Gweru paying $6 000 for town clerk’s accommodation

GWERU City Council will pay $6 000 annually for rentals for town clerk, Elizabeth Gwatipedza’s house in Southview Extension, Southern Eye has established.


Last month, Gwatipedza revealed that she has moved into the new house after spending a year commuting to work daily from Redcliff where she used to be the town secretary.

Mayor Charles Chikozho last week said council had not yet acquired an official residence for the town clerk, but was paying monthly rentals after Gwatipedza occupied the house in the low-density suburb.

“We are renting a house for the town clerk in Southview Extension and council is paying $500 per month,” he said.

In a press statement early this week council said: “Gweru city has no official residence for the town clerk since the previous one was sold to government early in the 80s.”

The local authority did not, however, indicate why that house was sold to government.

After Gwatipedza had been appointed town clerk in December 2016, council once made a resolution that she occupy the idle mayoral mansion, but later made a U-turn saying the local authority was sticking to its 2015 decision for the white elephant to be turned into a guest house.



  1. Chesper than staying in the mansion

  2. Why not put her in the Mayors mansion on the kopje. There is more than enough room to share that huge house. She could have a whole wing to herself. The city of no progress spends money wastefully on its ruling elite.

  3. Zvemumakanzuru isu tinotoshandawo imomo taneta nawo huori hurikuitwa nevatinoti maminija ummm ivo ndivo vakafitwaka nekudya mari isu povo tichishandira pasina but hey umm zvikurwadza hama..matrip avo haaperi vanenge vachingoenda apa hapana kana chinobhenefita kanzuru yacho kana maresidents acho arikubhadhara mari,,hamawee mari dzenyu dzirikubonywa zvikutirwadza isu,,izvozvi vashandiwo vepasi kunzi vaende kuZEC chaiko kunoitawo maricho hanzi kwete asi ivo havazorore kufamba ummm tikurwadziwa isu

  4. $500 for rentals ya CITY clerk, if it is news worthy, it is because it is too low. Ngatiregei kupedzera matombo kumakunguwo, njiva dzichauya. Kana togara matare for such low figures, then tashaya basa.

  5. i dont get it 500 dollars or 6000 dollars. why not put it straight you newsday people because l tel you the way it seems here is that they are paying 500 dollars a month and that totals to 6000 dollars per annum. in my correct senses that makes sense and its not much to complian about but the way you put it on paper makes it attract attention with a very defferent dimension altogether. lets put our stories straight guys

  6. Thought it was $6000 per month hapana nyaya apa

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