MDC Alliance partners cry foul


OTHER partners in the MDC Alliance have accused the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC-T party of encroaching into constituencies allocated to the coalition’s smaller parties and pushing them to Zanu PF -dominated areas.


The development has reportedly upset some of the smaller parties, who are now contemplating moving out of the coalition, accusing the MDC-T of taking them for a ride.
The Chamisa-led coalition comprises six other parties, although the MDC-T has the lion’s share of the seats.

MDC-T negotiator, Jameson Timba said some of the parties are ceding some seats to them, while others are opting for a swap because they are not popular in those areas.
He said there there was no big deal on the matter because all the candidates were contesting under the banner of MDC Alliance.

“The 210 candidates are alliance candidates because no one is going there with their different name,” he said.

“At the end of the day, what is critical is that the alliance as a whole, as a collective, must put its best foot forward because all candidates are going to be contesting under one name, we all have one identity.

“Alliance building is a process and as you are aware, we have building this alliance for the past one and half years ago. When building the alliance we go to the ground and new information will come up. Some parties believe they were strong in particular areas, but as time goes on, they might feel they are stronger in the next area, so the alliance agreement provides for swapping of constituencies based on the prevailing situation on the ground and that doesn’t amount to renegotiation.

“There is also a provision in the alliance that a party can cede to another party. We also have a provision that in the event that a certain party fails to field a candidate that seat, will be reallocated to another party,” he said.

Timba said in politics, disputes are expected to happen and the process of alliance building anywhere in the world is always susceptible to disputes within the agreement they have the grievance handling mechanism, namely the coalition liaison forum, which is a committee with a rotational chair among all the seven parties.

He said the committee is responsible for handling all disputes that arise in the implementation of the agreement.

However, some coalition partners, who spoke on condition of anonymity, fearing the matter might escalate and further jeopardise the agreement, said MDC-T’s conduct was deplorable.

“This is the highest form of arrogance that we are witnessing. Most parties are being told that because you are small, you don’t deserve the seats that were allocated and, hence, they are willy-nilly violating the agreement,” an official said.

“In some cases, we feel like it’s a deliberate way to push us out. Timba was assigned to communicate the message to the alliance partners that they should prepare to cede some of the constituencies because there is so much resistance in the MDC-T. We will see how it goes, but it is most likely that if our grievances are not resolved, that might be the end of the pact.” added the official.


  1. If it is no big deal Mr.Timba imi endayi kuUzumba-Marambapfungwe …You are scared of Zanu Pf strongholds kuitira kuti imwi mupinde isu tisare hantie .Manje madya izvozvo….Ini nevamwe vangu we are out of this alliance sarai moga

  2. As long the other commentator is not known , then it is a lie

  3. MDC Alliance is deviating from democracy by dictating which party in the alliance should should representing which constituency. every party in the alliance has to bring in the candidates who should be voted for in the primary election. then those candidates are the one who then should compete with the other parties. this issue of sharing constituencies in offices is totally undemocratic and they are likely to have conflicts if they are to win elections. they should do primary elections if a certain party member lost that is it. they can’t claim to be democratic party when they impose members vasati vapinda mupower let alone vapinda mupower they are likely to be the worst party ever.

  4. haiwawo these small parties are full of leaders and no supporters. ane vanhu i mdc musatinyaudze

  5. Comment…Tuma alliance partner utwu tunondirangaridza huchenjeri hwandakakura ndichiona muma bhawa. Ane ka 1 litre kechibuku opaque beer kaakupera, aiswedera pane ane 4 litre yake yakazara waaiziva ozadzisa 4 litre iya neka half litre kake kanga kasara, with cultural justification of sharing the drink!. Partnership of brief case companies with estalished public company, if legally possible, is another close analogy of this interesting marriage of convenience; or George Owel’s equality of comerades in his Animal Farm or the imaginary constitutional equality of nation’s filthy rich and nation’s abject poor. All that is required by all is appreciation of, not demand for, the operative, not ideal, parties situational equality, IN THE CIRCUMSTANCE.

  6. Comment…Infact the forced equality of these alliance partners normally has consequenses de facto equally catastrofic in particular material sense, as the forced equality of individual literate and illiterate votes in national election. Synonymous with mathematical addition of like and unlike terms, or funeral where some of the ‘mourners’ are still asking whose funeral it ls !

  7. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We have warned, time and again, that successful alliances entail a give-and-take formula. The MDC Alliance has two options to survive this storm lest its future hungs by a thread. First, as long as parties want their presence felt within the Alliance, the MDC-T must forfeit certain constituencies for the smaller ones or else field parallel candidates to the detriment of the Alliance. They will share the votes and give their competitors an upper hand. Alternately, they should compete as a one entity and momentarily sideline their individual parties to strengthen the Alliance. Anyone aligning themselves with Chamisa should be under MDC Alliance as a party to avoid internal revolt. Had it transformed itself to a party, noone should feel shortchanged. Unless the current debacle is solved amicably, ZANU PF may reap big thereof.

  8. Comment…Zpf/CIO/Nikov rig the elections hence there are no Zpf strongholds. Just contest all the constituencies, eg Uzumba, Maramba-Pfungwe, Mount Darwin North etc and sing the rigging song after the elections.

  9. These small parties should be thrown into constituents where MDC T has fared badly in the past otherwise they want to ride on MDC popularity. Or alternatively they should just join MDC. I dont see any relevance in those briefcase parties

  10. Zvekuti heh Alliance partners izvo ndezvenyu izvo. We just want an MDC led government chete

    • kkkkkkk hehedee ndaseka zvangu ZANU hatiifariri but kuibvisa pachigaro is not as easy as calling people by MDC alliance for a rally. that party ndoinonzi totenda maruva tadya chakata. Remember these pple like BITI and NCUBE are the pple who moved away from MDC before and they are back for an alliance. Chamisa kwaakuti ngatishande tese tokugoveraiwo maconstituencies. ko zvomboetwa zvekugoverwana sei. itai ma primaries aruza aruza ndodemocracy ka. these are nothing but parasites who want to reap from where they dd not plant. MDC T alone was strong enough to stand against ZANU PF. too much spices will spoil the meat.

  11. This election MDC was supposed to just stand on their own. How can someone try to go alone and after failing comes back saying let me in the Alliance. Chamisa being duped by so-called smaller parties.

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