ED will win elections: Vapostori


THE Johanne Marange Apostolic Church yesterday “prophesied” a President Emmerson Mnangagwa victory in the forthcoming general elections.


Addressing thousands of party supporters at St Noah College in Mafararikwa in Marange, Mnangagwa said he has already been invited to officially open a state-of-the-art stadium in two years’ in his capacity as the winning candidate in the elections.

“You said I will come here (Marange) in two years to commission a stadium. If you see a church saying that, this means that the spirit has said in two years I will be around. I don’t know those who have not been prophesied (sic),’’ he said.

“I want to thank you for inviting me, but I am not a new person here. The stadium will be a first of its kind in a rural set-up. This thing has not been happening, but it’s being done with a spiritual person.’’

Mnangagwa attended a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the stadium.

He said that it was all over for Zanu PF members, who were defeated in the recent primary elections.

“We did our primary elections and some were not happy. This is democracy,’’ he said.

“To those who won; it’s not you, but the win is for Zanu PF and to those who lost, lets be united and campaign for the party.’’

Mnangagwa donated truckloads of rice and maize to feed workers constructing the stadium

He also donated 200 computers and $50 000 and offered to construct four boreholes for St Noah College.


  1. borrowing from mukunya back in the day when he was asked who is number 2 to him in the music business he said then that there is no number 2 or 3 and its going to be the same here, chamisa will come a distant fourth very interesting

  2. …and spaghetti boy will ask that bully the US of A to impose Iran type sanctions because he didn’t win.

  3. ndezvavo mapositori iwayo. politics and religion are distinctly dissimilar. as far as i know there is no shop or bank for vapositori. ngavazive zvekukoma migomo.

  4. Then it was Robert Mugabe chete chete, then it changed to Grace Mugabe chete chete and now its Mnangagwa chete chete. Asi chii ne mapostori nhai?

  5. Then it was Robert Mugabe chete chete, then it changed to Grace Mugabe chete chete and now its Mnangagwa chete chete. Asi chii ne mapostori nhai?

  6. When a lawyer starts taking BS prophecy from irrelevant bush church “leaders’ then you know the wheels have come off the “gravy train”. What will the 200 computers be used for by such backward people? RGM did pretty much the same – dishing out PCs to communities that don’t have electricity. Sometimes we Zimbabweans take stupidity to brand new heights!!

  7. These are the same chaps who prophesied that Mugabe will rule until his death but nhasi ari Bob wacho

  8. No prophecy was made about the elections Mr Newsday reporter. Munanganwa said” mandidaidza kuti ndizovhura complex iyi kana yapera in two years. Ndafara nokuti zvaonekwa kuti ndinenge ndiri mupenyu, halleluyah”.

    Kuva mupenyu nekuhwinha maElection are two different things, even though he will resoundingly win. Chamisa will get plus or minus 1,5 million while ED will be over 2,6 million. 2018 ED pfeeeeeee

    • He can come to do the opening ceremony as an elder former president it possible as well.

    • Vakanganwa kuti Mugabe akavharwa ndiwo mapostanga akanyudzwa. Wangofanana nemapostanga kuporofita zvenhema you have already come out with numbers of votes before the elections, funny. Kusaziva kwakafanana nekufa had you used percentages better. First ask yourself how many people are on the voters roll and how many parties contesting then start from there not halucinating.

  9. Eliasha na Shakes mungavonei imi muri mubako . Kutoti..takafunda 38 years into independence still celebrating mediocrity. Nxaaa

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  11. Spot on @josphat.Our Electorate is like the wind you can not predict its direction as it is directionless and hold no principles.A week before a new level as said by Sibu thousands used to attend the Youth Interface to the extent of woodwinking Kudzi to think he has a million youths behind him.Surprisingly those millions were seen celebrating Mugabe ouster.

  12. In free & fair elections, zanu hailume. Mdc Alliance yaenda nenyika. Spaghetti roads are coming.

  13. If the Marange Church succeeds, this will be a great self-reliance project, further developing St Noah College. Congratulations to them. Sad that they opted to turn their ground breaking ceremony into a ZANU PF, campaigning exercise, mixing politics with religion to even prophecy victory. But that is an issue primarily for their followers and the parents of their students to judge. For some of the rest of us, we see again the 20th Century politics of maize meal and computer hand-outs. May we find leaders who take us to a Zimbabwe where such practices not only become unnecessary but are rejected as primitive.

  14. Its not surprising that mapostori are still back ward, they just think of making metal dishes and pots from scarp sheets they scavenge in dumpsites. You think the country will move forward with such backward troops. They cant even allow their children to go to school, they don’t want children to go to hospitals, they just cheer at dictators like they used to do to Mugabe. I don’t hate mapostori as people but I hate their ignorance which makes us not to move an inch as a nation.

  15. we surely don’t know who will win for now,but all I know is Chamisa support is dwindling by the day while ED rises,perhaps its Zimbabweans realising and finally believing in the progress so far.

    1)favourable/improving foreign relations
    2)companies seem to be improving in performance (bottom and top line)
    3)good policies and many more

  16. usanyepe zanu support is dwindling while chamisa is on the rise,Chamisa is compaigning in rural areas will Ediot Munangagwa is in towns and bussy forcing students kuti vasaende kuchikoro vaende kurally you are fulling yourself Trevor achava marwadzo kuzanu mira uwone takadzidza 38 years its enough

    • I think what Trevor means is Chamisa started already with a large support base,while ED started with a small support base.

  17. We should not stoop too low to be subjected into aligning our success with every myth. We must be aware of the ‘parameters’ of a true prophecy. Just recently, another group preemptively coined Bushiri’s ‘prophecy’ in their favour and started celebrating prematurely. Next time they shall hoodwink us of tossing a coin head and tails to get the ultimate winner. It solely remains a prerogative of the electrolate to evaluate the potential of their next President but not any ‘gospel vendor’.

  18. veduweee izvi zvinonetsa izvi toona kunowira tsvimbo ne dohwe ngaauye ma election acho timhanye zvenyu isu vechidiki pfeeee pa line ma dhara achiri akabata mabvi.

  19. The problem is that this Johane Marange leader has benefitted immensely from the the zanu pf mafia govt in terms of farms,loans etc at the expense of his hoodwinked followers who regard him as holy such that every time he tells them to vote for zanu pf ,like cattle lining up to the slaughter house they do so sheepishly without using their own brains as to why their leader dabbles in politics and tells them whom to vote for.He thinks for them.Whatever he tells them,the do without questioning.St Noah is just as human as anyone and maybe is a worse sinner than most of you yet you treat him as he is some kind of a God.Most of the followers live in abject poverty but their leader lives in luxury.Zanu pf has always taken advantage of his power over his people to force force them to vote for their candidate for the past years.I hope by now the followers have opened their eyes to see that their leader has been duping them for his own selfish gain and vote for their preferred candidate.Johannes Ndanga is one of the culprits who also forces zanu pf presidential candidates on his church followers.After the fall of the old dictator whom he had “prophesised” that he would rule until he dies,he has been very quiet of late.Vanhu mukai veduwe!

  20. kkkkkk…and you trust them ‘sly’ vapositori? Ask Grace naRobert, havana remuromo navo!

  21. Church haifaniri kuudzwa zvekuita nehurumende but inofanira iyo kuudza hurumende. napepa vanoshaiwa zvekunyora. ko mapositori vanhu here this country belongs to GOD toda kutomgwa nemunhu anotya MWARI

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