Govt needs MDC-T for development: Tshinga

Tshinga Dube

FORMER War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube has hinted on the need for a unity government with main opposition party MDC-T for peace and economic development to prevail.
The Makokoba legislator, who won Saturday’s primary election, said he was confident President Emmerson Mnangagwa was going to win the upcoming elections and called on Zimbabweans to give him another five years to turnaround the economy.


“I am very happy that we won (primary elections), but my biggest wish is that all Zimbabweans rally behind President Mnangagwa so that he can implement his economic policies for the betterment of the country. If we miss this opportunity of supporting Mnangagwa to change our country’s fate, I think we will never have it (chance) again.
Dube said Zimbabweans were expending too much energy on politics.

“It is also my wish that we engage with the dynamic young man, the president of the MDC-T, Nelson Chamisa, to come on board so that we unite our people and make sure that instead of channelling our energy into politics, we also concentrate on our economy,” Dube said in an interview yesterday after being announced winner of Zanu PF’s Makokoba primary elections.

However, other candidates, Nothiwani Dlodlo, and Peter Baka Nyoni are contesting the results, citing vote fraud, among other irregularities.

Dube denied the charges, and, instead, accused his opponents of trying to rig the primaries.

The country last had a unity government after the chaotic 2008 elections.

Former President Robert Mugabe was forced into an inclusive government following the controversial polls that saw his opponent, the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, not participating in a run-off poll because of escalating violence against his supporters.

Some commentators have called on the need for a transitional government, but Dube argued otherwise.

“If President Mnangagwa continues with his policies and gets a good someone to assist him, this country in 10 years, will not be a third world country, but a first world [one]. Instead of focusing on politics, we need to be focusing on improving our health delivery system, our education and our welfare, among others. Let us give him (Mnangagwa) a chance for the next five years to create jobs for our people,” he added.

MDC-T Bulawayo spokesperson Felix Magalela Mafa-Sibanda, when contacted for comment over the issue of the unity government, referred Southern Eye to the party’s national spokesperson Tabitha Khumalo.

Khumalo’s phone continually rang unanswered.


  1. Comment…Dube uyagula baba,you are sick go to hospital what is zanu pf? What is mnagagwa in the first place go to hell Tshinga majority of Zimbos dont like you coup party anymore only those one who are sick like you!Chamisa has my vote akujiki bambelela siyajika Chamisa Chamisa!

  2. Comment…go to hell with you zanu pf you need our party for what do it alone you thieves blood agents are always anyone who support zanu pf and mnagagwa is sick needs a medication i dont like this party im from one place with mnagagwa,what i know most people in our area deep in they hurts they support young lion by da name Nelson Chamisa,Chamisa has my vote wheather you like or you not is gonna win in free and fair election

  3. mdc unoidii sezvinonzi ibranch rezanu. free & fair election & zanu will be history

  4. Comment…kkkkk vote for Chamisa baba Dube dont be shy,Chamisa unstopable,gogos and mkhulus bathi Chamisa has my vote awuzwanga,sisonke sibambene lonyaka i zanu pf nababulali bayo soyikhipha sishaywe umoya,mndebele mshona sisonke sizonqoba,Chamisa has my vote akusajiki kkkkkk

  5. Given all his flaws, at least that is one time the late Morgan Tsvangirai showed adherence to principle. He initially refused to be sucked into the GNU in 2008 arguing he had just won an election only to be subsequently robbed. Thabo Mbeki the nightmare of Zimbabwe then pressured him to join. Now, when you sleep with dogs expect flees. It is interesting to note whether kamufana aka will resist the urge to sleep with Zanu PF when they call for another GNU after they win another resounding success. Afterall sleeping with this particular dog guarantees a good position at the feeding trough.

  6. Comment…ed is going to win election free and’fair bcz he is very intelligent and humble .all the farmers will vote for zanu PF bcz they support rural ppl and for your information rural vote we all registered to vote .plz let us our president a chance

    • kk benzi pavangwaru iti ziro newevo ugnzi uri mungwaru,farmers u mean subsistance farmers, mombe mbiri nemadhongi mashanu ugorima zvinozadza gmb, get real man, muka iwe wakavata too much

    • Hi, Im from Zvimba Rural. It seems everyone here is going to vote for Nelson Chamisa I don’t know what it means when they say rural vote is for ED noo its not


  7. Someone is running scared here… Tshinga you did not talk about the need for GNU when we all participated in removing Mugabe. It is you who missed an opportunity to unify Zimbos. You all thought MDC was going to die with Morgan, alas, something more powerful has emerged. So now you’ve seen how this young man can beat you hands down, and I’m sure you know the consequences of rigging on the economy and your international credibility. ED has no policies, cannot win anything by himself, so cannot lead anyone with popular support that’s why you’re already saying this nonsense. Go hang!

    • @MbareBoy, agree with you. GNU can only benefit Zanu PF, there is no need for it. ED now realises its not as easy as he thought and now wants the opposition to join ranks. No GNU.

  8. Dube baba selilesikhathi eside libambe umbuso lo njengebandla leZANU PF, siyabonga ukuthi alisenzelanga lutho, akelisivumele sikhethe abethu abantu not iparty but abantu esikholelwa kibo.

  9. Comment…
    No need fo unity gvt Zanu pf must fall and let the youth take lead, enough is enough akomana hamunete here nai imi vaED nana Chiwenga siyai chamisa uyo (ZANU) used to say mdc are sellouts bt now you are the very people willing to sell th country to Europe zvino takakumirirai gore rino hazvikoni.
    majaira .

  10. Let us give the devil his due. I tend to acknowledge Tshinga’s open mindedness. He is remotely conceding the impact of the MDC-T. Whereas he appears to support his party President and seeking for unity after the election, he is faintly seeking a safer ground in the (un)likely event his party capsizes. Dube reasons broadly unlike other ZANU PF blind loyalists.

    • My thought exactly, he is really perceiving an uncertainty in the general elections results. Hence he is thinking of other avenues that will cushion Zanu Pf’s interest.

  11. Comment…yikho lokhu muntu wakithi e kezi nami ngowako mbuso e kezi liqiniso lelo siyambonga ubaba u Dube ngokuba yisehluleki kwakhe,thina sibheke phambili hayi indaba yensango,Chamisa has my vote akujiki sifuna ihlala kahle sesikhathele ngamanga for 38yrs kunini sitshelwa manga yi zanu kumanje bathi wonke umuntu kahambe ayovota for ama primary election ngenkani asiyi sapoti i zanu thina,Chamisa has our vote kwelase maphaneni

  12. Zanupf people are not mature to embrace other parties especially if it stops them from looting state resources.One zanupf idiot said Biti had 217 dollars in govt that is why we don’t have cash in banks. The idiot does not know that Biti left banks with cash and govt with at least 217dollars now it has -15 billion dollars in its coffers and daily its paying air to its workers using imaginery currency – rtgs.

  13. The reporter and its readers need to go to school.any reasoning person can tell that Tshinga is not talking about a GNU but focus on everyone contributing towards building the economy. Instead of globe trotting and canvasing for sanctions, the opposition should concentrate on criticizing economic policies so that they are improved.

    eMAROPAFADZO MOSE. Sezvo tatarisana nesarudzo, tose ngatigaroziva kuti, “MUNHU WESE IHAMA YAKO. Apana zvinopfuura izvozvo.


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