Marere’s life in the fast modelling lane

ZIMBABWEAN supermodel, Roselyn Marere (pictured) has channelled her passion for the ramp into her modelling career and is currently flying the Zimbabwean flag high in India.


Marere recently struck gold, when she featured in an Indomie noodles advert showing on DSTV and Nigerian 24-hour lifestyle and music channel, Soundcity TV.
NewsDay Weekender recently caught up with Marere, who opened up on her life as a model in India.

The beauty queen said working on the advert was just part of her professional work as a model and she had previously featured in a music video of the song, You O’clock, by Indian rapper, Nike Tan.

“Working on this advert was just like any other advert which involves long hours that I have become used to,” she said.

Indomie is a brand of instant noodle produced by Indofood in Indonesia and distributed around the world. In Africa, it is very popular in Nigeria.

Marere said she has struck a rich vein in her career after recently representing Zimbabwe at the annual Miss Brics International 2018 held last Tuesday in India. Ads

“Brics is an association of five countries that strengthens economies, civil societies’ culture and international relations. Our job was to represent our countries through interacting with people from different countries who attended the meeting,” she said.

The 25-year-old beauty who grew up in Highfield, Harare, graduated in Tourism and Travel in 2015 at Ambedkar University in New Dehli, India, and has worked with several reputable modelling agencies in the Asian country.

“I have been more involved in the fashion weeks, including a lot of campaign shoots and have worked for celebrity designers such as AV Modelling, Aak ji Delhi, New Indian Models, Voozit and Designer Next India Brave Models Management, among many other Indian modelling agencies,” she said.

The model is inspired by Naomi Campell and Alek Wek and revealed her secret to a beautiful body.

“I always have a heavy breakfast, light lunch and dinner. I only take fish, green salads, rice and a lot of fruits as well as pasta beans, bacon and sausages. Most of my food is boiled and I go to the gym a lot,” she said.

The full-time model said modelling in India has been a great experience due to its high level of professionalism, although she has had some nasty encounters with racism.

“The only thing that I don’t like here is racism. Sometimes I dread to go for auditions, because I know that 95% of the people there will not take me (because of my skin colour), but I still keep trying,” she said.

“I have, however, managed to push my way through the industry.”

Marere, who has been a professional model for seven years, said contrary to people’s beliefs that almost all models are sexually exploited, she has never had such experiences.

“The contracts and policies here are legit. If anyone tries to make any sexual advances, we have the right to sue, but I am happy and safe because I used to hear so many negative things related to modelling, but I have never been asked for any sexual favours,” she said.

Marere is currently running a modelling agency called African Modelling, but admitted that modelling for Africans was not easy.

“To the upcoming models, please keep your sanity. It’s important. Don’t let anyone fool you to trade your body for fame. Only your talent can speak for you,” she said.

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