Gospel artiste returns for charity work


UNITED States-based gospel musician, Chaka Ngwenya, is in the country conducting a number of charity work initiatives that include empowering orphans in his home town of Chinhoyi.


The musician is also promoting his latest video, Chivi, in which he discourages young people from using drugs.

Ngwenya, who touched down at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Airport on Saturday, is patron of Zimbabwe Summer Camps, a non-governmental organisation run by the youths to assist their counterparts.

“On Thursday (today) I will be in Chinhoyi at Good Shepherd Orphanage, with other youths from the Zimbabwe Summer Camp. In other orphanages we visited, we had memorable experiences and the children got to experience what it means to go shopping and choosing their own shoes and clothes,” he said.

These youths from the United States will also have an opportunity to exchange ideas with those in Zimbabwe.

“I am also working with our Salvation Army Eastern Territory on bringing young Salvationists from New York to come on an exchange mission trip, they will be staying at various places for a month,” he said.

Ngwenya, who is a pastor with Salvation Army, said the video song Chivi was done both in America and Zimbabwe.

“On the song, I tried my hand on some dancehall rap, I want young people to relate to the song. The song has strong message of sin and I wanted them to hear the message in their own language and style,” he said.

The musician, who is also brother to gospel musician Timothy Ngwenya, recently released the album Patinonyengetera Volume 3, following an eight year sabbatical from music.
The album features local gospel musicians Shingisai Siluma, Prince Mafukidze and Sebastian Magacha.