Mai Titi breaks down on Facebook

COMEDIAN Felistas Murata, popularly known as Mai Titi, on Monday afternoon broke down, while live on her Facebook page, Mai T’s Diaries, accusing her former husband of infecting her with HIV and neglecting their child.


The tearful Mai Titi said she did not care how people would react to her painful story.

In a follow-up interview, Mai Titi told NewsDay Life & Style that her ex-husband had been harassing her by sending her pictures of himself and his new wife, while he was neglecting their child.

“My ex-husband married another woman and sent me photos to cause me pain yet he doesn’t take care of our child. I pay $1 000 school fees for the child and he only contributes $70… What kind of a father is he?” she said.

“I raised him from the pits and his mother owes us more than R10 000. I introduced his mother to cross border trade. I completed their house and bought all the property. I did everything and that’s what they are doing in return now.”

She also said her ex-husband was ungrateful even after she had withdrawn a court case in which he was charged with wilfully and deliberately infecting her with HIV.

“He infected me with HIV. I took the case to courts. He begged me to withdraw it and I understood. After withdrawal, he had several girlfriends who made me stay behind bars for assault. He owes me. I want my life back. I want my health back. I get sick from time to time, but nobody sees me though I always stay strong making people laugh,” she said.

“That’s the source of my pain, he is so heartless. It pains me that he also sends his photos to my inbox. It hurts me I don’t want to pretend. I did not look for this condition. I am not a commercial sex worker.”

She said she was planning to resuscitate the case.

I regret withdrawing that case because he should have been in prison for infecting me wilfully,” she said. “I am going to take this matter back to the courts.”

The ex-husband’s mobile phone was answered by an unidentified man who said the ex-husband was not around when NewsDay Life & Style called.

“Try to call after 30 minutes or so,” he said but the phone was subsequently switched off.

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  1. Is there a scientific way of determining if someone willfully infected someone with HIV? If yes, then this should be done and the culprit should be punished accordingly.

    1. It doesn’t need to be scientific. If one knows that s/he is positive but goes on to sleep with other people without protection and or telling them, thats willful.

  2. It doesn’t need to be scientific. If one knows that s/he is positive but goes on to sleep with other people without protection and or telling them, thats willful.

  3. Lizwi Alpha Ntuli

    Is it even lawful to reinstate a case which you voluntarily withdrew? How will she prove that at the time she had unprotected sex with him she herself was HIV negative, or that he was already positive? Courts do not operate like gossip columns or mobs. Facts are needed.

  4. Lizwi Alpha Ntuli

    Is it lawful to reinstate a case you voluntarily withdrew? How will she manage to prove that at the time she was negative herself and he positive?

  5. I know Fellie she is a liar she is the one who infected Tapiwa with HIV.Many people including church members were against the relationship because Tapiwa was innocent yet Fellie had a child before and she was a thigh vendor. Tapiwa did know anything about this. She would go on Friday and come back home on Monday always lying that she was at Mercy Mutsvene’s show. What a canning person she is. She never introduced the old lady to anyone she should leave her in peace.She built her house with her own resources she never contributed a cent. She never stayed with her. Fellie has a demon in her.Just because she was related to former police spokesperson now a legislator she would bully anyone at her amwene’s house. Shame on you haunyari kunyepa kuri pachena only those who don’t know you will believe your silly stories.

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