MDC-T militia unmasked

MDC-T national deputy youth leader and self-confessed commander of the party’s militia —the Vanguard, Shakespeare Mukoyi, has spilled the beans on the dirty machinations applied by his group to prop up the new leadership takeover of the opposition party following founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s death in February this year.


Mukoyi dropped the bombshell in an interview with NewsDay yesterday following an alleged plot to block him from contesting the Kuwadzana East constituency, which he claimed was given to him by party leader Nelson Chamisa as a token of appreciation.

He claimed there were underhand moves by top party officials to impose deputy national treasurer Charlton Hwende as
MDC-T candidate for Kuwadzana East constituency.

The seat was formerly held by Chamisa before his recent elevation to lead the opposition party and contest the upcoming general elections as MDC Alliance presidential candidate.

The MDC-T failed to hold primary elections in Kuwadzana East on Friday after Mukoyi and Hwende’s supporters disrupted the process.

“I feel like our leadership is not sincere and honest. Before the primaries were held, I approached our party president (Chamisa) and had a talk with him concerning that constituency,” Mukoyi said.

“I said to him: ‘God has blessed you to become the president, and I, as a party member resident in Kuwadzana, who has stood with the party through thick and thin, can you bless me to take over from you?’ The president said he has no problem with it and he actually expected that from people who have worked hard for the party.”

But Hwende yesterday refuted Mukoyi’s claims, saying it was not true that Chamisa had “blessed him” with the Kuwadzana East seat.

He also dismissed allegations that the Vanguard had engineered Chamisa’s rise to the party presidency.

MDC-T secretary for elections, Murisi Zwizwai, also dismissed Mukoyi’s utterances, saying: “The position as a party is that everyone is open for a primary election process and there is a template that speaks to that. The template does not even protect the national standing committee members.

“The vice-president himself, Elias Mudzuri, has three people contesting against him, myself as the secretary for elections I am being contested and others. There is no such rule and it’s not in our constitution or in our template. This is a misplaced claim that is meant to play around with the media and politicking.

“We are going to look at the case as a party and come up with the candidate. President Tsvangirai didn’t declare anyone, including Chamisa. He had to go through the party processes to be president. He was appointed by the national council and there is no single person who can say I was anointed.”

Mukoyi, however, said that when Tsvangirai was on his deathbed early this year, the party leadership approached him asking him to engineer Chamisa’s ascendancy at a time other MDC-T co-vice-presidents Elias Mudzuri and Thokozani Khupe were also angling to take over the position.

He said he had worked hard for the party since its formation in 1999, concentrating mostly in the Kuwadzana area, adding it was unfair for Hwende, whom he claimed was from Mashonaland West province, to claim he had also been given the greenlight to contest in the same constituency.

“If it is true then, what it means is that the leadership might not be genuine because we are told different things. However, at the same time, we expected that the party will exercise justice in this matter because Kuwadzana East is my area and I rose through the leadership to the national from here,” Mukoyi said.

“During the time when Tsvangirai was on his deathbed, my brother Hwende and other leaders approached me saying the situation was bad and the party needed new leadership.

“They told me that the work that they were about to do had to be done by the youth assembly, especially the Vanguard, which they are now dismissing as thugs today. We fought to bring sanity in the party until we had this hierarchy that we are having today,” the vanguard commander said, in apparent reference to the violent attacks on dissenting voices in Bulawayo and Buhera following Tsvangirai’s death.

“I feel betrayed that they say The Vanguard is bad, yet they are the ones who were behind the operations of The Vanguard. This is bad. Maybe, as leaders they, have their wisdom to say that, but I don’t think that is right.”

Mukoyi alleged that at some point before the latest fallout, Hwende roped him in as deputy national youth leader and Vanguard commander to resolve a leadership crisis in the party’s Chegutu structures.

He, however, declined to disclose the nature of the problems the party experienced in Chegutu.

Hwende rubbished Mukoyi’s statements as false and meant to tarnish the party and its presidential candidate Chamisa’s image.

“That is nonsense and as far as we are concerned, only the national council elected Chamisa to be the president. I am not aware of any other person who did that,” said Hwende, who claimed he had been actively involved in Kuwadzana since 2000 when he was campaign manager for the now late former legislator Learnmore Jongwe and later campaigned for Chamisa in 2003.

“Besides, the party called for applications from aspiring candidates and I submitted my name. The party cannot decide to give a particular seat to anyone just like that, it is not how democracy works. If he has grievances with Chamisa, he must direct them to the office of the president,” Hwende said.

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  1. Mhizha ward 4 chinhoyi

    Touch not my annointed iwe makoyi siya mwari wedu chamisa.hatidi anotaura zvakaipa pamusoro pake .

    1. Nhai iwe Mhizha Uri kuti Chamisa ndiMwari wenyu? If you are joking then your joke is in bad taste. Makutanga zvaiitwa naMugabe kuZanu Pf?

    2. HEYA MWARI WENYU CHAMISA ? thats why you wil lose.

    3. wtf “mwari wako”

    4. blaspheme you will loose

    5. Mhizha did you just call that boy Chamisa “Mwari”?????

      1. Aiwa musamudaro mhizha uyu. Ati mwari, kwete Mwari. Though there be gods many but we know that there is but one God…remember the great apostle Paul’s wise intervention.

    6. Unorwara iwe

  2. Luke Munya Mabika

    Fire this unashamed fool called Makoyi from the party.Chamisa became the president through popular support yet an idiot like you claim to have helped him?In what way did you helped him get elevated to the top post?You dont have shame,hauna nyadzi,hawuna runyadzo.These are idiots who want to be rewarded through bootlicking and feigned support by being militant.Go to zanu pf if you are a boot licking believer.Chuck this idiot out from the party,even if that was true in what capacity would he get interviewed by the press and leak sensitive party information? Low lives like Makoyi’s minds belong to the stone age era.If he is one of the thugs that caused mayhem at Tsvangirai’s funeral,mangonjo hero basa,batai munhu

    1. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

      chamisa grabbed power when tsvangirayi was on deatg bed

    2. It’s amazing how people use dirty tactics in attaining their goals, using other people who undertake the dirty work in good faith, only to be rubbished as door marts at the offices of the high table.


  4. Tinotenegesa mishonga yechibhoyi inobva kuMalawi inorapa zvirwere zvakawanda zvakasiyana siyana kusanganisira shuga, asima, kuwedzera nguva pabonde, kuwedzera appetite, kuuchika, kukudza nhengo yababa mumazuva gumi, zvirwere zvese zvepabonde nemimwe yakawanda. fonai pa 0714066125. Tino dhilivhara pachena mu harare

  5. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Hezvoko machinja ndozvamuri. You always wantto acuse zanu pf government of not affording zimbabweans freedom of expression and opinion which are basic tenates of a democratic society . You named your party MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE BUT YOU ARE CERTAINLY BEING UNDEMOCRATIC. What a bunch of hypocrits.


  6. I never thought that Chamisa is a God as alleged by Mhizha. Matanga zvaiitwa neZanu kuna Mugabe. Handiti makazviona kwazvakasvika. Munhu will never be God

  7. The party is now full of indisplined fools

    1. MDC has always been like that. Ask Mangoma; Biti and recently Khupe. It is a party of THUGS.

  8. We have been saying it isusu vamwe taka former MDC iyi. I left because they lost gwara and they became ZANU PF part 2. The only difference between the 2 parties is that their leaders one is old and one is new and so if i have a choice i go with the devil i know with an old leader who will die in the next 10 years not a leader ane 40 years who can rule for 60 years. Both parties have blood and violence but ye MDC is on a positive growth while ye Zanu PF irikudzika. Heyo uyo Deputy we Vanguard ari ku confirmer and its in an opposition newspaper hazvisi mu Zanu Herald rambai tinzwe

    1. tibvire apo, asingazvizive kuti Trevor Ncube is a fierce Chamisa critic ndiani? its not only on tribal lines but on personal matters too. nowadays we wont take this newspaper serious and we just dismiss this and other articles with all the contempt they deserve.

  9. Eagle's eye & baboon's ears

    tony blair you misintepret facts for your own good , go to your zanuloids

  10. Tendai Chaminuka

    Why do I seem to read from Hitler’s biography.Vanguard Commander???? the SS SA.It brings chills to a peace loving Zimbo.Nhai Chamisa wadirei kudaro nemhondi dzako idzi

  11. Cde Rusununguko Kwaedza

    While I believe that this Vanguard is the creation of Zanu Pf in the same way that the Selous Scouts were created by the Rhodesians, I however detest Mhizha we Ward 4 of Chinhoyi’s comments that Chamisa is a god! If this is MDC-T’s new ideology then its very unfortunate.

    1. iwewew unotopenga chete haunyari here nhai.Vanguard yaCREATION yeZanu haa iweka not all of us are FOOLS lyk u

  12. Mukoyi arikutaura Chokwadi but then its natural in politics that the youths get used and thrown away. Godwin Gomwe, Chipanga, Tsenengamu, Lumumba,etc were all used and throown

  13. if Mugabe were still around, there would have been an ongoing treason case. it’s illegal to run a military wing, a lawyer should know that.

  14. Comment…mdc party of excellence

  15. Anyone who claims someone on this soil a God, that person is not only a fool but an idiot,

  16. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Muchachema nekamufana kenyu aka watch this space.

  17. azvinanika se chimera chiri paruware zna ne zrp batai munhu

  18. It’s true that these boys helped Chamisa. They mobilised to get rid of the then elected vice president to pave way for him. If what they did was not planned by their party they could have been arrested or banned from it. They are still members and the goals have been achieved hence they want dividends for their sacrifices, killing someone is not easy but these boys were willing to do it for Chamisa.

  19. hahahaha heyaaa…

  20. 1. When Tsvangirai was ill, was it not logical that the party needed new leadership?
    2. Would anyone approach Mukoyi to elevate Chamisa?
    3. So when the National council elevated Chamisa, were they following the orders of Mukoyi and the Vanguard?
    4. When Mukoyi approached Chamisa, what blessing was he seeking? was it to stand uncontested or what?
    3. When Chamisa said he had no problem with Mukoyi standing for Kuwadzana, would it be considered an unchallengeable endorsement which renders a primary contest needless?
    I say this Mukoyi guy has no case

  21. Let the Primary elections be held. Aruza aruza – period.

  22. chamisa rose thrue violence. The mob (vanguard) was used to silence everybody else and we all know thsts the truth

  23. musangano hautengeswe nemari

    ini ndiri resident yekuwadzana mukoyi haana kuramba primary election but uyo anonzi chalrton hwende akaita chitsotsi chekuti 2 days before primary elections akatora vanhu 278 vekumupfakose ward 34 and 36 vakanga vavoter kare to these 2 wards and akatanga kuvakwidza makombi kuenda kuremembarance kumbare vachinochinja ma voters slip from 34 and 36 to ward 37 so that vaizokwanisa kuvoter again kuwadzana ward 37 in favour of chalrton hwende so it was not fair for shackey because already it shows kuti election raiva rakapera kare and vanhu vacho vazhinji havasi vemusangano wedu vaitotaura vega kuti taipihwa mari and 10kgs sugar flour and rice kuti tinochinja
    mavoters slip.interms of our primary election trhe whole country is not happy i beg to our president and his team kuti vapagadzirise ipapo nokuti zvikuitika izvi hazvina kumbobvira zvaitika tsvangirai achiripo tangofanana nezanu yacho

    1. Underwater Basket Weaving

      Thank you ‘musangano hautengeswe nemari’ for your Ground Zero report.

  24. i think these people must go for the primary campain because if they continue figting we may loose so the president

  25. The MDC was formed to survive violently and sometimes they mistake the obedience in Zanu pf as a sign of weakness.They once tried their violence during their formation and when Zanu pf counter reacted it did then best up even those leaders.Stop that violent approach and intimidating speeches.Zanu pf is nursing up the rule of law which it has discovered as the new way of doing politics.Otherwise violence is part of our marrow and don’t try to direct your violence towards Zanu pf.No promises but Zanu pf is on its way from that way of doing politics.Remember the original Zanu pf members lived in the bush for a long period and lived violently.Those Mdc militia cannot match the Zanu pf one because they are not civilian.They are really militants and well trained.

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