Constituents back Majome

Jessie Majome

HARARE West constituents have vowed to back Jessie Majome after she withdrew from the MDC-T primary elections insisting that she was now throwing her hat into the ring as an independent candidate.


Majome has since received pledges from her constituents who have also said they were prepared to fund her war chest as she faces MDC-T and Zanu PF candidates in the crucial general elections up in a few months.

Political commentator and Harare West constituent Rashweat Mukundu, is one of the key people backing Majome, declaring on his Facebook page that she has his vote.
“I am convinced we Harare westerners have the capacity, both intellectual and resources to retain Jessie Majome as our MP,” he said.

Honest Rwodzi another constituent vowed to follow Majome regardless of her party choice in a move that could see MDC-T lose the seat.

“I have some business interests and investments in Harare West which have been made possible through the people’s Parliamentarian. The Institutional Consensus in the business community around the area is that we’re safer with Jessie. Whatever the ticket Jessie will contest on, we will in unequivocal terms vote for Hon. Jessie Majome,” he said.

MDC-T chairman Morgen Komichi said he was due to have a meeting with Majome to go through her concerns before commenting.

Youth secretary for security James Chidhakwa, said the party has respect for Majome, but accused her of being selfish and dishonest.

“Majome is an asset in the party, but the issues she is raising are a bit dishonest. Firstly, she is in the national executive and for her to say that she has no access to information or party cards is dishonest, the national executive makes the rules. Secondly, if she has a good working relation with her constituency that is fine let her be re-elected through the primary elections. As the youth, we also want to play a part in this process and for her to want to close us out is dishonest and selfish,” he said.


  1. this majome character must not day dream in zimbabwe politics people vote for a party and and rarely do there vote for individuals

    • Not true. So far Chamisa has lost 4 confirmed seats. One to Majome and 2 to MDC T led by Khupe.Continue to dismiss everyone who leaves Chamisa’s faction as nonentity at your own peril you Chamisa fools.You cant go into an election with 4 seats already gone and you think that’s a nonevent.You Chamisa people seem to working for Zanu. You doing everything wrong so that you weaken the opposition. Some of us can see through you.

      • former vice president muzenda in his famous words once said even if zanupf put forward a baboon people will still vote for zanupf in that constituency and lets be guided accordingly and it has been proven over the past 37years only jonso managed and a few others managed to break that jinx. not sure were the chamisa fools is coming from and unfortunately you are are displaying your foolishness in a wrong platform hence this platform is for facts not for fools.

  2. Are the 2 people quoted the constituents? If she is popular,she should contest primary elections.

  3. Zvekuvhotera dhongi re party zvakaenda nava Muzenda navaMugabe. The Zimbabwean of 1980 is different from the Zimbabwean of 2018.Suffering has opened people’eyes. Impose candidates at your own peril!! You have been warned, Mr Komichi!!

  4. jonho pfutsek kana gudo l will vote as long as its mdc chamisa full stop iwe mira nedofo rakadzidza hushe madzoro kwete kurambirira ukatarisa ndosaka ari single

  5. Manje kana ma journalist ava kuti 2 people talking ndoo Harare West yose varasika. We never saw that reporter here who did they interview tisu tiriko ku Hrare West kwacho? Cde Majome sorry We only sympathise if Primary is rigged kwete selfishness yokuti ini handidi primary ipo paita challenger.

  6. I stay in harare west bluffhill ..did u come and interview the pple..when have two people become harare west.If she is popular let her go through the primary polls.

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