Chitown opens up on cholera


CHITUNGWIZA municipality yesterday claimed that it had managed to contain the cholera outbreak recorded in some parts of the town last month.


Council’s health director, Tonderai Kasu told a full council meeting last Friday that the local authority had put in place measures to curb the spread of the disease.

“Firstly, what we have done is we have started a cholera treatment camp at St Mary’s Clinic because the majority of Chitungwiza cases are coming from St Mary’s,” he said.

“The cholera treatment camp has been very effective in the sense that we have actually managed to rehabilitate and resuscitate every single patient that we have received.
So far in Chitungwiza, there has been one person who has died and that was a community death. It was someone who died before they came for treatment, everyone who has come for treatment has recovered.”

However, Health and Child Care secretary Gerald Gwinji recently told State media that two people died of cholera in St Mary’s high-density suburb.

Kasu added that they were working closely with various partners including the Health ministry, Oxfam, United Nations Children’s Fund, Medecins Sans Frontiere and German Agro Action.

“We are co-ordinating closely with City of Harare because, as you know, the cholera outbreak is affecting both Chitungwiza and Harare, with most of the Harare cases coming from Stoneridge. So, we are exchanging notes on a daily basis with the city of Harare health department,” he said.


  1. Ohh, so there were cases in the 1st place? why admit now panguva iyoyo maivharidzira

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