HDI Youth Marketeers enters Zim

Business and Marketing concept on metallic gearwheel

HDI Youth Marketeers has entered the Zimbabwean communications market to help forward-thinking brands find ways of connecting to the market.


HDI will be part of advertising agency, TBWA Zimbabwe. It becomes the third business to be established by TBWA Group in Zimbabwe, following the opening of the TBWA creative agency in 2012 and Magna Carta Reputation Management Consultants in 2016.

HDI Africa group chief executive officer, Bongani Chinkanda said the company’s vision was to grow its youth marketing footprint across the continent.

“HDI is the most connected and connecting youth agency; we want to connect brands to the youth,” he said.

Chinkanda said HDI was a youth solutions business, which helps orient brand experiences to youth needs and desires. HDI’s entry into Zimbabwe will allow other regional brands that have shown interest in the local market to receive impactful youth marketing solutions. HDI Zimbabwe will be operated by locals, who know and understand Zimbabwe’s youth.

“We believe in the importance of using platforms in order to connect with the youth in the most appropriate ways, and often co-fund or co-own platforms with brands in order to maximise impact,” Chinkanda said.