanu PF was accused of using the police and military helicopters during its just ended primary elections.


In a statement late last night, Information ministry acting permanent secretary, Regis Chikowore said the use of State resources had not been sanctioned by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and was a violation of the law.

“Any such instances, which might have occurred in the just-ended party primary elections would amount to a breach of Zanu PF policy and certainly a flagrant violation of the laws of the land, which must be roundly condemned and stopped forthwith,” he said.

“Let it be known that any conflation of State and party institutions, as might have happened in the past, will not be allowed under the new dispensation, where the electoral playing field must be seen to be fair and even.”

Yesterday, NewsDay revealed how police and military helicopters had been deployed in the Zanu PF primaries, triggering a response from the Information ministry, which said Mnangagwa had not deployed the police officers to act as presiding officers.

“The President, in his capacity as both the leader of the political party and head of government, wishes to make it clear that it is neither the policy of Zanu PF nor the direction of the government, through him to deploy the police force or any arm of the security establishment in helping with any party function, list (sic) of all as presiding or returning officers in party primary elections,” Chikowore said.

Mnangagwa’s special adviser, Christopher Mutsvangwa yesterday claimed Zanu PF political commissar, Engelbert Rugeje had not sought the President’s blessing in engaging the police for the party’s primary polls, a sign there could be deep-seated fissures.


  1. Comment…ED is the commander-in-chief and if the deployment of police and use helicopters was done without his knowledge, its another coup detat. This shows power has shifted to Tongogara Barracks(KGIV) and he is a mere puppet. Pasi nejunta

  2. Dambudziko rekuisa shamwari pachigaro.Womuudza sei kuti wawozha apo ndiye ane yese.Dilemma yavaRugeje ndeye kuti he was commanding a team thinking they were at the same level ideologically not knowing civilians being civilians they arm twist events for their benefit.Just look at some of the dubious characters who won the primaries.Gore rino

  3. Zanu Pf can give orders to the police and later deny that ndivo vatuma police and army izvozvo hazvisi zvitsva. who do you want to fool. Basa rakatoitwa rikapera now they are telling us tsvina yekuti hee hatisi isu takatumira mapurisa ikoko. It was well planned and a job well done for Zanu. How i hate this party.

  4. he must not be surprised with this,because they always do it saka hazvisi zvitsva comrade

  5. TK very accurate observation. ED very well knows what was happening. Says Old dispensation way. I dont remember such glaring and uncaring use of govt resourcse. During RGM period when it was done it was not so brazen as we witnessed this year. THIS SURE IS A NEW DISPENSATION with all the chaos coming from the RULING PARTY. HOPING THIS IS NOT GOING TO TRICKLR TO THE GENERAL ELECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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