Khupe gears for manifesto launch


THE Thokozani Khupe-led faction of the MDC-T has announced plans to launch its election manifesto on Saturday, where the party will also unveil its first batch of candidates for both local government and parliamentary elections.


The group’s spokesperson Linda Masarira yesterday said their national standing committee met in Kwekwe on Sunday to hammer out the party’s campaign strategies ahead of this year’s general elections.

“The national standing committee received an update on the candidate selection process from the national chairperson. The first batch of candidates who have been endorsed unanimously will be revealed soon, followed by those where consensus building is still going on,” she said.

“The national standing committee also endorsed the party manifesto and campaign regalia. This campaign machinery will be revealed at the party election campaign and manifesto launch on Saturday 12 May 2018 in Bulawayo.”

Masarira said the national standing committee also deployed all its members to help in candidates identification and nomination across the country.

She said the national standing committee resolved that the party would be open to engagements with like-minded political parties in seeking synergies towards the 2018 election.

“These parties must have a demonstrable respect for constitutionalism and rule of law as a governance pillar that is crucial in delivering real change to the people of Zimbabwe. It was resolved that vice-president Obert Gutu will lead our team of negotiators for any possible coalitions. The team includes our national chairperson Abednico Bhebhe, and our secretary-general, Nixon Nyikadzino,” she said.

The remarks came amid revelations that Khupe and National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru were mooting an election pact to boost their numbers, although they were reportedly yet to agree on fielding a single presidential candidate.


  1. All progressive zimbabweans,let us support Chamisa and the MDC-T Alliances in this coming election and permanently make sure that we totally bury evil zanu pf party alive together with its spoliers -Khupe,Mujuru,Gutu Matibenga and those small useless parties who does not like zimbabwe to progressively developed.

  2. Makamudzingirei Khupe. Khupe and Mujuru will get significant number of votes. Mujuru has a solid party with intact party structures which she has been consolidating at ward levels whilist you are busy ferrying people to your rallies so that you can claim numbers which you don’t have on ground

  3. Choga don’t sound stupid. Which significant votes do Khupe and Mujuru Have?
    Do structures vote? Which structures after all. Which rally was addressed by either Mujuru and or Khupe to suggest that they have significant votes.
    Why are you still in denial that the rural majority are following Chamisa to his rallies. Which busses are going around with Chamisa to his rallies. Who would fund all those expenses. People are ready for change, deny it or not, Chamisa is the real deal.

  4. This an open letter to madam Khupe. Please madam if you have the people at heart as you purpote, plesae madam join hands with the mainstream for the GOOD OF THE LONG SUFFERING ZIMBABWEANS> THis is my honest plea to you madam Khupe.

  5. We saw about 20 buses kwa Seke, several lorries, hiace kombis and lots of private cars ferrying people from all constituencies around Chitungwiza. There were very few people from Seke. Ndikutokubatisa live Umnkoto

  6. Chitungwiza ndoSeke here. The fact is 95% of the people were not from Seke. People from other areas were bussed in to give the impression that Chamisa ane support kwa Seke.

    • In a modern world even a distance of 3km needs transport asekuru. Even if he bus people that means anavo vanhu vacho vekutakura, not that Khupe-nga who couldnot even gather 500 people for her shame conference.

  7. It’s not good exchanging bad words on this platform seeing that elections are real and impending; those that claim to have the numbers will prove it whilst those without will lose. There is no point trying to arm-twist some people to vote for your preferred candidate.This shows political immaturity and displays a very dangerous and unacceptable degree of intolerance. So the big question is are you any different from the deposed Robert Mugabe? In this day and era we don’t desire elements who think the majority is everyone – hatidi vana zvido zvangu chete chete: Onthando kayiphikhiswa.

  8. Kana beten chairo hari vhotere Khupe. Ndivo mai vaya vekuti she didn’t know the operations of the police when she was home affairs minister.

  9. @Choga, MDC is so broke and can not afford to bus people to all rallies. Its expensive. People need change, and are rooting for Chamisa. Its Chamisa Chamisa Chamisa all over. You are simple denying what you know is the reality.

  10. No any politisian with people at heart or zimbabwe at heart kunyeperana be it ED or Chamisa hapana kana anerudo nevanhu what they want is kuita President dai vaive vanerudo nevanhu pavakabvisa Mugabe vakaita joined together for the good of the people by now we will be very far but we people toita basa rekutukanirana for those who are prepering for their path we are sick and tired of politics vapedza mari vachiita zve ku compainer woona vave kuita Unit gorvenment manje chii ichocho

  11. Comment…Muzvare, svikayi Mash west, central, east, Manicaland, Harare, Midlands, Masvingo, Mat north nesouth. Byo haisi Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe haisi Byo.

  12. Even Byo yacho vane ma supporters manganiko. This Woman card she tries to play has not worked anywhere ask vakazviedza ana Hillary Clinton, Nkosazana Zuma, Magret Dongo. Even female voters they vote for neutral and reasonable women like Theresa May, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Angela Merkel these are successful politicians and they are not sexist.

  13. Khupe has hit them hard, they thought they were clever. Why worry if she was a dead snake. Luma Khupe luma!. Let them buy spaghetti and build roads in their dreams.

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