Chiwenga attacks Chamisa over legitimacy

Vice president Constantino Chiwenga

VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga yesterday lashed out at MDC-T president, Nelson Chamisa for promising to create spaghetti roads and airports across the country, saying the youthful leader should first address the issue of his legitimacy before “dreaming big”.

By Xolisani Ncube/Obey Manayiti

Addressing delegates at the launch of the Zanu PF manifesto in Harare yesterday, Chiwenga said promises by the MDC Alliance presidential candidate were impossible to implement, a reflection that Chamisa was immature.

“The voter has to read and decide the way from a well-cultured vision to follow, visions are deeper and more serious affair in transforming the nations, impacting the people, not childish dreams which excite rude passions, while not surviving even the most charitable settings.

“We hear childish talk like transforming the world, into some place never lived in before.

“We hear the likes of bullet trains, spaghetti roads, rural airports, cellphones for animal kingdoms, all such and much more crazy ideas to come.

“Until we ask ourselves why pretenders, who sell us such convoluted dummies, cannot manage small traffic in our real world in the cities and municipalities, which they control and run,” he said, drawing rousing applause from delegates.

Since the death of founding party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai and his subsequent assumption of leadership of the MDC-T, Chamisa has been addressing countrywide rallies, where is promising to improve the welfare of citizens through improved roads, railways and air transport.

Chiwenga said Chamisa should sort out the local road networks, which are under the administration of the MDC-T councillors before attending to the national transport system.

“Why reach Bulawayo in 40 minutes when those in Harare can’t reach Kuwadzana in five hours?
“What kind of spaghetti roads are you talking about when people struggle with single lane roads in the city centre?
“We shall have time to dismantle their little dreams when we get to the real campaign work,” the Vice-President said.

Without a hint of irony, Chiwenga said Chamisa — whom he described as a juvenile — should deal with his legitimacy as a party leader before talking about national challenges.

“Before they tackle our icon, could they do their own supporters a small favour by solving the legitimacy issue that haunts them?

“We excuse them for being young and not having participated in the struggle, but we can’t excuse them for mounting a bid for national leadership from a pilfered party leadership,” he said.

The MDC-T leader rose to presidency after the death of Tsvangirai in February and his mandate has been challenged by Thokozani Khupe, who also claims to be the legitimate president.


  1. If an aspiring president promises to provide internet facilities for goats, then there is some goat stuff in his head, so I will rather vote for a candidate who knows that promises have limits. ED, Dabengwa, Mujuru and others have never spoken like this easily excited boy.

    • What about those that are dreaming of building more than 700 houses per day if elected when they have failed to build a single hut for the past 37 years they were in power

    • they are not really promises, its a vision my brother of where our state should go if in the right political hands.These old people you have mentioned have no vision , their political interventions are those of 1980 thats what Chamisa is trying to tell all zimbabweans. Zimbabwe needs to step up in terms of vision not only economy.

    • Comment..inga vakataura wani kuti muchatsvaka mombe nema cell phone handizvo zvirikuitika here

  2. then why copy and paste MDC policies……it seems in as much as they these guys criticise Nelson Chamisa ideas behind our back they see light in those ideas

    • @tinashe.tell us which ideas they copied.from my knowledge MDC hasn’t announced their own manifesto

  3. Comment…
    Its because you guys are so obsessed with ower you want the country to not dream big.Chiwenga is a product of a coup together with ED so they should never talk about legitimacy.he only knows war not politics.let people choose Chamisa if they want him and his unrealistic dreams.after all you guys have failed to give Zimboz the most basic stuff for 37yrs. After all you old men feel entitled to that throne thats why you try to derail the most loved about other oppositions instead of showin us you are scared of a small boy.nxaaaaa

  4. Chamisa being youthful is allowed to think big,dream big its his vision he is selling to the electorate.I like dreamers they give us hope.I know Chamisa might be selling us a dummy because he is not alone there are other goats like Sikala ,Biti who dont dream but are selfish and arrogant.Chamisa”s ideas might be scutttled by hyenas like these.ED though old he should also learn a few things from the young Chamisa because the future is Chamisa. Personally I would like ED to lead us for the next 5 years to tackle our battered economy and revive the economy.After these 5 years Chamisa should be given his chance he is the future of Zimbabwe. Forgive me readers I dont believe in being a Party member but I decide the best candidate for the good of our country.Im just a Patriotic Zimbabwean who doesnt worship politicians because they are liars ,thieves,arrogant,corrupt,murderers,opportunists and selfish.

    • you think ED can do anything to solve our political crisis then forgive me my brother ,i think you are naive because he has been in power like forever. the reason wy we want chamisa is not because he is a saint but we are trying to get rid of these militaristic individuals for starters.

  5. Mr VP you go kumusha kwenyu ne helicopter at tax payer expense , some from your kumusha also want to ride the planes and copters with their own resources so let Chamisa build airports there in Wedza for them, aint nothing wrong with that, its possible, from your criticism it shows you do not want Zim to move forward but remain in the past, these are not dreams Mr VP zvinhu zvakatoitika, zvirikutoitika kune dzimwe nyika in Africa all he is doing is trying to emulate developments from other countries for the benefit of the country and its citizentry , You don’t have a developmental track record yourself and party besides being in power for 37 years and you don’t have dreams. Look at Steve Jobs, Mark Zurkeburg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk visionary dreams beyond our imagination, so please do your home work Mr Vp but lastly you are entitled to your own opinion enough respect.

  6. Chiwenga is the dumbest VP in the world, he can’t even realize that Chamisa is a million times more legitimate where he is than himself. And if Chiwenga thinks spaghetti roads & bullet trains are something special beyond us in the 21st century then he must go back to his barracks where he belongs

    • That’s right. Chiwenga took power, Chamisa had unanimous endorsements from all structures within the party of excellence. 38yrs of no major developments is shameful. I would rather vote for someone who thinks big and has a dream for a brighter future. The military do belong in the barracks and yes they should have stayed there.

  7. When people stop dreaming big, they are dead. If the likes of Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates did not dream BIG, the world would not be where it is today. It is natural for the old not to have big dreams of their short future. It is also natural for the young to dream big of their long future. The future belongs to the young people. A vision is not today’s phenomenon but the future’s.

    Do not be afraid Chamisa. The people are with you.

    • You must be an economist where you are! So visionary, liked your economic expression, thats the way Zim can be transformed but with those corrupt minded leaders we wont survive

  8. Chiwenga is a disgrace, someone must send him to poor Ethiopia where he’ll get to see high speed trains & understand how his ancient party has made us to get left behind in Africa the past 37 years

  9. Double standards! How legitimate is Mnangagwa’s candidature if Chiwenga’s words are anything to go by? Well, campaigns are dominated by lies and propaganda and it depends on whose lies will sail through. Where are the two million job that your party promised in 2013? It’s mischievous for Chiwenga to apply Chamisa’s legitimacy defensively.

  10. kkkkk even the barracks have moved on, war can now be easily fought by drones with ‘boys’ behind controls in some coffee shop. Your ship has set sail, we now talk of spaghette roads. Have you been to Francistown in Bots? Wake up

  11. Chamisa is a promising leader of Zimbabwe with clear and smart vision unlike some grey hair leaders with blurred vision.

  12. List of people who does not have legitimacy in Zimbabwe 1. Chiwenga 2. Mnangagwa 3 . Chamisa 4. Kembo Mohadi etc. Chiwenga military coup is not a liscence to say you are legitimate it’s only we could not continue with Mugabe dynasty anymore. Remember what Chiwenga did 2008 using soldiers after Tsvangirai won the first round of the elections. For all these years Chiwenga was illegitimate General. Chiwenga muziso munedanda tanga wabvisa rako usati wabvisa evamwe.

  13. ED only has the advantage of incumbency & state power behind him, otherwise Chamisa has far better vision & leadership skills

  14. This shows no one of all these front runners is legitimate, I think Mujuru is far better and mature.
    Sticking with any illegitimate leader is recipe for future disaster

  15. and those who are in power via a copu vakaiwana kupi legitimacy? vana sripping nyararai apa.

  16. Zimbabwe iri 37 years behind because of zanu pf. Ipapo vamwe vakagara pamsoro pe 15 bilion vamwe vachishaya chekudya chaicho.

  17. he is talking about pple failing to get propoer transport to Kuwadzana…who is to blame for that? ZANU PF has been in power for 37 years and did nothing about it. The chitungwiza-Harare train has been on the cards since Smith;’s days. Mugabe akamboita groundbreaking ceremony. dololo. now you want to attack people with a better vision using your failuers as a banchmark? dhiripidheting chaiyo.

  18. Anomakwa ndeane Bhora kkkk. Chamisa has nothing he can do about bad roads the monies are being channelled to print regalia and Rasta scarfs instead of repairing roads. It is ED who should answer what he did in 38 years to maintain at least those roads built by the hated whites.

  19. kkkkkkkkkkk mr general welcome to 21st century tozviziva modavo kunz makatonga but taneta plz we want a better zimbabwe any one ari related to zanu pf kkk forget my vote will go to some one else ed no mujuru no i zanu imwe hapana hapana ..pls madhara im machembera its obvious hamashuvir zvakana kusara kweku luta haa tovaziva vatungamiriri vachembera kubva zvamaita coup makaitei ….kkkk mugabe haziye watakamaka kana musingaziv sa mot hatizviziv kuty ndim maiita mugabe asabva muchida kutonga …..kana urisewe chiwenga ngarara hako

  20. Time to vite out all the old politicians no matter which party fresh young people with new modern ideas are needed.
    ZanuPF held the reins for 37 years and have achieved nothing. The road ?? From Hwange to msuna a shocking disgrace much like the rest of rural Zimbabwe. Vote them all out !

  21. Ko nhai doesn’t Chiwenga know that intercity highways are far more critical for economic development than a city to kuwadzana road, he’s clearly in the dark

  22. Chamisa is right and is the visionary leader of our generation because when he says even the goats will have internet access, it practically means ubiquitous computing, (internet computing everywhere). we need that not the 1980 ngoma type of communicating

  23. Cde Dheripiteting should go and learn some bit of politics and stop blowing hot air. In terms of political experience he is the least experienced in comparison with Chamisa. Chamisa may be saying things that may not happen sooner but he has a dream and the people like the dream. I would rather listen to a dreaming young man than listen to a tired and tested failed geriatric who clearly has nothing to offer except to hide behind a finger.. after all he is a coup VP. He better keep quite

  24. These elections should be postponed till after 5 yrs to sort out this legitimacy issue first. We dont need another dictator pliz. Mnangagwa is illegitimate, Chamisa is Illegitimate and they re front runners, thats disaster

  25. In a mature democracy, the legitimacy of both Mnangagwa and Chamisa can be challenged by a civilian and suspended by a low court magistrate at the stroke of a pen. The two thrive through compelling circumstances but lack legal backing. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black .

  26. Local authority yakatorerwa basa neZinara neZinwa, ngavazvibvise kana vachida kuti maTown council azvimirire

  27. When u are a threat, people will talk a lot criticizing you. Tsvangirai was a threat to mugabe and mugabe used to talk against tsvangirai chero pasina ku fita kupinda tsvangirai. Chamisa is a threat thus why chiwengwa is talking about him chero pa lounge ye zanu pf manifesto. About legitimacy issue iwe chiwengwa na Ed wako nyararai kkkk. Makaisa mugabe under house arrest to be where you are today. History repeats itself nemiwo one day muchaiswa wo under house arrest kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Ane bhora ndiye anomakwa saka makai chamisa stereki and he is a real threat to send u packing. Thus why u don’t talk of mujuru, mangoma, dabengwa etc coz u know kuti they are not a threat to you…. Period!

  28. “We hear childish talk like transforming the world, into some place never lived in before.
    “We hear the likes of bullet trains, spaghetti roads, rural airports,

    (pasi pano maspaghetti roads aripo wani ,& all the above mentioned creations ko chaarikuti transforming the world, into some place never lived in before ndechipi isu tirikurarama munyika ine zvinhu izvi) .Chimudhara ichi ‘Chiwenga’ chiri old fashioned uye chine pfungwa dzakavhiringika neku Military kwachanga chiri & is not suitable to rule us ,He is a dangerous dictator in the making, uye anodaro nekuti ano hora maThousands isu tichitambura. Go back to the barracks, ‘bere mbudzi remunhu’, nxaaa

    vote yangu pana Chamisa ipapo!!

  29. Comment…VP Chiwenga must have to fear not in this struggle for Zimbabwe. lnfact, he is the man of the season. And as long as Robert Mugabe is still alive to this day, no one of you could have effected his removal except for the brave retired General Chiwenga. He is like his Grandfather, Matangira who called for an all white meeting at Market Square in the 1930s only to tell them that they never created Zimbabwe. Such bravery is rarely found amongst us. It should be common sense to realize that if Dr Chiwenga was caught while conducting the operation restorations, his life was going to end there. So what he did was for the good of Zimbabwe whilst risking his own life. We are not going to forget the fact that Grace Mugabe and the G40 were ready to rule with the blessings of former president Mugabe. We are not going to forget the fact that when all these activities( ED’s sacking) occurred, the opposition was dead. They only appeared after the General had announced the new order for Zimbabwe. Morgan Tsvangirai was in bed rest( south Africa). So Zimbabwe, at this hour, it’s time to celebrate our own victory and be able to acknowledge that some people are heroes for the work they have done. So far its VP Chiwenga who has changed the dream of everyone of us. Let’s not steal someone’s victory. lf we are going to have our own Zimbabwean currency, please let’s recognize our heroes by putting them there for history purposes.

  30. just bring 14 billion back, give it to chamisa and see what he will do. chiwenga failed to use money from looted diamonds nothing to show for peaple of zimbabwe

  31. Chiwenga is spot on. Why talk of ED’s legitimacy now when you celebrated Mugabe’s removal from power. kwanai… ED has my vote

  32. we are going to vote for chamisa iyeye. u cant fool zimbos mr vp. hanty that spagetti rd ndiyo iri pa cover page pe zanu pf manifesto? why copy chamisas vision. makadii kuisa ma pothole enyu pa front page? think mhani unlegitimate zanu pf military coup gvt..plz no dat we actually used you to remove mugabe so dnt fool yoself kut u hv pipos vote

  33. Imi can I remind you the president of the United States if America the Then Jimmy Carter had a vision he told the Americans one day we will go to the moon it was a vision look back 5 years down the line they did that they have accomplished their vision they have been to the moon not once but several times kunge vari kuenda ne Kombi so spaghetti roads yes why not talking of legitimacy kkkkkkk Coup leaders are not legitimate at all and can VP prove his legitimacy akamboenda kuma election anoaziva here that’s where legitimacy comes from Regitimesi like he says it kkkkk

  34. Is Chamisa the only presidential candidate in Zimbabwe. Why is Chiwenga talking about him alone without talking about others. Because he is the only game in town

  35. Kkkkkkkkk. Zvakaoma. The guys are shit scared of this youngster. Watch your BP. If the truth is to be told, the ruling party is in for a sour treat. People are fed up. No matter what. The past has been so painful under Zanu Pf with the very same people at the helm today presiding. We the limited edition have seen it all. Life was better than it has been brought to today by Zanu Pf than it was during the Smith regime. Corruption was not so rampant as it is under Zanu. People were taken for a ride by a gang of thieves and murderers hiding under the name of Freedom fighters. Whose freedom and freedom from what. We have experienced the worst oppression of black by black under Zanu Pf. People are tired. They now want anything besides Zanu Pf. It would be very unfortunate if it happens either way. There’s nothing Zanu Pf can manifesto about. It’s the same old story of empty promises and lies. What took these same guys to realise they were taking the country on a wrong path. Give the people an open opportunity without interference and see the legitimate result. The greatest challenge to Zanu Pf:
    1. The same old guards have presided over the fall of Zimbabwe
    2. The same old guards have known skeletons in their cupboards
    3. The majority of Zimbabweans have been made poor by the same old guards
    4. Too old and think use of land when campaigning can change people’s mindset. People want their land from these despots
    5.People are sick and tired of being reminded of the war that only made a few rich at the expense of the majority.

    If you can’t change the people change them.

  36. Dubai as we know it today was just but a desert 30 years ago but with vision and dreams like what Chamisa is dreaming about every one is flocking to Dubai,thirty years ago no one would want to spent usd 50000 a night in a desert but now they are doing it.there are some of the best golf courses and surfing in desert.

  37. Chiwenga ziva zvoku bleacher..and leave our future president alone . You can’t fool us anymore. Mese..naMugabe same same…hatichakudai mese. You are all looters and muggers

  38. Gukurahundi
    loss of money in banks
    No 2 million jobs
    15 BILLION
    Dirty water from tapes

  39. What a vice president who just defecate words like a person suffering from a running stomach. What can he tell us when he cant even read English properly. It shows chikoro chacho hamuna mumusoro. Leave Wamba alone and maybe go to grammar school to learn pronunciation of English words. Kutoshamisika neroad and bullet trains saka moda kutipa zvipi zvimwe zvirinani? Zim dont vote for these thieves and criminals.

  40. Ed and chiwenga you are even behind Mugabe who had a vision of building a spaghetti road, a flyover from airport to enterprise road that’s the vision Chamisa has mokundwa ne a 94 year old so do you intend to take Zimbabwe if infrastructure development is impossible to you don’t take us as fools we are now educated as zimbabweans

  41. Ummm vanhu varikuti edhasmyvote vanoda kuongororwa pfungwa ava. Ed was mugabe’s right hand man for almost 50yrs, ed was in the junta pf government when it promised 2 million jobs to the zim electorate. apa they are busy buying brand new campaigning vehicles, chiefs vehicles and district administrators vehicles muzvipatara musina mishonga, no cash in the banks bt go to roadport machange money azere nemabond. Otonzwa zvanzi no to corruption. Obert Mpofu imbavha hombe but akatopihwa home affairs ministry naEd. To hell nejunta pf chamisa chete chete

  42. Ukanzwa munhu anot edhasmyvote nyatsomuongorora pane paarikubenefiter mumacorrupt practices ecurrent government the majority of zimbabweans vachisuffer. Manji maya…chauya chauya muzimbabwe!!

  43. chiwenga you have no vision but a coup vision leadership is not about military struggle you have failed madofo ekutonga zim have achieved nothing under you but only murdering all you achieved was stealing and looting so you can sleep around with beautiful girls while the country is bleeding zimbabweans dont need bhinya like you you did notwin election you are there by coup ok shut up you were helped by your chinese friends who are looting zimbabwe i have never seen a fool like mr chiwenga you are a curse to zimbabwe

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