Makandiwas fight back

UNITED Family International church (UFIC) founder, Emmanuel Makandiwa and his wife, Ruth, have objected to a fresh High Court bid by a Harare couple claiming $6,5 million from the clergy.


The couple dragged Makandiwa and his wife to court demanding $6,5 million compensation for alleged fake prosperity prophecies which caused them to lose substantial amounts as “seeding” to the church in anticipation of a “debt cancellation miracle”.

Makandiwa and his wife, early this year filed a court application challenging Upenyu and Blessing Mashangwa’s lawsuit describing it, as “grandstanding to harass, vex and injure their reputation and good standing”.

But the Mashangwas on May 9 opposed the application on the basis that the church leader and his wife had failed to timeously prosecute their court application.

On Tuesday, Makandiwa defended his decision to oppose the litigation, saying: “The proceedings have been brought with the sole and malafide intention of annoying and harassing us. It, as such, amounts to the unmitigated abuse and contempt of this court and the process thereof.

“We thus pray for the summary dismissal of action against us.”

The impasse between the two couples came after Makandiwa and his wife were last year slapped with a lawsuit by the Mashangwas who claimed to be victims of the former’s “phony prophesy”.

In response, Makandiwa and his wife said the claims by the couple were “deliberately false and contrived” and urged the court to dismiss the case, saying there was no factual or legal basis that had been pleaded or could be pleaded, upon which a court could pronounce that they were not prophets of God.

Mashangwa and his wife accused the Makandiwas of being occult worshipers and fraudsters.

The preacher in response described the couple as people who are “not worth serious consideration”.

“Save as is herein specifically admitted, the respondents (Makandiwa) deny every allegation of fact and conclusion of law in the applicants founding affidavit that is inconsistent with this affidavit and pray that the application be dismissed with costs,” Makandiwa argued through his lawyers, Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners.
The matter is yet to be set down for hearing.


  1. its not in dispute that makandiwa is a perfect and refined fraudster leading and still coning unsuspecting fools but we beg mr makanandiwa to tell us who is going to win the watershed elections and not to fashion out a video after the results are out and shout at the top of a mountain that i prophecized the winner, we are tired of these childish games and doctored videos.

  2. @elisha If you want to hear prophecies as they are issued attend his church services every Sunday and Tuesday at City Sports centre.
    As Zimbabweans we should stop this business of calling each other names only because they do not believe in what you believe in. Calling each other fools and fraudsters without evidence or facts is wrong

    1. read the story carefully the guy has been labelled a fraudster and the mashangwas will bear testimony to that

  3. Simon Templeton

    Nhamo yaMakandiwa takaiwona. Heh-h-h-h nhai mambo!…just singing

  4. Comment…if you want to die poor believe these prosperity prophets ,you will spent the whole life shouting I received man of god. If you look at these prophets they are rich not bcz they have blessed but bcz you give them money in the form of offerings and tithes they are hypocrites and lazy .if you want to have money work hard and worship god and following the prosperity prophets

  5. let the courts judge

  6. being labelled a fraudster and actually being one are two totally different things. no matter your opinion of the man, at least you owe him the decency of having a court of law ascertain that.

    New Living Translation (NLT)
    Proverbs 18:17 The first to speak in court sounds right—
    until the cross-examination begins.

  7. being labelled a fraudster and actually being one are two totally different things. no matter your opinion of the man, at least you owe him the decency of having a court of law ascertain that.

    Proverbs 18:17 The first to speak in court sounds right—
    until the cross-examination begins.

  8. Makandiwa is a fake prophet. Period.

  9. Its surprising that we label a man to be fake because of accusations without any evidence…..I feel pity for you Africans

  10. The Mashangwes are just desperate….You don’t ask for a refund over something that you paid voluntarily

  11. Church business is for church people…hatigoni kupindira nyaya dzenyu… Avo vari kuendesa Makandiwa kuCourt they are so foolish..
    .Even those that are behind these cases

  12. @ Truth which criteria are you using to judge on whether Makandiwa is fake or not?ndatibudisei mafacts

  13. Mashangwes are the one who are Fake

  14. Veduwe siyayi Makandiwa …nyorai dzimwe nyaya

  15. The courts will bring justice not these waterless opinions.

  16. It so happens that all his Childish and Doctored Videos always come true….

  17. Mashangwe kuraiwo please , you are fighting a wrong man..the courts will never defend you. That couple is heavily guarded by the Heavens…He is a True Prophet of God

  18. The truth will always come out….

  19. A principle is a principle….It has to be followed…I will never attend a church that does not collect offerrings and tithes, Thats the quickest way to die poor!!!!

  20. Haaa makanyeperwa kuti chii imi murikutaura…

  21. Personally, I am very disappointed by our Zimbabwen court system- because of the coverage it gives to cases of pure fabrication, like this one- Were Prophets are being accused of things they didn’t do.

    It’s not a secret that these complainants have been paid and promised a lot of things simply for taking the Prophets to court.

    Well, this is not the first time our court has raised a similar fabricated case against the Prophets, again engineered from other quarters.

    I am again disappointed by a lot of us Zimbabweans. The way we respond to any public discourse especially against people we feel are going somewhere or are doing something relevant, like the Prophets, we tend to crush, batter, tread upon them with the most unheard of words. This is a disturbing culture we have exuded as Zimbabweans and again it’s wrong. But again, it is well!

    Well done and thanks to these exemplary Prophets who conduct themselves so admirably even against such false accussations!

  22. makandiwa,magaya,baba guti,the afmsthe so called propht freddy etc they are not propht of God,but of doom beware of them but they re preachers of te Antichrist according to the Holy SCRIPTURES

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