Chamisa invades Mohadi territory


MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa is expected in Beitbridge today to meet supporters from the sprawling district with a population of 120 000.


The two constituencies in Beitbridge, have religiously been loyal to ruling Zanu PF under the stewardship of now Vice-President Kembo Mohadi.

Chamisa hopes to convince people in Beitbridge West constituency to wrestle the seat from the ruling party, which is fielding Ruth Maboyi, a war veteran.

The MDC Alliance has an ex-cop who has now gone into shipping, Mandla “Combat” Moyo, as their candidate chosen on a general consensus.

In Beitbridge East, former President Robert Mugabe’s head of security and war veteran Albert Nguluvhe will represent Zanu PF against the Alliance’s Patricia Ndlovu also settled for in a consensus.

Local government elections for the Beitbridge Municipality are likely to be exciting with the arrival of young candidate from the Alliance.

MDC Alliance has a single councillor in both rural and urban Beitbridge, but the influx of people from various opposition-held cities seeking to eke out a living in the border town could dilute Zanu PF dominance.

Beitbridge residents’ livelihoods hinge on the border post activities for survival, but most feel certain statutes deny them bread on their tables.

“For instance there is Statutory Instrument 64/2016 which killed our source of living. People in high offices import these goods and want to sell to us but they object that we go across to buy for ourselves,” a bitter cross border trader said.

The introduction of Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016 (SI 64) sparked riots which later spread throughout the country and in July 2016.


  1. vari mini fhedzi vho mohadi. nne ndivhona khombo ketshi tshithukana nero tshitshisvika hange mtetengwe. dzurani nokhalipha zwiphinga zwoshanduka musanda!!!

  2. After addressing a bumper crowd of 500 people at Maphisa?Its the Vanguard Youth Thugs who are invading on his behalf.

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