Khupe slams ‘disrespectful’ police

THOKOZANI Khupe’s breakaway faction of the MDC-T has expressed shock over police’s failure to arrest suspected party hooligans, who verbally abused the former Deputy Prime Minister during her Supreme Court hearing in Harare on Tuesday.


Khupe was verbally abused and labelled a “sellout” by the Nelson Chamisa-led

MDC-T supporters during a court hearing, where the two leaders are fighting over leadership of the opposition party.

Khupe faction’s spokesperson, Linda Masarira said the violent attacks happened in the presence of police officers, but no arrests were made.

“We were first attacked on Saturday, when we were going for our rally, but we did not think they (Chamisa supporters) were going to take the violence to Supreme Court grounds. It is a sign that the Chamisa camp harbours people, who do not have respect for the law,” she said.

Masarira slammed the police for not bringing the perpetrators to book.

“None of the people, who were instigating violence have been arrested, yet the police were there. We expect the police to do their job because of not only what the attackers did in their presence, but they showed utter disrespect for the Supreme Court,” she said.

“For police to let them march and chant derogatory statements and hurl insults, as well as physically attack some of our members outside such an august house leaves a lot to be desired. They stormed the grounds in full force chanting [unprintable] slogans, pushing and shoving us around, banging and stoning our vehicles.”

Masarira said the attack had strengthened their resolve to fight the manipulative and patriarchal domination that continues to plague the country’s political landscape.

“We have an obligation to uphold, and this is one of our struggles, where we are constantly fighting for gender equality in a society where women are treated with disregard and malice and we will not stop,” she said.

Khupe’s spokesperson, Khaliphani Phugeni in a statement said: “The continuous attacks on the person of Dr Khupe, by a tribal and chauvinist cabal, masquerading as democrats should be roundly condemned by all progressive people across the political divide.

“The Chamisa-led hoodlums have made it their infamous trademark to denigrate women and minorities with impunity.”

He said the failure to condemn acts of violence “save for the usual lip service claims that some unspecified action will be taken against perpetrators actually vindicates Khupe”.

Phugeni said the activists were getting instructions from top offices to eliminate Khupe before the 2018 elections.

National police spokesperson, Paul Nyathi referred the Southern Eye to Harare provincial spokesperson, Simon Chazovachii, who said he was looking into the matter.
“I am in a meeting now, call me in 15 minutes. I will be ready with details,” he said.

But efforts to get the details later on hit a brickwall, as he was not picking calls.

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  1. sort your party differences quietly for heaven sake

  2. First of all Newsday, your article is supposed to read ‘alleged Chamisa supporters’, not ‘Chamisa supporters’. How can you be so sure that these are not hired people by either Khupe herself, another political outfit or individuals?
    Secondly, has Khupe made any police report(s) from the day she attended MT’s burial in Buhera up to this week and the police have failed to act?
    And yes, sort your differences quitely. You don’t stand to gain anything here.

    1. true true..

  3. Comment…why these ppl always complain and not realise that time is running they must campaign not to seek relevance by de campaigning chamisa as if he is the president,the problem is that there are too smart they are good at board room politics with too much leaders and few following.

    1. I think the same matewu

  4. Foolish Madam Khupeeeeeee,you are wasting your little money and energy for nothing. MDC-T is not zimbabwe’s problem as you foolishly now believe it, but your aiding to zanu pf is the main evil problem you have created today. Go back to your roots and put your house in good order.

  5. To KHUPE when Mai Mujuru booted out from Zanu akanotanga rake zita re party zvino kana iwe uchiti une vanhu vano kutevera ko tanga rako zita coz nyaya iripo ndeye zita fungao se munhu anoda kuva president.Zvino apa chiona kana ukamira pamberi pe vanhu chimiro hapachina zvoratidza kuti haufunge tarira Chamisa ari kufamba ne Allaence vanhu vari kuenda coz vanoda kuona Chamisa zvino iwe fambao ne rimwe zita kana uchiti vanhu vanoda iwe .Bible harina kushanduka vakadzi makanzi ivai vabatsiri ndosaka wakaiswa pau VP NOT president mwari vakanga vazviona kare kuti kutonga ndekwe varume naiyeo Gutu chokwadi lawyer risingafunge kudai TSVAI GAI RENYU ZITA NE SYMBOL NE LOGO moona zvembri

  6. Pathetic! Let us give room for divergent viewpoints. Ideally, mature people speak only through the ballot box.

  7. Some of those who hurled insults at Khupe at court, are clearly the same Chamisa supporters posting the same insults on this platform -itz abundantly clear chamisa’s trade mark is violence,intimidation,intolerance,misogyny& tribalism.The Chamisa campy has never even disciplined n one among its ranks since the notorious Khupe attack at Tsvangirai burial by his notorious vanguard thugs-a clear testimony he is pretentious democracy pathway only masquerading as but not

  8. Khupe and Mukhupe, seems you are from the same mother !

  9. very sorry madam Khupe, you messed it up yourself even before Tsvangirai’s death, the favour has been taken away. even if you win the court case, still still

  10. Comment…there is no party that is so perfect. Those in the mdc alliance or not in the mdc alliance causing violence should be identified and arrested. Period. Every party has undisciplined few individuals.

  11. Khupe is the rightful person to led the party she was elected. The truth of the matter is that she is a woman one and that she is Ndebele…had she been A MAN and SHona believe me you all these challenges would not be in motion…Truth hurts but its a fact

    1. was she or morgan refused her to be challenged for balancing act.

  12. If police had tried to make any arrest more serious violence against them could have occurred maybe tearsmoke could have been used.Today you could be blaming the police tokuzivai maChinja hamuna kwenyu.Vanguard ndiwe Khupe nevamwe vako who established it. Violence and MDC hazvisiyani so dont blame police.


  14. cry babies, party spoilers, empty vessels making the most noise

  15. madam khupe you dont win political games in a court of law,go to the rallies

  16. khupengaaaa kwarooooo this is beginning of ur end.linda u are history

    1. Ini ndopanondinetsa ipapo, if you know that someone is not going to win so why stoop so low to the point of shouting obscenities and threaten violence. Just let them dig their own graves. Now the question is if MDC Thugs can demonstrate such violence when they are not in power what about in the unfortunate event that they win, then it will be another Mugabe era potozoda futi Operation Retore Regasi2 in that case better zvigare kunze

  17. chamisa is a tribal lead. we will not follow someone who does not follow the constitution.
    this is what destroyed our shona people learn to respect the constitution dont
    temper with the constitution please.

    1. Read the constitution-HE WAS APPOINTED BY THE HIGHEST POWER BETWEEN CONGRESSES.Khupe has been absconding meetings since August2017.She was supposed to be fired last year.You must talk for for yourself not others.You can only use WE after the elections


    1. votai ikoko.isu tomhanya na nero

  19. Some people are very dull or let me say stupid. Khupe adressed a meeting in Bulawayo and stated they are breaking away from the other collegues due to violence. Month later the other faction says they are firing them. How can you fire someone who is not part of you anymore?. Now its open secret the judge will rule ‘indeed there are 2 MDCs’. Khupe was the first to disclose that before the other faction took a decision hence putting foward there was a split not anyone firing who. Now that their supporters have realised their faction’s immaturity, they want to practice violence. Where is the democratic right of every citzen?

  20. They are desperate, Khupe has hit them hard. They thought they were clever. Violence will only benefit zanu pf, nobody will blame them this time around.Khupe played smart and fools are livid now kkkkkk


  22. Zanus you can keep on rigging elections and pretend to be smart icons in your destruction history books,but death and development can not be rigged.

  23. Khupe news is now such a bore

  24. Mphumelelo Ncube

    Even if the High court rules in favor of Khupe she has no followers at all. She should go back to others. She has misled Gutu and Bhebhe. Very these men will resign. Mudzuri and Mwonzora saw the light.

  25. Tman zimbabwe

    It’s not about having followers or not, but that she has full democratic rights to express her divergent views, and you want to eliminate her for that. There must be something wrong in your head Mphumelelo Ncube.

  26. Zim people are dull sometimes. Khupe left MDC way back and was not even in talking terms with Tsvangirai. She only emerged following Tsvangirai’s last days and she never got a chance to talk to him. Issue should have been between Mudzuri and Chamisa. Where she emerged from and why noone knows

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