In pictures: Chamisa rally in Beitbridge yesterday


MDC-T president Nelson Chamisa addressing party supporters at Dhulivhadzimo stadium in Beitbridge yesterday

Compiled by Felix Machiwenyika


  1. Impressive numbers, don’t forget it still takes courage to dress up & attend an mdc rally in many areas & all those who attend do so out of a genuine conviction while on the other hand zanupf rallies are attended mainly out of fear of the unknown

  2. The idea of regalia is primitive in my opinion, people should never allow themselves to belong to anyone and be referred to as ‘my people’. Every person who can spare time to attend a rally addressed by any aspiring candidate should be free to go and listen to what is on offer. The problem with African people and politics is that people what to belong to someone and vote for them even if they promise to kill them afterwards. In this modern era people should start to learn why they vote, not who they should vote for or belong to. Attending different rallies gives you a chance to analyse and choose the best candidate but you can’t do that if you belong to someone and that is Africa’s downfall.

  3. Chamisa is the President of the MDC Alliance and Not MDC-T as purported here by a one ignorant Felix Machiwenyika.

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