Chamisa grilled on BBC’s HardTalk

MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa was grilled on BBC’s HardTalk over the party’s internal squabbles, his election messages and his views on the economy.


Chamisa, who took over from founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai soon after his death in February this year, had a tough time defending his vision for a better Zimbabwe under his MDC-T administration, with the BBC news anchor Steven Sackur, describing some of his aspirations as “immature and a sign of excitability.”

He was quizzed on the violence that rocked the MDC-T party during Tsvangirai’s funeral wake, where then vice-president Thokozani Khupe and others were reportedly harassed by alleged party activists.

In his response, Chamisa said those implicated in the violence were kicked out of the main opposition party.

“We have challenges and I must say that the challenges are as a result of the DNA, the default set up in the politics of our country. All those people who were identified, because everything was under a video camera, have been dealt with. We have said that we are not going to have bad apples affect the basket of democrats, we will not accept any violent element within our midst,” Chamisa said.

However, during a recent visit to South Africa, Chamisa alleged perpetrators of the violence were Zanu PF supporters who had infiltrated the party. Ads

The MDC-T leader said his rise to the helm of the party was constitutional — prompting Sucker to question him if the use of violence was part of the party’s governing rules.

Chamisa said if he wins the forthcoming elections, he will push for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to deal with past misdeeds. He was, however, quick to point out that former President Robert Mugabe or anyone from his family was not a prime target of his actions.

“If I am to be given a chance to drive the vehicle called Zimbabwe into a new dispensation, I cannot be that driver who is driving looking into the rear view mirror. The past is important but the past should not arrest us,” he said, as he explained that Mugabe was part of the past.

Chamisa said the main parties were not in agreement with the manner the 2018 polls were being handled suggesting differences in the printing of ballot boxes as well as how the papers would be distributed.

He also said the differences were to do with the voter’s roll, security of the voters.

“Mr Mnangagwa is the one raising the temperature of the election by continuing to be the old order. He has refused to part with the past; he has refused to be the face of the new order. In fact, he has chosen to be the face of the old order. In fact, he is the change that doesn’t deliver,” Chamisa said

Chamisa defended promises he has so far made to the electorate, saying these were based on his experience as a Cabinet minister in the inclusive government.

Despite being told that some of the promises that included a bullet train were “nonsensical and unrealistic” Chamisa stuck to his guns declaring: “I am the future, I am a young man and a visionary.”

“I have said we must begin to build infrastructure such as the one you have here. I was emphasising singing the point of modern transportation,” he said.


  1. Kwanzi:

    “nonsensical and unrealistic”,

    “immature and a sign of excitability.”

    He also said “beyond the fantastical”

    1. yes i can say Chamisa responded well but then BBC always advances what the British govt wants and at this moment they are backing Mnangagwa so the idea is to try and crash Chamisa.

      1. I share the same sentiment dear friend in change

    2. i think people who dont want chamisa are the few criminals who benefit from economic istability like obert master of corruption and other criminals. immaturity is better than corruption exhibited by ruling party.

  2. Jealous down chakapenga zvacho chimfana ichi, for someone who’s new to the job this is an impressive start, no one is born perfect on the first day, bravo

  3. from today onwards I now respect you Mr Chamisa…maratidza somthing gret zvakatadziwa nevakuru vakawanda…….sando dzenyu President of MDC ALLIANCE

  4. Well done Mr. Chamisa…

    A first i thought you had done badly on HARDTALK!!! But i now realise after watching your interview (three times) that it was a strategy (you were very, very careful with your words)…
    You at no point let Zanu-pf know what youR conversations with the “British Government was about -Well done, you never let your guard-down ‘1 second’…

    You never spoke about “zanu-pf ballot paper Rigging, Corruption,the military influence on the electorate….. those that think you’re a fool are ‘EDiots!

  5. What exactly did he do well.All you people are out of touch with reality and have no idea wat u talking abt.

    this chamisa guy was a serious joke,was almost in tears and spent the whole interview in the defence while retracting previous statements.

    that doesn’t bode well with with a normal person.

    I think a biti would have done exceptionally well.All the reason to believe that MDC lacks an experienced leader

    1. u said it better there something wrong with zimbos.they are too desperate munhu aitoneka kuti misodzi yazara

    2. You yourself is the joke , Chamisa did exceptionally well than what most of us could have done.

  6. I think Mugabe’s stance regarding these guys was correct. What I read from all this when Steven Sackur would dare call a great vision and dream of having modern day infrastructure as the one they enjoy in the UK as nonsense, it shows how they think about us Africans. He only thinks its them who can dream to have better lives and its only them who have the capacity to achieve big things. Shame on you Steven Sackur. I have no respect for your bullish behavior toward my race. For this reason I will stand for this great dreamer because if he fails he will achieve half of his promises which is Munangagwa’s best anyway so we will have nothing to lose.

    1. my sentiments as well. this white anchor believes that it is a joke for Africans to have modern infrastructures in their countries. he believes we are to backward to even dare to dream to modernize our countries. i was livid with this guy, his patronizing and condescending behaviour was sickening. well done chamisa. i was not following you but i am starting to have an interest in your vision.

      1. They see it as that because tinenge tichida kuti vatigadzirire ivo,ndeipi kana phone inonzi chimuti handiti its samsung,nokia etc

    2. Putting forth the context into considerations, I believe that Steven only meant it was nonsensical basing on time-frame proclaimed to achieve all that. I have nothing against Chamisa, but …… he really looked like a Chiwawa cornered into a defenseless circumstance.

  7. hail thee !! president Chamisa, the people’s leader, an anointed political figure. Mnangagwa and his team are aware that you are the man the ballot is seeking. Winning is not an option to you because we Zimbabweans we want you to take us forward socially, economically and politically. PLEASE E.D MNANGAGWA DONT RIG ,LET YOUNG CHAMISA GET INTO OFFICE AND ADDRESS THE NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE.

  8. Comment…But the issue of Chamisa driving vehicle Zimbabwe without looking in the rear view mirror! Someone close enough ought advise him thats universally dangerous driving. Driving without looking at the USD15bil in the rear view mirror or in Bob’s pocket whilst in desperate hunt for miracle money to compensate bob’s gukurahundi orphans.

  9. Chamisa is still learning and the hardtalk interview is part of the learning curve.#Chamisa Has My Vote in 2023.#ED is Outdated

  10. ndini ndadaro


  11. Dreams are no solutions to Zimbabwe,opposition in zimbabwe has become a laughing stock all over the world courtesy of this chamisa,has become a complete fool the world over.All those clamoring above in his favour are only showing us an edge of desperation-trying to defend the indefensible;are just his desperate supporters.However not all is bad abt Chamisa’s answers to the interviewer-his talk of not looking back after taking power seems somehow of a mature politician-it will unite the nation

  12. wakagona chamisa avo vakuti he was in near tears appear to jus have heard frm others and did not see the interview. cool, calm and collected and withstood sackurs provocation. yu fared so well chamisa. vakaudzwawo nevamwe kuti ndozvakaitika ndivo vakutaura pasipo. hearsay inokurasisai. tengai ma tv mobhadhara madish or kuendawo pa you tube download the video its about 30 mb izvi zvenyu zvekungo nzwawo nevamwe mobva maita noise semakaona zvonyadzisa

  13. @A gudo, opposition has to dream cz it is not in power, if yu are in opposition and not dreaming of what yu wish to do if yu cm to power then yu are as gud as dead. kana newewo kuchikoro waitobvunzwa kuti uchada kuzoitei kana wakura and yu cud have said doctor but yu aint a doctor today. but tht gave yu vision and base yo studies towards tht. its gud to dream. thts how we were created. if yu cnt dream of wht yu wanna achieve then yu have a problem.

  14. do people understand the meaning of grilled at what point on that talk Chamisa missed it.THERE IS NO ONE IN ZANU PF CAN ANSWER LIKE WHAT CHAMISA DID ARTICULATE AND FLUENT.go Chamisa go the people”s choice,people”s president.they sim not to know what is on the ground come August some will be shocked,others die,other varnish tapinda isu machinja.

  15. chamisa unogona you have my confidence wena. i was really impressed by your show.

  16. Mavotes atirikuda haazi pa bbc

  17. Simon Phoenix

    Cdes and friends, we don’t talk about bullet trains, spaghetti roads and rural airports when people need Jobs, health care systems, education and proper roads networks, that just s silly luxury within a 5 years constitutional period of a seating Presidency Cdes. we not starting from South Africa LIKE position hey, Chamisa was very empty, unimpressive and not worth a serious persons attention. Accepting continued sufferings of the citizenry for unlikely political gains, is in my view highly irresponsible and a fold political strategy. On governance he said nothing to write home about …WIFI bla bla today WIFI here isu, its about the institutions of governance and he showed little knowledge and or no understanding of the word Govern itself. I think with that platform he should have demanded a serious tone to bring investors and mobilise the international players for developmental issues for the people and not that over excitement etc…he just lacked confidence that’s all and hence those empty responses. Chamisa just lacks depth cdes and friends

    1. #chamisa has my vote


    3. it seems you having some personal gains from this old destructive zanu pf must stop talking shit and start thinking for what your family will be in the future .
      vhoterai pachanzapo zvipere

    4. do u think in a process of infrastructural development, u don’t get a job, u still need to analyse your statements

      1. Dreams must be SMART. if they lack all these qualities (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, rate-able and time bound). You learn to become a leader. Shrewdness is earned and not donated. you have to work. i wont do my country a de-service by voting for a novice into power. He is clueless actually. over excited by the possibility of being elected into power. Come on Kamisa do your research properly, The economic disease zimbabwe is suffering from needs a really practical, testred and tried prescription and medication.

  18. Well done chamisa, u did well. I wanted to vote zanu, but thank God I hev now made the right choice

  19. tawanda chibaya

    kupeteswa ndokuziva.uku ndokunonzi kupeteswa muswe.Can he be a president by lying that he met Trump,Solve cash problems within two weeks.Chamisa must stop being childish and swallow his pride.Zvinonzi inyore!!!

  20. Saka mwana akaita pwere orashwa here nokuti hanzi anoita zvehupwere. Ipwere yedu tinomuda akadaro and we are going to vote for him. Vanoda havo mutana anonzi ED you are free to support him.

  21. It was extremely good Chamisa.Well composed and managed to withstand that white bullying blood Sucker’s biased attitude.

  22. Norman Mhonda

    Hardtalk is not for the faint hearted, a reality check for the school boy politician.

  23. Tanga takarasika a big NO to Chamisa. Kutipedzera nguva yedu uchiita mahumbwe nenyika.
    Isu taramba neVote yokutambisa. ED ndizvo!!

    1. Mugabe is better than him. President Chamisa is the Zimbabwean great
      Vote Chamisa so that you do not get frustrated by his landslide victory is certain. Chiiko chinobatika chaakuitira iwe ED


  25. izwi rekuti Nonsense harina kushata,munenge murikuritora sekutuka.
    Hazvina musoro haisiyo nonsense here.
    Our so called learned engineers have not yet designed anything of repute,we depend on importing finished products from other countries.
    Chamisa always talks of FDI,so those that he depend on saw no sense in helping Chamisa to put bullet train in Zimbabwe.
    The youngman is just a liar.He was fluent in English,but his fluency didnt give sense to what he was saying.Good hand writting un failed exam.

  26. No nonsense, ED has my vote

    1. Mugabe is better than him. President Chamisa is the Zimbabwean great
      Vote Chamisa so that you do not get frustrated by his landslide victory is certain

  27. matebele warrior

    I was counting how many people support Chamisa on this commentary i noticed that Chamisa has more to the positive than the negative , Chamisa did good thats excellent

  28. I like Zimbabweans. Small wonder why we are in this s**t. If you think Chamisa did well on Hard Talk, then yes…Zimbabwe deserves to be in the kind of mess it is in.

  29. old man river

    Grilled or not grilled Chamisa is the best presidential candidate so far kohant hatina vanomudarika here parizvino saka ngatimuvhoterei garwe ngaridzokere kumvura mamwe madhara ayo ondoita masabhuku kumusha

  30. U set the bar high / thats what high achievers, do. U clear the bar its a bonus – when u fail, u still find yourself in a better place. Sackur, can deride him all he likes, the message was primed 4us – we have no problem with that vision. Sackur, and his ilk can claim exceptionalism on what makes good talking points but we get to vote 4acandidate of our choice

  31. If anyone thinks Chamisa did badly then just imagine if it was ED in that seat being asked for example about all the fake things he promised while he was removing Mugabe from power of which he hasnt even achieved kana full stop zayo

  32. If we celebrate the free marketing that BBC enjoyed due to hosting of Chamisa while our own TAX PAYER – FUNDED dead BC are blocked from even talking to him then we should all rot in Hell. BBC viewership skyrocketed even on-line.

  33. Lets jst say ngatizviisei kunamambo yeso christo hapana anoziva zvirikumberi full stop.

  34. Asi Simon Phoenix anorwara kani, ko ma bullet trains, spaghetti roads and rural airports hazviunze mabasa here nhayi asikana. Ah! Mamwewo mafungiro chokwadi akaoma.

  35. Dreams for the future are what we want than to always be told, “Hee takarwa Hondo, hee vamwe vakafa musango.” Chakarwirwa chacho chii? Tine vamwe vakafa Hondo yapera nepamusana pevanhu ivava vanoti hee takarwa Hondo. Vachirwira kuti ivo vawane rugare pamwe nekuba. Kwete, bodo zvakwana.

  36. Well done chamisa. The questions were silly and were mad to humiliate you. Thanks for the courage.

  37. Thanks Chamisa. You made it. The questions were made to discourage you but now we trust we have a strong young man

  38. Tayauramunyikayababanaamai

    I think chakatinakira as Zimbabweans right now is to put a different administration which is not Zanu pf and i dont mind whether the person comes in a young form like chamisa or whoever. the bottom line is Zanu haichaita mukore uno yakatinyepera zvakakwana. Heee ED zvazodai hatichada. Its better to be ruled by a dreamer than snake minded liars and murderers. Chamisa you did well bro and ziva kuti the majority of Zim supports you, vanhu varikutoda iwewe and we are counting on you. Mwari tibatsirei taneta nehutongi hweZanu pliz pliz.

  39. Chamisa wooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Well done MY PRESIDENT. What had ED managed to achieve over 5 months besides trying to fire poor nurses?

  40. President Chamisa is young and vibrant. Away with this ED thing
    Vote CHAMISA

  41. Chamisa uri Cremora.
    Chamisa chete

  42. I missed the interview live, however HARDTALK is always designed to grill and bruise interviewees. But its a singular highest honour for Chamisa to do/be at their platform (Mugabe never did) ZBCTV must be ashamed and counting their losses on a missed opportunity.

  43. mese vanhu varikupa macomments pano mukasanganiswa panogona kubuda noise inodzinga nhamo muZimbabwe

  44. Don’t forget it is the same BBC HARDtalk programme that Pakistan President Musharaff reminded the host that ‘I am President’, the same programme that (Kenya opposition leader Raila Odinga) went quiet in front of the cameras and the same programme in which Hilary Clinton became violent.

    Whatever the host’s agenda was, that doesnt stop us to say CHAMISA mu state house pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  45. Comment…chamisa a better leader alot thout he would fail bbc interview bt wooow I ws touched anoziwa politics

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