ED rescues Mutsvangwa


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has reportedly succumbed to pressure from his special adviser and war veterans’ leader, Christopher Mutsvangwa, and allowed a re-run of Zanu PF’s Norton primary elections after the latter lost the first round and warned that his boss could face a similar fate in the upcoming presidential race.


Norton is among 10 constituencies, where the ruling party has ordered a re-run after results of the first round were challenged by the losing candidates.

Although Mutsvangwa could not be reached for comment yesterday, sources told NewsDay that his campaign team was already on the ground ahead of the re-run election, whose date is yet to be announced.

In the first round, Mutsvangwa lost to his bitter rival Langton Mutendereki by a wide margin, before he warned that Mnangagwa risked losing the upcoming general elections if his defeat was endorsed by the Zanu PF politburo.

He pointed a finger at the ruling party’s national commissar, Engelbert Rugeje, accusing him of engineering his defeat by knocking out his name from the ballot papers on the election date.

He also claimed Mutendereki was ineligible for election and had his name clandestinely added to the candidates’ list.

“It is inconceivable that the President will win given that the party’s members have been largely disenfranchised,” he said.

“We realised that instead of being in the primary elections to provide peace and a stable environment in which Zanu PF members freely express themselves and choose their leaders, the national commissar, being a political novice, sought advice from a rehabilitated ex-Gamatox commissar in the form of Webster Shamu to turn police into returning-officers,” Mutsvangwa said in a hard-hitting statement addressed to the party’s national electoral commission headed by Rugeje.

Norton is among the 10 constituencies ordered to conduct fresh elections after the initial phase was marred by massive irregularities, which saw some party bigwigs being felled by political upstarts.

Rugeje could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Some of the bigwigs given a second bite of the cherry include Philip Chiyangwa (Zvimba North), Douglas Mahiya (Harare South), Dexter Nduna (Chegutu West) and contestants in Zvimba South, Glen View South, Hwata senatorial constituents and Mhondoro Ngezi, among others.

In Mashonaland Central, reruns will also be done in Shamva North, Shamva South and Mazowe West (women’s quota), whereas in Midlands, a rerun will be conducted in Shurugwi (women’s quota).

There will be reruns in Gutu East in Masvingo province, as well as in Chipinge and Buhera West in Manicaland. Besides Norton, Zvimba North, Zvimba South, Mashonaland West will see reruns in Chinhoyi Central, Chegutu East and Makonde.

Grain Millers’ Association of Zimbabwe chairman, Musarara, who challenged his rival Kazembe Kazembe’s victory, could not confirm or deny reports of a pending re-run.

“I submit myself to the outcomes of the party and I have no mandate to speak to the Press on the outcomes of party processes,” he said.

Kazembe, however, insisted that his victory had been upheld by the politburo, adding the seat would not be subjected to a re-run.

“There are people trying to spread mischievous lies and we know who they are. We are not having a re-run in my constituency, but in the province, there will be two constituencies. I cannot say which ones. Let’s wait for the commissariat to make a statement,” he said.

Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman, Ziyambi Ziyambi declined to comment on the planned re-runs lined up in his province.

“I can only relay information once I have it, until then, I have no information,” he said.


    • @MbareBoy, this is a puppet president, just a stooge. He can’t even make a decision hence he is now just globe trotting whilst Zanu PF burns.

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  2. Not off the hook yet! What appears a new lease of life is a chance for Mutsvangwa to lose convincingly. The public concern supersedes your selfish interest.

  3. So all what these guys are preaching is liars. If not mistaken him Mr President said if I lose I will relinquish power to the opposition. His friend Mtsvangwa lost during the recent Primaries why not advise him to accept the results. He must walk the talk together with his subordinates like Mtsvangwa. So if in July or August him Mnangagwa lose to Chamisa is he going to accept results? Christopher Mtsvangwa comes from Manicaland people in Norton does not know him. They will vote again for their favourite guy.

  4. Comment…Kiri Mutsvangwa comes from Mhondoro but his wife comes from Chimanimani. ED is all rhetoric. He is a puppet on a chain, as power shifted from statehouse to KGvi, just a few kilometres away. Under Mugabe, politics controlled the gun but under ED the gun controls politics. Pasi nejunta

  5. So if the Mutsvangwas can not accept a primary defeat what national elections, there will be violence I tell you people.

  6. if this guy cant accept defeat,how come if his boss defeated,would they say yes.this shows these guys will never allow anyone to rule, this country,,what if he lose second chance,then he would declare a war to his rival,so this guy seems as if he is worth than his opponent? too much pride, he will be shocked if he lose this time, people are the ones who chose whom they want regardless of status, position etc,

    • The advisor to the president was thumped 13:1 Trasnlsted “Mufuriri we mutungamiriri we nyika akamenyewa nezvibodzwa 13 kwa 1”.

  7. This Mutswangwa guy will turn out to be a bane in Mnagagwa’s record. The guys seems to think that anyone who has title to make comments on political issues must be a war vet, or to be in government. If all the people who stood for primaries were bona fide Zanu PF members, how then does he claim that party members have been disenfranchised? Are there certain people who are more Zanu than others? Are those who won and those who voted for them not Zanu? These kind of comments are backward and come from people with a false opinion of their worth. Chris must wake up and smell the coffee. The people are sick and tired of this war vets mantra!!!

  8. ED succumbed to empty threats by Mutsvangwa…should be the headline. So the election result will only be accepted if Mustvangwa wins..shame on zanupf.

  9. Reminds me of the good ole days when we used to go to Luna Parks & Circus ,now that all those are gone ,I sit back ,relax ,and enjoy this Circus in the ZANU Pf Lunar Park.
    Yes Amai Doctor ‘Fugunde’ Grace Mugabe was right when she said that “Zvamunoona Mnangagwa uyu Igwara uyu”.Ngwena is not so decisive and intelligent he just goes were the wind blows,One day Ghuveya fires 30 police details the next its reversed ,once nurses were fired,once they were reinstated ,Mutsvangwa Loses on primaries Mnangagwa reverses the will of the Norton Constituency.
    Can this dude really run this country ,if it was a circular job interview his CV Would have found its way to the dustbin early this year.
    Asante Sana
    Good Night

  10. I truly think that ED should have heed the call by Neville Mutsvangwa not to open a can of worms by re runs as it will also lead to a Bhora Musango by whoever will lose the re runs. He should have crafted a board room settlement to accommodate a particular constituency within his inner circle. There is nothing wrong in reserving certain seats for youths, women and also to accommodate the engine of the Party. It is better to be labelled a dictator than to show such levels of disorganization just before a crucial election. Remember the Kombi ban back fired, the Police dismissal and reinstating left an egg in the face, and there is nothing to show for all the highly publicized arrests or any improvement on the liquidity of our economy as expected from the China deals and remittance of externalized funds. I AM STARTING TO DOUBT OUR SINCERITY AS A PARTY TO DELIVER ANYTHING EXCEPT FREE LICENCES TO UNQUESTIONED FEW TO CULTIVATE THE HERB.

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