Mhere charms Beira

Gospel musician, Mathias Mhere yesterday said his recent show in Mozambique, where he performed with a full band at a church conference, showed him that there was a high level of appreciation of local gospel music in the neighbouring country.


Mhere, who recently launched his seventh album Panogara Nyasha, said this was his third date with Mozambique, but his first time to perform in Beira and the second in Chimoio.

“The response was good, just like when we performed in Chimoio. We filled up the stadium,” he said.

“For Beira, it was a different experience. I thought they didn’t even know our music.”

Mhere said the gospel music extravaganza was the closing show of a church conference and they were charmed by the response to their performance.

“Mozambicans listen to Zimbabwean music a lot. Some were even singing along, but Shona is not their language. Sometimes, they even sang along to some songs word for word. They really appreciate our music and listen to it a lot,” he said. Ads

Mhere said among the songs that the Mozambican fans sang along to were tracks from the albums Anoita Munana and Nhamo Yekuzvipa such as Double Double, Makorokoza Muchechi, Chipostora and Vimba NaJehovha.

Mhere first performed in the coastal country about four years ago, with memorable shows in Manica and Chimoio.

Mhere’s previous albums include Tinoda Nyasha, Anoita Minana, Nguva YeNyasha and Glory to Glory.

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