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Kademaunga’s inspiring tale of defying odds


UPCOMING motivational speaker, blogger, mentor, entrepreneur all wrapped in one, Sinikiwe Kademaunga is a 24-year-old social work graduate. She completed her degree programme at the University of Cape Town last year.

By Sharon Sibindi

In 2016, Kademaunga scooped an award at the Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards (Ziwa). Strong-willed and focused, she is breaking barriers and still strives to achieve more. She opens up on her struggles as she grew up and accepting herself as she is disabled.

NewsDay Life & Style correspondent, Sharon Sibindi (ND) caught up with Kademaunga (SK), who spoke about her experiences in the arts industry. Below are the excerpts:
ND: Can you start off by telling us who is Sinikiwe Kademaunga.

SK: I am a University of Cape Town social work graduate class of 2017. I am a certified life coach. I do motivational speaking, personal grooming and etiquette, career guidance, mentoring, self-discovery and building confidence. I have always loved motivating people on soaring high and going against all odds. My journey in the arts started from social media and in 2015. I decided to take it further into the arts industry through blogging.

ND: What is the muse behind it?

SK: People have always viewed me as an inspiration. Some people came for advice on how to live their lives without focusing on the negatives. I have always been a motivational speaker, but decided to pursue it as a career last year.

ND: What is it that you find must exciting and inspiring about your career?

SK: My most adventurous time is when I engage kids. I never liked working with the kids. When kids see me I get different reactions; some cry, laugh, get scared etc. I never knew how to respond to that. Now I am taking it upon myself to hit new heights and work with kids. It’s so adventurous for me.

ND: What are some of the challenges which you encountered in your long journey to the top? How have you coped with them?

SK: I used to do motivational speaking for free. The biggest challenge that I faced was to transition from doing it for free to making it a profession. I was very shy to say my price at first. Now I have decided to be fearless and show people that motivational speaking is now my profession.

ND: What projects are you currently involved in this year?

SK: This year I want to reach more schools outside of Harare.

ND: Besides motivational speaking, what else do you do?

SK: People don’t know that I am an entrepreneur as well. I sell grooming products.

ND: What are the predominant themes in your motivational message?

SK: My predominant theme is self-love. Growing up, I always struggled with accepting myself. I felt different and ugly because of my disability. Now I understand that if you love yourself and build self-confidence, the world is in your hands.

ND: Who is your audience? How does it feel to see them taking part in what you do?

SK: My audience is made up of people, who can relate to my messages of self-love. I always feel overwhelmed whenever I receive messages of gratitude from my audience — even if it is from one person. There is nothing as great as knowing that you are making a positive impact in other people’s lives.

ND: What has enabled you to survive in the arts industry? Do you have any awards?

SK: I have always been myself. I am not embarrassed to show people who I really am and sharing my story. I am the Courage Award winner 2016 from Ziwa.

ND: Your parting short

SK: If you want to soar in life learn to first love yourself (fly).

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