MDC-T plots protests over ballots

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

THE opposition MDC-T led by Kuwadzana East lawmaker, Nelson Chamisa is planning to roll out demonstrations to protest against the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s (Zec’s) decision to allegedly “clandestinely” award the tender for the procurement of the voting material.


Party organising secretary, Amos Chibaya said the MDC-T is angry at Zec’s apparent taking of orders from Zanu PF on a critical electoral process.
“The issue of who prints the ballot is critical to the credibility of the election and we are not going to be bullied on this one. We do not have a date yet, but we are on the ground planning.

“I can assure you we will not let this go. We have tried to engage Zec within the confines of the political parties platform but it has not helped. They have gone ahead with assistance from Zanu PF to appoint their own people to print the ballots,” he said.

Chamisa warned early this week, while addressing supporters in the UK, that he has the support to bring the country to a halt if there was no agreement regarding the way the crucial election is to be administered and if the necessary reforms are not implemented.

“We approached the Justice minister (Ziyambi Ziyambi) and demanded that we have one printer with political parties there to ensure the security of the ballot as was the case in other countries like Kenya and Malawi.

“We will not boycott elections. We have the people and if we make the call the country will come to a standstill and that we can do. We are not joking about this. It is a matter of life and death,” Chamisa said.

On Tuesday Ziyambi led Zanu PF lawmakers in rejecting a proposal by the MDC-T to amend the Electoral Act and allow political parties to take part in the selection of the ballot supplier.

“I reject that. It is already covered by the Procurement Act. We cannot talk about another law, which deviates from an existing law. This provision is problematic to accept. We cannot violate our procurement laws to say we want more than 200 political parties to see where the ballot papers are printed,” Ziyambi said.

Zec chairperson, Priscilla Chigumba referred all questions to acting chief elections officer, Utloile Silaigwana.

“He is our official spokesperson and he will be able to tell exactly what we are doing about that,” she said.

Silaigwana requested for questions in writing and had not responded by the time of going to print.

Chibaya said MDC-T is shocked that Zec was going to extremes to make the identity of the ballot supplier a secret.

“If (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa and Zec want to deliver a free and fair election, we do not understand how they would want to make part of the process so secretive. It is important to us to know how many ballots will be printed and by who. The identity of the supplier will help in instilling a sense of confidence in not only the electoral process but the result,” he said.

Party deputy treasurer-general, Chalton Hwende took to social media to campaign for the protest.

“We are now finalising our plans for massive demonstrations across the country. There will be no elections without an open tender for the printing of the ballot paper. This is a call to action to all young people in Zimbabwe,” he wrote.


    • Comment…mamisa tione, todzosera, makajaidzwa stereki mhondi dze zanu, every generation has its struggles to fight, zanu fought smith, nw its machinja’s tym to fight zanu

      • machinja dnt fight with guns, shading blood noooo we too smart to act like wild animals, thats zanu style murdering innocent citizens, isu we vote thugs out

        • Anonymous, we should not participate in the elections period, kwete kusevenzeswa kuita sechikwambo.

  1. This is a very critical issue , especially on the background of 2013 elections where ballot papers where printed on a chromatography paper , it is the saimilar strategy which they want to employ with the help of Russia.This one of ballot papers is a serious issue which i dont know how it becomes a security issue.

  2. Zec does not even have a say on ballot papers that being the duty of the socalled national logistics committee which is directly answerable to government.

  3. MDC should not take part in a flawed election. Hapana kusiri kufa. We may as well wait until the playing ground is leveled. We need to be involved in the printing of the ballot. This is fundamental and is not negotiable because thus where the key to rigging is. Mnangagwa is not campaigning and boasting kuti akahwina kare because of this Nikvu ballot paper. Lets us sacrifice ourselves after all we have suffered for 38 years. Mnangagwa and Khupe can form their GNU.

  4. Prof W Ncube, Jonso and Chamisa.
    This is how the election is going to be stolen. The recent primary polls by ZANU PF was just a dry run to tally the numbers of those who are likely to vote for it. they now know how many out of the total number of registered voters are likely to vote for them. Now they are manufacturing voters by means of multiple registration. the current BVR is not efficient and will not eliminate multiple registration and I think those who were alert heard it from Chigumba. So on the voting day there will be an operation involving military people who will swam the polls and cast up to ten times per person. they have the chemical to wash the ink. did you not wonder why the airforce is now being transferred to the army pay system. it is because monies will be moved into accounts and if its done by trusted people the better. did you also not wonder why Mudede was not retired and his name is being touted by ZEC. He is issuing multiple IDs to those who are going to take part. Chigumba is part of the scam so the election is already rigged before voting. she is ambitious and they have her on their palms probably holding some damaging secrets. so besides the amazing ballot paper watched for a whole gamut of tricks. I know after this there is going to be some witch hunting but we need a free country and the voice of the people is the voice of God not the voice of rigging.

    • These guys are real fraudsters and shameless. The opposition must be very vigilant, employ relevant auditors and technicians. Zanu has a whole lot of rigging tricks and they are not ashamed to use them.

  5. For starters, the usual barbaric acts that dominated previous elections may never recur but ‘advanced ‘ styles can be deployed to bring the desired results. Incidentally, these operation may be well calculated that they leaves no traces of evidence. The Kenyan election for example, it is alleged was fed to a certain formula that calculatively brought the desired difference between the two top contenders’ results. Surprisingly, the swollen grounds witnessed in Chamisa’s campaigns may end up in a sham. Being the first electronic election the opposition should alert from the registration of voters to the day the winner will be declared. Oftentimes, casting a ballot is merely a formality as many of our African electoral commissions undeniably are already compromised.

  6. man kenya well said let have an indepedent body to run elections uye maballot paperf ngaagadzirwe neborder timbers

  7. This is fake, yes they will be protests but not right now, MDC has not called for any protests

  8. Kindergarten politics, what if after demonstrations you find that the ballot papers where printed from a company you approve of. Sounds like you are already predicting defeat and work on the list of excuses.

  9. is ZEC independent or it should be monitored, if it is to be monitored what does the law say who should monitor it, what law has ZEC broke in ballot paper printing. isn’t there are international observer to endorse the election.

  10. what i am more than 100% sure of is that Ngwena can never
    a win a free and fair election even in mapanzure his village.he knows it he must be up to some dirty tricks for sure

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