Govt pleads for more donor funding


Mashonaland East Provincial Affairs minister David Musabayana has called on government to adopt financial models that attract donor funding, particularly in the health sector.

By Tinotenda Munyukwi

Speaking at the handover ceremony of a $100 000 maternity wing built by Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe at Nyamuzuwe Hospital in Mutoko yesterday, Musabayana said funding from public and private partnerships was critical in complimenting government efforts in the provision of health services.

“These growing private resources can help our social progress, motivated by a developing social consciousness and by government policies that encourage support for such causes,” Musabayana said in a speech read on his behalf by Mashonaland East maternal and child care health officer, Admire Kuretu.

He said the persistent economic challenges had forced the health sector to rely more on donor funding as Treasury was struggling to meet the 15% health threshold stipulated under the Abuja Declaration.

“I want to thank Stanbic Bank and Plan International for their gesture in supporting this project. Leadership and partnership are the words that quickly come to mind as I salute our hosts today. The future should be brighter for every woman and every child,” he said.

Maternal health continues to suffer from the health sector underfunding and according to the 2014 household survey, there was 614 deaths per every 100 thousand live births as many women fail to access proper medical maternity facilities and still brave the risk of giving birth at home.


  1. Until we have a government that knows how to prioritize I says all domestic and donor funds should be frozen. Govt needs to trim its spending. For one, we are a self impoverished nation. We cannot afford two presidents. If the argument is about preserving a mirage of a unity accord then the ex-general must go. Imagine the savings; if we were to sell his govt issued vehicles, stop paying his salaries, electric bills etc. We don’t need an army of 25 000 regular thugs. We are not at war. Cut it to about 3 000 regular salaried service men and let the hooligans eke out a living like us the povo. We do not need deputy ministers, permanent secretaries, under secretaries. We are a self impoverished nation. With all the savings imagine the number of maternity wings government would be able to build for the people.

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