Homeseekers threaten to pull out of Gweru housing project


BENEFICIARIES of the Mkoba 21 stands have threatened to pull out of the scheme owing to the slow pace in the servicing of the area.


Ward 14 councillor Ernerst Guduza said council risked losing revenue, as homeseekers were mulling a pullout over delays in developing the stands.

“Beneficiaries are threatening to pull out of the scheme because of the slow pace in developing the stands,” Guduza said at a recent full council meeting.

“There is need for council to come with strategies before we lose out on revenue. We cannot have a scenario where people pay their money, but take years to be able to build their houses.”

Recently, council indicated that it had begun servicing the residential stands in Mkoba 21 suburb, almost three years after they were unveiled to potential buyers.

But investigations by this paper reveal that council only cleared land and no other development has taken place.

Mayor Charles Chikozho said council needed to look for partners with resources to speed up the process.

“There is need to look for partners who have equipment and then agree on the contract we sign with them so that they may be given a certain number of stands while they develop the land,” he said.

Last year, council expected to realise over $2 million from the sale of Mkoba 21 stands.

The local authority said it wanted to increase residential accommodation to 28 000 housing units by December 2018.