G40 kingpin Kasukuwere returns

FORMER Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, yesterday broke his six-month long self-imposed exile and flew back home where he was briefly grilled by State security agents at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, before being set free.


Kasukuwere, who fled the country following former President Robert Mugabe’s ouster last November, arrived aboard a South African Airways flight in the company of his wife Barbra around midday.

“I am very happy to be home, it’s good to be back,” a jovial Kasukuwere said as he walked towards his vehicle.
Asked as to what the police wanted from him, Kasukuwere said: “They were only asking me how I left the country, what I was doing there and where I was staying. I have nothing to fear. This is my home.”

As soon as he got into the car, a group of Zanu PF supporters with placards started to denounce his return, describing him as a thief who had stolen funds meant for the youths.
So tense was the atmosphere at the airport with State security agents milling around taking photographs of people gathered to welcome Kasukuwere, particularly members of the Mugabe-linked National Patriotic Front (NPF).
“Dzosa mari yemayouth (bring back youth funds), Mapurisa batai munhu (police can you arrest him),” were some of the placards that welcomed him.

Kasukuwere was said to be a kingpin in the G40 faction which was fiercely opposed to the rise of President Emmerson Mnangagwa but was vanquished by the military operation which catapulted the then Vice-President to succeed Mugabe.

It was not clear by late yesterday if police were doing any investigations on Kasukuwere as the National Police Spokesperson, Charity Charamba was not picking her calls.

Before his return, the media was awash with reports suggesting that he had cut a deal with the military for his return, but early in the day while in South Africa, Kasukuwere dismissed the claims through social media platforms saying: “What wrong have I committed? If there is anything which I stole, I will answer to that. People should not speculate a lot, I am going home and will face anything which comes my way.”


  1. Shakespeare Marovandima

    He needs to answer also for torturing opposition supporters in past elections and declaring Mashonaland Central a “one party state” together with his Mafia brother.

  2. Kasukuviri kadzoka, hazvishamise kakatanga kutamba naED ipapa

  3. I have nothing to fear. This is my home.” Wakambotizei saka?

  4. Akaita mamadhiri neboys ndosaka akadzoka saka haachasungwa asi zvaimbonzi hee criminals around the president kushadisa vanhu chete

  5. this country ayas

  6. ED’s legitmecy is entrenched now so all the sacrifised comrades must be freed. Tyson had a long spell as a CIO director and may have had access to certain files, ED cannot afford to have me as an outcast.

  7. I have nothing to fear. Sure Kasukuwere? If ED government fail to arrest the fugitive called Kasukuwere we must forget the is cruel and instigated for most of the people to suffer when he was the best boy of Grace and Robert. Kasukuwere was pushing for Grace to succeed Robert. Batai munhu mapurisa.

  8. jonathan moyo akazvitaura hapana akamuterera handei tione

  9. Munyika muno hapana politician anogara mu jail. Ndosaka nyika ino yakawora. Mari inongobiwa and povo ichingo suffer. THATS THE REASON WHY I DONT TRUST ANY BLACK PERSON TO LEAD ZIM. THE COUNTRY IS WHAT IT IS BECOZ OF US BLACKS. THE FAT WEALTHY CROOKS ARE FREE AND ITS ONLY A POOR ORDINARY PERSON WHO IS ARRESTED. SHAME.

  10. Africa has a leadership crisis the reason why it is rich in resources and yet the people the poorest.Do we need to be recolonized to be better?

  11. Shakespeare Marovandima

    @NACIDO. Hear! Hear! That’s what I’ve been trying to say and receiving so much flak for. Spaghetti Chamisa a lot of people are rooting for will just do the same thing Mugabe and cronies did. I have tried to offer an alternative for 2023 being someone who has made their money already cleanly and fairly but have been shot down. People like Trevor Ncube, Strive Masiyiwa, Simba Makoni, Mahommed Mussa etc The argument that they may not be good politicians doesn’t hold because if a soldier (Ian Smith), clergyman (Abel Muzorewa) did a good job running the economy of this country, surely a successful business person will excel and definitely couldn’t be any worse than a teacher Mugabe.

    1. Tinyararire apa pana Masiiwa iwee!Mahommed Mussa urikuda kuti ma banks ese ashaye basa?Hapana mari inobvumirwa kuenda ku bank, pillow banking.

  12. godfrey chikowore

    Gradually we note with deeper concern that Operation Restore Legacy approach to justice has lost hold as all culprits are now resurfacing and getting along scot free notwithstanding the magnitude of unbriddled hatred, stubbornly reckless; arrogant; shameless theft and suffering they inflicted on defenseless majority Zimbabweans, a deep trauma that will last for centuries on the souls and minds of innocent defenceless Zimbabweans. Countrymen be reminded, lest we forget Justice is yet to come and indeed it will.

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