‘Matemadanda must shut up on Gukurahundi’

EX-ZPRA cadre, Jabulani Petshu Sibanda has blasted Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda for claiming that former President Robert Mugabe was solely responsible for the Gukurahundi massacres.


Sibanda, a former Zanu PF Matabeleland South provincial secretary for lands, who resigned from the party during Mugabe’s rule when former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and others were hounded out of the Zanu PF last year, said it was not true that Mugabe unleashed the Fifth Brigade as an individual.

“Matemadanda said these things must be said while Mugabe is alive so that he pays, but we do not agree that the compensation must be done using his assets. He was a Prime Minister then and represented a Zanu PF government. The compensation must be done by the government,” he said.

“Matemadanda is not the right person to apportion blame on Mugabe and exonerate others who worked with him. Those who worked under Mugabe’s instruction, some of them are still there, they are the ones who must come out and tell us who sent them. Mugabe never set foot in Matabeleland carrying an AK47 to kill people, there are people who were sent and those people are the ones who must come out and say they were sent by Mugabe.”

Sibanda said with less than 200 dissidents reported to be in the region, there was no justification for the massacres.

Matemadanda, while addressing war veterans at an outreach programme at Stanley Square in Bulawayo last week, said Mugabe was solely responsible for the post-independence civil disturbances known as Gukurahundi and his properties must be seized and sold to compensate victims of the massacres.

He said Mugabe made an individual decision as a Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces to unleash violence against people in Matabeleland and Midlands, who were believed to be supporters of PF Zapu and ZPRA.


  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    Voice of reason which shows considerable maturity and knowledge on how the government functions.Surely, there couldn’t be deployment of military manpower of that magnitude without a deliberate policy framework design to annihilate the Ndebele people from the earth’s surface.Those who were in the country’s executive were collectively and severally responsible and should account.Worse still, was it necessary to deploy that brigade to chase around less than hundred people?

  2. Jabu sounds quite reasonable. May the tables be turned on him also for the terror and murder he leashed in Masvingo with his then ZANU campaigns.

    1. @spoton, Phetshu Sibanda is not Jabu Sibanda of the ‘bedroom coup’ fame.

  3. Jabu you better keep quiet on this one remember not so long ago you got your fingers burnt and ended up being brought before the courts on all sorts of spurious charges,so it is nicer to distance yourself at lest for now from some of these debatable issues as some wayward members of the society are looking for sympathizers to further their misplaced political objectives.

  4. Now I know these war vets are not principled. Matemadanda now even call opposition is a gong yet he made so much noise when he lost to Tongai. His noise was more of a gong than the opposition complaints. We also know zanla forces were party of the murderous regiment in Matebeleland it won’t surprise that Victor could have also participated.

  5. So who send the soldiers into the streets in November 2017? was it Mugabe? please musanyebere Mugabe yes he had his faults and he did many bad things but he did no act alone

  6. It is not true that there were less than 200 dissidents in Matebeleland. There were 3000.By the end of the disturbances, 2880 had been killed or arrested. 116 handed themselves over at the end of the war, and 4 were never accounted for.

    1. i like these busy numbers thumbs up to the detailed stats

    2. You are very funny. Doesnt look like you were yet born in 1987!

    3. You are very funny. Looks like you were still a sperrm in 1987!

  7. Who does not know that the current so called new dispensation was responsible for gukurahundi, they were the commanders, intelligence and executioners during that time and you can even see with the way they walk that they have blood all over their bodies. They did it again so recent in 2008, now they are pretending to be good Samaritans. Wolves in sheep skin, be careful, let them loose these coming elections and they will show their true characters, a leopard does not shed its spots.

  8. The issue of Gukurahundi remains unclear to the rest of Zimbabweans. Why because Robert Mugabe and ED can not explain why they killed our brothers and sisters in Matebeleland. The involvement of Perrence Shiri, ED and all the former Army Junta team is questionable.

  9. Never ever forget that this same Jabulani Sibanda used to traverse the country armed with an AK 47 terrorising villagers and threatening hell on earth if they did not vote for Mugabe and Zanu PF. What has changed,devil turned angel?

  10. Tirikukuhonai Hedu

    well said

  11. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Mumwe akati vapanduki ava vaisapfuura makumi mashanu. Nhasi mumwe ave kuti vaisapfuura mazana maviri. Ndiyani aive mutungamiriri wevapanduki ava anyatsopa huwandu hwavo chaihwo? Chokwadi chichabudawo chete.

  12. if the whole world is claiming for africa to be compensated for slave trade that happened before the mzilikazi genocide on the shona people followed by the plunder and murderous campaigns by the brititish south african company followed by the murderer ian smith and his cohorts who bombed the rural areas in mat and mash and neighbbouring countries and accounted for more than 40 000 or more dead followed by the overzealous and protected dissidents who murdered people in mash and midlands and where only stopped by the army units. so who was the leader of the dissidents how many where there those who melted away from amnesty and are in rsa what are they doing/?

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