. . . it never rains for Mukupe

FINANCE deputy minister Terrence Mukupe has been taken to court by a Harare-based Chinese construction company, China Industrial International Group, over a $28 000 debt, which arose following the construction of his private offices in the city.


In summons filed at the Harare High Court on Tuesday, the Chinese firm, through its lawyers Messrs Kantor and Immerman, claimed Mukupe hired them in February this year to construct his office in Eastview for $48 000.

“In terms of the agreement, defendant was to pay a deposit of $20 000, which he paid, leaving a balance of $28 000, which was payable on completion of the project. The project was successfully completed to the defendant’s (Mukupe) satisfaction and was handed over to him on February 22, 2018, at which point the balance of $28 000 became due,” the company said.

Mukupe allegedly later became evasive, prompting the firm to approach the court for recourse.

“Defendant made numerous undertakings to pay the balance, but he has not honoured his undertaking. In the above premises, the plaintiff prays for an order in terms of the summons and in particular that the defendant be ordered to pay the said sum of $28 000 plus cost of suit on an attorney client,” the firm said.

Mukupe is yet to respond to the litigation.


  1. Is this why this mukupe is now ingratiating himself with the military? To cover up for failing to pay a debt?
    Honestly, dishonest people like these are “our leaders”?…an handling the nation’s finances?
    I think he’s not even fit to be a treasurer for a burial society.

  2. Hakuna musha usina benzi varume …This kid is a wayward kid .Wish I am ED I could not even want to be drawn close to this person .Anososona sechinanazi cheminzwa.

  3. Comment…mukupe you mek zim a disgrace. Goodluck

  4. $20 000 varume akawana kupi kuchinzi hakuna mari anobhadhara tax here murume uyu?

  5. Thought he could raise it through allowances no wonder he beat up a director of the ministry. Bad very bad. This is another candidate who should be on fire like Shamhu.

    1. Mukanya wa Svosve

      Desperado. He won’t go very far by trying to raise such an amount through T & S Allowances

  6. That stupid rat who calls himself a deputy minister of finance is an idiot. He wants to take us for a ride. Who is the military to us. Go hang mad dog

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