Imbube music festival on cards


SIMUNYE Imbube Association powered by Mema365 will have its debut festival dubbed Masibemunye Imbube Music Festival at Hilbrow Theatre, Johannesburg in South Africa on June 2 during which Zimbabwean Imbube groups based in that country will share the stage.


Mema365’s Fortune Jamela told Southern Eye Life & Style that the event is meant to revive Imbube.

“The Zimbabwean groups based here want to revive the vibe that Imbube once had and now has vanished into the thick air of Jozi’s populated cultures. We want to encourage more and continuous production from content creators within acapella music,” he said.

“We want also to teach upcoming artists how to commercialise talent and encourage job creation as opposed to job seeking. As Mema365 we promote projects that can transform society, refresh our minds and create an economically sustainable society. We understand that here in South Africa, we are a community in transit so we have to go with trends to fit in by way of encouraging relevant art.”

He said Imbube is a cultural flag for the Ndebele people and allowing it to decay will be a great cultural betrayal.

The association’s chief organiser, Butholezwe Mpofu, said it has been their wish to uplift the imbube genre.

“It has been our wish to uplift our music, but we lacked the necessary equipment and finances, but now with the coming of Mema365, we will conquer. We wish this could be turned an annual event,” he said.

The event will include groups such as Ihawu Elimnyama, Chosen Brothers, Imbizo New Culture, Zwangendaba, Phikelela Brothers, Thubelisha, Imbabala, MMM Nkomo, Corry King Killer, Silwimpi and Khanjana.