‘ED donation to Marange a vote-buying gimmick’

OPPOSITION parties yesterday raised the flag over President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s donation of food hampers, computers and cash to the Marange community this week, describing the gesture as a vote-buying gimmick ahead of this year’s elections.


Mnangagwa made the donations to Mafararikwa villagers in Marange on Wednesday while officiating at a ground-breaking ceremony for a state-of-the-art stadium being developed by Johane Marange leader Noah Taguta.

The Zanu PF leader handed over 100 computers and pledged to donate a 100 more. Besides the computers, the Zanu PF leader and presidential candidate in this year’s polls also doled out several tonnes of rice and maize meal which he said would help feed construction workers at the site.

He also pledged a $50 000 cash donation in addition to drilling four boreholes at St Noah College while Sports minister Kazembe Kazembe donated $10 000 towards the construction of the school.

MDC-T Manicaland provincial spokesperson Trevor Saruwaka said Mnangagwa’s donations raised a stink, given that the country is just a few weeks away from the elections.

“They are at their default game towards the elections where they suddenly realised that communities need help. I think the Marange community would prefer a share of diamond revenue and infrastructure development rather than get rice and maize and other token donations which have little impact on their lives,” Saruwaka said.

“He would have done the Marange community a big favour at least if he had offered an explanation on the whereabouts of the missing $15 million diamond revenue.’’
National People’s Party spokesperson Jeffreyson Chitando also said the timing of the donations was questionable.

“It’s vote buying which is being disguised as handouts,’’ he said.

“We are very aware that they are using taxpayers money to donate to the society ahead of the elections.’’

Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) Manicaland provincial chairman Reverend Walter Nyakunu blasted Mnangagwa’s gestures.

“Why giving computers to a school that has already activity? How many schools are struggling in Manicaland? My only understanding is that this is not a government school,’’ he said.

“lf l am not mistaken former President Robert Mugabe made a donation of computers to the same school. There are a number of vulnerable schools in the country, but why making the donation now? They should had done that long ago.’’

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  1. No form of vote buying will make the electorate vote for Ed because his name is severely tainted by his past deeds .all past attrocities committed by Zanu Pf are attributed to him from Gukukurahwindi to murambatsvina and all political violence abductions and deaths that happened in the past.he used to boast that he trained sabotage banditry and that his job was to kill.he planned his coup long back even before the so called Tsholotsho decalaration.he is the one who sabotaged Mugabe destroying the economy so that ppl suffer and rebel against him but because he is a master of diguise old Bob cldnt see it until it was too late.Clever Jonathan moyo saw it too but by then Ed had gotten hold of all the levers of power.

    Ed is a master of diguise.he tells the world that he is fighting corruption but ppl know that he looted chiadzwa diamonds together with mujuru and his friends in the army.he is also in the UN report for looting diamonds in the DRC.he is also fingered in gold looting and externalisation.We all remember the well publicised story of Mark Matthew Burden, the gold miner who was caught at the SA border attempting to cross with more than 20kg of gold and was freed after reported links to ED.ED also sponsors makorokozas who are scattered all over the country and these korokozas are responsible for a spate of crimes such as burgleries,murders and armed robberries.some of them esp in the midlands are well known to be connected to Ed so they are never arrested.
    ED is probably the richest man in Zimbabwe,and in 2008 one SA analyst once wrote that ED was so rich that he could raise an army and sponsor a civil war and win against the govt of Zim.we now realise his analysis was correct after all.
    The Zim electorate also remember Ed for being A violent cruel man despite his claims of being reformed.the story of Godfrey Majonga who was thrown from a three storey building is still fresh in ppl ‘s memories.In 2002 former kwekwe MP blessing chebundo survived death by a whisker after Ed tried to burn him with petrol for standing against him in parliamentary elections.so these are just some of the well remembered incidents but the list is endless.So Ed has has a task as difficult as walking on top of water to try and convince the elecorate to vote for him because of his bad reputation

  2. kana vachitengwa nerofu rechingwa nebag rehupfu bva vanhu veMarange vakapusa, regai ngoda yese ichingotorwa vakatarisa…the people from manicaland must be the first to reject Zanu Pf given the extent to which the diamond money was not used to develp their villages but to enrich other peple. It surprisesd me how to see so many people attending ED’s rally in Mutare, wasu makapusa chokwadi….mari yengoda iripi

  3. Comments: well i bet they jus taking n eating the food bt kno exactly kuti they will vote fo chamisa, operation tora udye asi vhotera chamisa,

  4. it was a church conference for johanne masowe not zanu pf rally.and even if an election was held on that church gathering alone I tell u Ed wld not get 5% of the votes

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