God created Zanu PF: Chiwenga

Vice president Constantino Chiwenga

Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga yesterday claimed the ruling Zanu party was God’s creation and ordained to remain in power until eternity.

By Stephen Chadenga

Addressing mourners at the burial of fuel mogul Kudakwashe Tagwirei’s father, Phineas, in Shurugwi, Chiwenga said the ruling party would resoundingly win the upcoming general elections and continue governing the country.

“Zanu PF is the party that was put by God on this earth and should, therefore, continue ruling this country,” he said.

“In a few months’ time, we are going to finish business (in elections) and Zimbabwe should then move forward.”

Midlands Provincial Affairs minister Owen Ncube urged residents of Shurugwi to rally behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s candidature.

“We should vote for our party so that our candidate (Mnangagwa) wins resoundingly,” Ncube said.

“Zanu PF should win the elections so that we shame our detractors.”

Speaking at the same occasion, Mnangagwa said he had been morally compelled to attend the burial because the Sakunda Fuel boss, who happens to be his close relative, funded government’s command agriculture programme.

“Kudakwashe is a very capable person when it comes to sourcing funds for the command agriculture. He has and is still working with government to make sure that the programme is a success,” he said.


  1. The name God has been abused for too long. Chiwenga does not know God also created Lucipher but he had to send his Son to die for us and reverse Lucipher’s influence to the world.

  2. General Nebuchadnezzer did the same thing about God.Ask Chombo also. Play with God that way. At least i now know why the Government started the Dema Generator project. Simba Makore’s brother was just a front man to comfort Gushungo, the actual beneficiary was Sakunda who were suppplying thousands of litres of diesel. Have just been told who Sakunda is related to. Cry the Beloved Country. Papa Morgan am waiting for your signal to do to these people.

  3. General has made my day aaah…Ambi has affected his brain as well……do not use God’s name in vain please

  4. Its rather interesting to note that ever since 1980 zanupf has never quite been able to give us a vice president with a complete brain, except for Nkomo the rest have been generally useless

    • Chiwengwa- If it is the TRUE God’s wishes for the 14 million to suffer under 38 years of dictatorship and a military junta, let it be. One day our own ancestors will help Mbuya Nehanda, Kaguvi and Chaminuka vana tatambura kudya nhoko dzezvironda. Mudzimu titungamirireyi.

  5. Comment…He’s letting the cat out of the bag.Prepare for rigged elections with Zec in complicity

  6. In a few months’ time, we are going to finish business (in elections) and Zimbabwe should then move forward.”

    that is very stupid bcoz y they are not changing things all from1980. no i say no the time is over.

  7. Ambi zvainoita vakomana, zvino murume mukuru saChiwenga ave kungorotomoka zvisina maturo. Ambi yamwiririra kusvika kubrain

  8. Mr Ambi tinyareiwo. God did not create ZANU PF. ZANU PF was created by the devil Mugabe and team. Such a useless former General talking rubbish. This level of bootlicking and thinking must not come from a person called Vice President. So if they lose are they going accept and relinquish power? Cry my beloved country we real need democracy we are still far away.

  9. Comment…my goodness me, this punk called constantino “kiriniki” chiwenga’s sick in the head fo sure! he’ll burn in hell fo his blasphemy

  10. That’s true Cde Chiwenga ,hapana chiri pasi pano chisina kuitwa naMwari ….saka I don’t know kuti vamwe mukuita prob papi…,,,

  11. Comment…comrade chiwenga???? like a guerilla????we dnt magandanga to lead us too old n cunning! kkkk kwanzi hapana chiripanyika chisina kuitwa na Mwari, maiwee yo reasoning capacity is fucked up man… chero satan wakasikwa na Mwari

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