Khupe regional pact collapses


TALKS among five opposition political parties based in Matabeleland region to form a regional pact ahead of this year’s general elections have reportedly collapsed as the leaders could not agree on a number of issues, among them the coalition’s name, Southern Eye has learnt.


The parties include Thokozani Khupe’s MDC-T faction, Zapu led by Dumiso Dabengwa, secessionist Mthwakazi Republic Party (Mqondisi Moyo), Lovemore Moyo’s United Movement for Devolution (UMD) and Moses Mzila Ndlovu’s Alliance for National Salvation (Ansa).

Sources said the opposition parties have been burning the midnight oil, with the last meeting held in Bulawayo on Tuesday.

The talks, according to sources, were centred on the need to form a Matabeleland alliance to challenge Zanu PF, the MDC Alliance and People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) among other parties in the upcoming elections.

Moyo, who once served as Speaker of Parliament and MDC-T national chairman, confirmed yesterday that the talks had collapsed.

“We have been discussing as various political parties, in particular parties that are led by people from this region. We have been hoping to find each other and possibly find ways of co-operation, collaborating as we go for elections, but the talks have collapsed, for now,” the UMD leader said.

He, however, declined to be drawn into details of the negotiations and cause of the impasse.

But, sources said the talks collapsed after the Khupe-led MDC-T formation insisted on the coalition running under the MDC-T banner, a demand resisted by other parties.

Zapu national council, though in support of a coalition, was against a regional-based pact, arguing it would be a betrayal of its members in other parts of the country.

The MRP, UMD and Ansa reportedly dug in their heels, insisting on the need for a regional coalition to contest seats only in Matabeleland since they were regionally-based.
All the opposition parties, except the Khupe-led MDC-T faction confirmed the developments.

Ansa’s Mzila-Ndlovu said: “As parties concerned with plight of the people of Matabeleland, we thought we will make a greater impact if we have a common front, but the talks collapsed over differences on the formation of the regional alliance.”

MRP leader Mqondisi Moyo blamed Zapu and Khupe for causing the talks to collapse.

“We have been having these meetings to try and build a regional alliance to defend the Matabeleland political space, but the talks never came to fruition because Khupe and Zapu said they were national parties, and hence difficult for them to sign a regional alliance agreement.

“As for the MRP, we are clear that we have no interest in what happens in other regions, but Matabeleland. We are clear that we cannot be in an alliance or political setup that defends national interests at the expense of the region.”

MRP, Ansa and UMD have declared interest to contest upcoming elections, but only in Midlands, Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and South.

Zapu chairperson Isaac Mabuka confirmed the party’s anti-regional alliance stance was to blame for the talks’ collapse.

“We are agreed that we can unite with other parties from the region, but what we find difficult is to form a regional alliance when we are a national party. We would have betrayed our members who come from other regions.

“Zapu, if you check our history, it has always been national and the late Joshua Nkomo would have risen from his grave if we were to sign a regional party alliance, however we are still open to work together on a cooperative basis as we go for elections,” he said.

Abednico Bhebhe, chairperson of Khupe’s MDC-T formation, however, denied reports that the party was involved in the unity talks although sources insisted that he was the party’s representative in the meetings

Khupe was also said to be in talks with People’s Rainbow Coalition presidential candidate Joice Mujuru.


  1. Comment…Hwaro. Kana chinhu chose chisina hwaro hwakanaka hachimire. Hwaro ndochikuru. Regayi kuita zvekutsvaka NOTO.

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  3. Some sense at least was shown here, why follow the Mashonaland Parties?.
    Zanu pf has always been a Shona party, Mdc Chamisa has proven it time and again by adressing people in shona that they ve nothing to do with Matebeleland. Mujuru is not even known in Matland. Do something guys maybe you might open the eyes of some fools like Welshman, Thalitha etc. Like it or not Matebeleland and Mashonaland will never mix.

    • And as long as you hold on to these divisive views we will never get rid of ZANU. Truth is Matebeleland needs Mashonaland and vice-versa. These arguements that are locked in the past will never bring the relief Matebeleland is longing for.

    • @Thulani I an very happy to know that you dont represent the people of the entire Matebeleland. I for one have no problems with your views as you have rights like any other to hold such views. As you might be aware, there are millions upon millions of Matebeleland people who support Zanu Pf, and millions of Shonas who hate Zanu Pf. Your divisive mentality will do nothing to change that but it can only bring misery to you and possibly a great deal of trouble. The rest of us we will continue to live, love, date, worship, party, cry, lament together regardless of our tribe. (And thanks for reminding me, its been a long time since I talked to Sandile, let me message her right away) Have a good day.

  4. An exercise in futility. Stop fighting a losing battle. Holding regions to ransom will never resuscitate your dwindling hope. Try rational politics as this is a two-horse race.

  5. Its a mammoth task trying to create Africa’s 56th State, the 55th one (South Sudan) emerged through a protracted war and is still war-torn reeling in poverty and hunger. They are begging to go back to the old status one Sudan. I salute Zapu in demonstrating political maturity and nationhood.

  6. Its as weird as it is absurd that someone wants to lead this country minus certain provinces. How do you achieve that when the electorate is across every province? Please dont abuse people, you are wasting your and everyone’s time. Thumbs up to ZAPU, and may be Khupe. But can someone please lecture these leaders that they should love/hate the same Shona/Ndbeles they so despise if they are entertaining any hopes of sitting on the throne. Nyika ino ndeye ma Shona, ma Kalanga, maNdebele, maNambya, maShangani etc pamwe chete. If you think you can drive the tribal card and rule, think again provided you have been blessed with the brains.


  8. We have 2 devils leading in Zim, Zanu was responsible for burning people alive in their huts (Gukurahundi). MDC Chamisa nearly burnt a woman in a hut (Buhera). Victims on both accessions are Matebeleland people. Is it not enough to see that Zimbabwe doesn’t like Matebeleland. Why stick with them really.

  9. Yes Gukurahundi was in Matebeleland ,what about Murambatsvina and the 2008 atrocities. Its an insult to say Zanu is for the Shonas.If one wants to get to a certain level and achieve their agendas by waving the tribal card let them do it quietly without giving far fetched reasons. I don’t find any good reason for anyone strong politician from Matebeleland failing to get support from all over Zi,babwe so ply because they are Ndebrle. NO!!

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