Chief Ndiweni engages AG over foiled installation

NTABAZINDUNA Chief Felix Nhlanhayemangwe Ndiweni has approached Attorney-General, Prince Machaya, raising concern over the continuous postponement of his installation as the area’s traditional leader.


The new developments come after government recently postponed Ndiweni’s installation, which was set for May 10, for the umpteenth time.

Ndiweni has been accusing Home Affairs and Culture minister Obert Mpofu of throwing spanners in his way, while lobbying for the complainant’s brother Thambo, to be installed as chief.

Through his lawyer, Dumisani Dube, Ndiweni wrote to the Attorney-General on May 9 expressing his dismay over the continuous postponement of the installation despite government’s endorsement of his installation as chief during former President Robert Mugabe’s era.

The letter was copied to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, Chief Justice Luke Malaba and the provincial chairman of the Chief’s Council in Matabeleland North, Chief Shana.

“It is common cause that Felix Nhlanhla Ndiweni was made the substantive chief of Ntabazinduna on June 9, 2014. The then President Mugabe signed the necessary documentation making Chief Ndiweni as a substantive chief as from June 9, 2014,” the lawyer wrote.

“Hence, the government was legally satisfied with the choice of the Ndiweni Clan of Ntabazinduna. However, some members of the government began to use Douglas Ndiweni as a proxy in order to prevent the government’s installation ceremony of substantive Chief Ndiweni and Joram Ndiweni will never change their objections.”

The lawyer wrote that this is a voice of two individuals Douglas and Joram against the voice of 5,3 million Amangwe clan members.

“Most importantly, however, Douglas and Joram do not have a voice in this matter because they are interested parties. If they were to be entertained, then all of the sons of the late Paramount Chief Khayisa should also be allowed to voice their opinion and seek out support. Such a situation would be most chaotic and unworkable,” the lawyer wrote.

“. . . as a result of this fabricated Ndiweni clan fight that is engineered from within government it would appear that the Ndiweni clan is now the most investigated chieftaincy clan in the country. Throughout these investigations, the Ndiweni clan has never changed its position in that Felix Nhlanhla is their substantive chief. This position by Ndiweni clan was determined decades ago.”

Dube wrote that on August 22, 2014 the Amangwe clan monarch Mangette flew in from Kwazulu Natal and performed a ceremony, that was last performed on these soils over 155 years ago.

“It was a traditional customary ceremony to awaken a new Amangwe Chief. This ceremony will not be performed again among the Ndiweni clan until such time as substantive Chief Felix Nhlanhla has passed on and they are now awakening another new chief,” the lawyer wrote.

“. . . it is with the deepest of concerns to note that the department charged with the responsibility of protecting and preserving the customs practices and traditions of the people’s is completely unaware of the cultural progression within the Ndiweni clan. This clan culturally and traditionally speaking passed the point of no return on August 22, 2014.”

The lawyer said: “Ndiweni clan would be most grateful if they could be afforded an update with respect to the government’s installation date for substantive Chief Ndiweni. Indeed if there are any difficulties that emerge, the Ndiweni clan would gladly assist. However, what is unchangeable is that their substantive chief for Ntabazinduna is Felix Nhlanhla,” the letter read.

Dube said they are currently waiting for a response from the AG.

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  1. “On August 22,2014 the Amangwe clan monarch Manette flew in from Kwa Zulu Natal and performed a ceremony,that was last performed on these soils over 155years ago”…What does that got to do with the situation in Zimbabwe.It looks like most Ndebele chieftainship is imported from Kwa Zulu Natal into Zimbabwe making it a South African province.It might be a cultural heritage to some but I dont think that seeking relevance and recognition from people outside is good for an Independant and sovereign nation like ours, I think the government has a valid point in not recognising this Felix Ndiweni because he thinks by being acknowledged by the Zulus is a ticket to becoming a Chief in Zimbabwe.Zimbabwe has its own laws and culture totally different from SA.

    1. If you don’t know and understand the MaNgwe culture just shut up, shona ndini

    2. Eddos, somethings are better left unsaid.Please leave these issues to the born and bred of Ntabazinduna. Chief Ndiwen does not owe anyone some explanation and your insinuation that he is seeking relevance from outside is an from an uninformed corner.

      nhlanhla Ndiweni is the legitimate chief for Emanxeleni(Ntabazinduna). take a leaf from his father uMdladla he is not going to be woodwinked. Douglas is a ZanuPf puppet and has been rejected by family and Ntabazinduna community at large.he should forget the chieftainship will ever knock at his door step

    3. You people are really EDiots to say the least. Do you know Africa and African people? Who drew the Borders of Africa? There is no one in Zimbabwe who you can claim is culturally uniquely Zimbabwean. This is like that all over Africa. Are you trying to tell me Chiwenga has no cultural links to Malawi or Mozambique; just as an example? How do you separate the Manyika speaking people culturally and linguastically on both sides of the bordesr of Zimbabwe and Mozambique? Are you trying to tell me the Tonga in Bhinga and along the Zambezi are not culturally linked with the Tonga people in Zambia? Are you trying to tell me the Vedna people in Beitbridge are culturally separate from the Venda in Musina South Africa? The problem with people like you in Zimbabwe when it comes to this issue is your hatred of the Ndebele people. You have this undying determination to destroy the Ndebele people; their cultural and linguistic identity for reasons best known to yourselves. This is why it ac hes you when the Ndebele people and the Zulu, Xhosa, Swati and the South African Ndebele kwaMhlanga have any cultural links. These cultural exchanges are going on everyday between the different tribes or cultural groups in Zimbabwe and their relatives in neighbouring countries; but you never have any problem or even notice this because its not about the Ndebele. Your focus is only on the Ndebele. Your obsession is only on what happens in Matebeland. Anywhere else in Zimbabwe – you are not bothered, because they are not Ndebele. You are evil tribalists!

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  5. Comment…maybe the goverment wants to appoint a shona chief for Ntabazinduna

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