Mnangagwa endorses $5,2bn coal-to-liquid project

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday endorsed a $5,2 billion coal-to-liquid project deal signed between Verify Engineering and South Africa’s Nkosikhona Holdings.
The joint venture will see a coal to fuel plant being established in Zimbabwe.


Speaking at the signing ceremony in Harare, Mnangagwa said the project would help Zimbabwe become self-sufficient in fuel manufacturing.

“I am confident that this project will contribute to our energy security and self-sufficiency in terms of liquid fuels, fertiliser and a range of other chemicals,” he said.

Mnangagwa said the investment will create employment, stimulate productivity and growth of other sectors like agriculture, manufacturing and mining.


  1. ED has my vote

  2. And what few of us may not know is that Verify Engineering is owned by VP Ambi People Look Great and a couple other Zanu PF functionaries. For about 10 years they have been failing to turn coal into fuel, secretly. Their team of scientists was headed by a certain snuff snorting professor. And we pride ourselves at being the most educated on the continent.

    1. And who are Nkosikhona???? thay don’t even have a website yet they claim that they arebringing 5.2 bidha ndomahumbwe aya

  3. Another oil from a rock fairy tale. I somehow think some of these so called foreign companies are actually paid by the government to pull wool over our eyes.

  4. hapana hapana

  5. Comment…kwaita dhiziri ku chinhoyi, vanhu vaya vatanga, tenzi tinzwirei ngoni, tayavura ne zanu Mwari

  6. I don’t see anything to celebrate for in this.The more of a bogus type and the report is a mere campaign gimmick.
    Jatroffa for fuel—nil
    Chinhhoi rock fuel–nil

  7. Comment…bvisai shangu vakuru timbovuchira, these maggots, zanu shit, chakatanga ndochakachenjedza! zanu yakavora kare, #chamisahasallvotes

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