Manyenyeni underfire over Harare roads

Harare mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni on Wednesday came under fire from fellow councillors over the appointment of a committee to investigate the state of the city’s roads.


Council in April resolved to set a committee to investigate the maintenance and repairs of the city’s roads, and according to the resolution, the committee was to have councillors from the environmental committee, as well as external experts who were to be paid by council.

But Manyenyeni opted to select two councillors, who are not members of the environmental committee and four external experts to understand the road network and what the local authority needs to do to improve the same.

During the full council meeting on Wednesday, Budiriro councillor, Sydney Chirombe said councillors should censure Manyenyeni for going against what had been approved by the council and said the committee should be disbanded.

“Your worship, I would like to know what the position with regards to this matter is, I think it was wrongly implemented. What can we do,” Chirombe asked acting mayor, Enock Mupamawonde, who chaired the meeting.

The chairperson of the committee, Herbert Gombo moved to have the error by Manyenyeni regularised, but Greendale councillor, Stewart Mutizwa said the mayor erred and the committee he appointed should be disbanded.

“This is an error, our mayor is not an executive mayor, who should do what he pleases, this must be stopped and the correct thing done,” Mutizwa said.

The committee, according to the resolutions, was supposed to visit every ward across the capital, with a view to understanding what has to be done to local roads.

The committee, council resolved, was to be paid in line with figures paid to other tribunals that would have been engaged by the local authority.

After tense deliberations, council resolved to regularise what Manyenyeni had done, since the committee had already started work and it was supposed to complete its duties within 30 days.


  1. Observer too

    The committee gets paid to drive around the city in council-sponsored vehicles and fuel. Then after 30 days of loafing around, it tables sheafs of paperwork before a full council, which has to be paid sitting allowances to waffle. Then in two months’ time it’s election time, they all get voted out and a new council comes on board. And the circus starts again!

  2. Hey we want development in Harare. Our capital city is now dirty. I think the Government should unite with the local authorities to restore our Cities status without political interest. We do not need to mix politics and council administration. Let’s forget about Mugabe ideology and move forward as new generation.

  3. Roads are constructed under the supervision of engineers. Their rehabilitation should be done by engineers as well. Our councilors know nothing about roads and their construction or rehabilitation. We’d need just one councilor to escourt the team with the technical know how on the issue of roads.

    Most of the guys are just after T&S. Not the substance of the matter at hand

  4. Comment…Harare is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Harare.

  5. Why is it that some areas road are maintained almost all the time while in Waterfalls there is nothing done even putting gravel in the potholes. We are appealing to the responsible authority to look into the major roads in Waterfalls for example the road that lead to Uplands shops from ardbenie round about and others

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