Khupe slams door on Chamisa

FORMER deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe, who now leads a splinter group of the MDC-T after the acrimonious split that followed a leadership wrangle in the aftermath of founding opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s death in February, has virtually ruled out talks aimed at re-unification.


The new MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa and his group have been saying there was a possibility of talks with Khupe ahead of general elections set for later this year. But Khupe’s deputy, Obert Gutu yesterday said there was no way this was possible.

“I cannot say much for now, but given that I handle issues of strategy and policy in our party, there are certain values that make it impossible for a re-unification, let alone talks,” he said.

On Monday, the former deputy Justice minister used social media to declare his disdain for the Chamisa group.

“Anyone who thinks the MDC-T will re-unite with a group of people who are vindictive, insincere and violent might as well believe that tomorrow the sun will rise in the west and set in the east,” Gutu said.

Asked to explain, Gutu added: “There are certain benchmarks we follow whether we are talking to these people [Chamisa and his acolytes] or any other political formation. As long as these are not met, then they can forget.”

Chamisa said they were way ahead of Khupe.

“We have people who are worried over our friend whom we used to work with who is in Bulawayo, she might cause confusion in the forthcoming elections, well are advanced and far ahead of her in terms of strategy. Fear not, that matter was concluded, there will be no confusion. When our late leader Morgan Tsvangirai passed on, he left us with a vision of unity, but there are others who have a bad spirit of division. We will deal with that person and we will deal with the issue of our symbol and go to elections and vote for MDC-T which will be clearly branded,” he said.

However, MDC-T secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora insisted that the MDC-T needed talks to bring the warring factions together.

“We are not going to tire what brings us together is more than that which separates us, public pronouncements are not what informs talks between parties, when doors are closed we know we are closer to each other.

“We are not giving up on dialogue. It is the way to go in the new Zimbabwean politics and we must always be seen to be tolerant of each other’s views. To that end we will continue reaching out to the other group,” he said.

The two groups are already engaged in a nasty legal battle over the use of the party name with Chamisa having already approached the Supreme Court to appeal a High Court decision made in Bulawayo temporarily allowing Khupe the freedom to continue using the MDC-T logo and other associated paraphernalia.

Justice Francis Bere ruled that the two factions needed to seek the help of an arbitrator for a determination on the matter of who had the legitimate right to use the name of the party, adding that as things stood, it was not clear who was the leader.

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  1. I took it upon myself to actually listen to Chamisa’s speech after I saw a headline that he had vowed to expel the Chinese. At no time has Chamisa said he was ahead of Kupe in terms of strategy. He only said their party ahead. It could mean ahead of Khupe but it could also be ahead of the public opinion. The reporter should report an not interpret as your interpretation can deliberately ignore the context and the spirit under which certain utterances were made. As for the Chinese the fact is he vowed to review every contract given to them by this dispensation. He vowed to cancel any contract which is not serving the interest of the nation. In the process those Chinese who will be found guilty will be deported. So tell whats wrong with that?

    1. bravo
      , u got it well,

  2. zanu chiwororo

    do u think those pple imployed by chinese will vote for chamisa to lose their jobs my foot chamisa haana direction one statment can cost u to loose. pamberi ne zanu pf

    1. I won’t worry about votes from the few people employed by the Chinese. I would rather have the votes of the millions kept jobless by Zanu PF.

      1. spot on ORIGINAL

      2. iwe ndiwe wapedza zvako iwe

    2. ummmmm zanu zvakatodhakwa worse apana nezviripo no fair minded people will expect miracle from the current ruling party bcoz it is clueless to peoples concerns

  3. kuswero shandiswa netumazhing zhong ndozvamodaka kupushiswa mabhara asina makumbo muchirohwa mbama nxaa mazanu hamufunge vangani vari employed nemachina acho nxaa apa tichiswero tengeswa bhutsu yekuti uchibuda mushop usati wasvika kuna Fisrt inenge yakwabuka kuno ndokwekurasira junk dzavo manje zvino this tym hakuna iyoyo,,mari havaise kubank vanoendesa kumusha kwavo apa wotonzwa rimwe zimunhu richiti handivhotere Chamisa kujaira nhamo

    1. kkkkkkkkkkk let them be zvichamuka

  4. khupenga kwarooooooooo we will not lose sleep in fact u will not be missed educated fauilure

    1. In Fact KHUPE slammed door on self. History tells us that people at times become cruel to your next lord, just at the dawn of their crowning

  5. Politicians are daft and never seem to learn- a repeat of Ncube, Gwisai,Sikhala, Dongo, Madhuku, Biti. We wait to see what will be of Gutu and Khupe. Time will tell

  6. ngarege hake

  7. khupe is being used nezanu

  8. What does it mean,’…will deal with that person….’, sounds like a threat from someone aspiring to lead a nation in a democracy. Could be true those people who were threatening to kill and calling that person names were sent. Is this the caliber of a leader?

  9. Zanu chiwororo,which jobs are you talking about, a non Chiadzwa profitless project etc which are not even developing zimbabwe? Why are you praising evil where it does not matter? Zanu chiwororo,you and your fellow zanu pf supporters are useless idiots which are being easily used and brain washed by evil doers because of your own personal gains.Everything with a begging has an ending.

  10. rise up youth its our time,season to bury this mediocre old people and their old minds..we are tied of freedom of doom,politics without serenity…..time for change

  11. fckn lie. he is going to cancel deals done to steal money. esp those signed by ed sn obert mpofu. so media plz dnt think u cn fool us. evn if chamisa rapes, steal, or wateva we gona vote for hm

  12. Haaayas

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