I do not bleach my skin: Chiwenga

Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga

Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga yesterday finally responded to claims that he uses skin lightening creams, saying his new complexion is a result of a rare disease that attacked him during Operation Restore Legacy when President Robert Mugabe was ousted from power following a military intervention last November.


Speaking at the burial of his sister, Margaret Machekabuwe in Marondera yesterday, Chiwenga, who was the Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander during the military operation, said his condition was not a result of bleaching, but an ailment he was receiving treatment for.

“Let me say this since the media are here. During Operation Restore Legacy, I was with General (Phillip Valerio) Sibanda, he is a great man as you see him, I also called (Police Commissioner-General Godwin) Matanga (to the meeting). Unfortunately, I fell very sick while in their company,” he said.

“This is what caused my sickness to the extent of having a light skin. I was affected all over the body, and the papers said I am applying a skin lightening cream.”

Chiwenga has been the subject of a barrage of jokes, particularly on social media platforms, earning the nicknames Bleachy Chiwenga and General Ambi.

He said he was taking herbs to cure the ailment and his late sister was the one who had sought the treatment for him.

“We could not find treatment even in South Africa to cure the ailment and Margaret went to a sister (Roman Catholic nun) and got some herbs that I was taking and I survived,” he said.

“But before the herbs, they would say let us pray first.”

The Vice-President did not name the disease afflicting him.

Chiwenga’s sister died after an asthma attack while watching TV at her farm outside Marondera at the weekend.

She was 63.


  1. This strangely sounds exactly like what the late Michael Jackson said about his own condition

    • Michael Jackson actually had a skin condition called Vitiligo. A condition were patches of your skin lose pigmentation. He just decided to have his skin have one consistent pigmentation, hence the white complexion. As for Chiwenga its obvious the guy is bleaching

  2. Comment…Those who toppled Gushungo will perish, Mohadi is suffering, Guvheya is like a snake with the skin coming off. Mwana wavaBona haasi wekutamba naye.

  3. Wish the VP a quick recovery.
    I am humbled by his deliberate mentioning of the prayer by the Nun.
    It shows he believes in God and his power of healing.
    This is a good signal for Zimbabweans.
    We want Leaders who fear God!
    And it is the duty of every citizen to Worship God.
    Lets keep on praying for our Leadership and Country.
    God bless you all.

    • He believes in God but he was one of the Gukurahundis who ethnic cleansed innocent and unarmed Matebeleland villagers – how do you reconcile that?

  4. Comment…Guvheya wovhunura senyoka, hanzvadzi yongofa zvisina tsananguro, arimabasa ako. Enda unokumbira ruregerero kuna Gushungo, muchapera nechakapedza mbudzi.

  5. Reported this is not responsible journalism, the general did mention the name of his disease saka stop lying to us.

  6. In as much as he may be rumoured to have some supernatural powers, Robert Mugabe is not and will never be God. If someone owes an apology-a sincere one for that matter- it is Mugabe himself to the people of Zimbabwe for his flagrant abuse of executive powers in a bid to further his die in office power hungry dream.

  7. To see fellow Zimbabweans come up with these sort of comments over someone’s illness is a sad indictment on what constitutes ubuntu. No amount of hatred for a political party can justify this.
    One may disagree with all things ZANU but not to resort to these type of comments. Get well VP.

    • With the suffering and ethnic cleansing deaths caused by these ZANU PF thugs; hatred for anything ZANU PF is wholly justified. Your Ubuntu values are questionable!!

      • you accuse him of ethnic cleansing deaths,who was the commander of the army that time? aslo what happened during these years .1830–1840
        he shonas were dismantled in the rozvi empire, The empire was defeated by the Ndwandwe armies of Nxaba and Zwangendaba. In the early 1830s the last Rozwi ruler was killed in his capital of Khami, resulting in the collapse of the empire.aslo if yo dig well you will have meaningfull evidence of the works of lobengula, madzviti,disidents,i dont really know why you people of Zim especially ndebeles ,just like the whites you cant let bygones be bygones,you could have stayed there and but you were cowards who could not face shaka,and you thought that you came in peace,personally my forefathers are from Chirumhanzu area, but ndebele raids forced them to locate in very arid regions like chivi mberengwa, but i do not think it was anything but revenge so lets live in this Great ZIMBABWE,we can make it if we look forward not backwards, whether Mdc, or ZanuPf or what ever party wins the forth coming elections ,lets all join that winning side and drive our nation to greatness, imi munoti sei Usa,Uk vachinyanyonetsekana nekanyika kadiki so,They know its capacity

    • Amen my brother.
      God Bless you for your constructive comment my brother.
      This is the Zimbabwe we want.

  8. If you are in the Diaspora you might be forgiven for thinking that those at the receiving end of State brutality, murder and violence in 2008 will forgive ZPF and all its cohorts any time soon. Dream on.

  9. VP is not using ambi. The skin condition he is suffering is very common among people of his age group. It mainly affects people who live in the northern surburbs of any city in southern africa due to direction of wind blow. Its medically known as “Zanutitis”. It is also called “coupshish” – meaning a condition affecting people in the lee side of politics of wife snatching, land grabbing and wife bashing before divorcing them. It is not life threatening though and can be easily treated through repetentance.

  10. I am not a Doctor but I think they might be something wrong with your liver you need to have a good medical examination. Be careful Mugabe muroi. Haabve kuvaroyi vekumusha kwake kuMalawi.

    • Amen and may the good Lord restore your health. The General of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces used by the Lord to rescue His people from bondage.

  11. Wish you a speedy recovery Guvheya. You’re the sole reason why #EDhasmyvote.

    • iwe mugwagwa wats yo level of education? murwere uyo guvheya manje hachazivi kuti zvikubva nepi, akatora mkadzi wa shingi, kuponda vanhu ve mdc 2008, coup richamama gorira iri dai rikakwatuka kwatuka, kuguvura senyoka

  12. I had a look at Josephine Chiwenga and realised that she shares the same skin problems with the General. I think whatever they have was shared via copulation. Having said that, I think they must try to change the chirongwa combination.

  13. ini hangu just wanted to know kuti saka if his sister is 63yrs …how old is this guy again coz he cant be 63 yrs old,these guys are serious they have rigged their birth dates..

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