Chamisa dangles lump sum for war vets

OPPOSITION MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday dangled lump sum pensions and decent living conditions for veterans of the country’s 1970s liberation war if they support him in the forthcoming elections.


Chamisa said the war veterans would be compensated according to their contribution to the liberation struggle.

The MDC-T leader and MDC Alliance presidential candidate also said that his rival and Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa was in a panic mode, hence his recent unbudgeted for salary concessions to restive civil servants and war veterans to win their votes in the upcoming general elections.

Addressing supporters at Bambazonke business centre in Marange, Mutare West constituency, Chamisa said Mnangagwa only agreed to meet war veterans and address their concerns last week after they threatened to dump him ahead of this year’s general elections.

But he said his government would dole out hefty lump sum packages for war veterans and urged them to dump the ruling, which he accused of only paying lip service to their concerns when facing elections.

“Our war veterans are not going to starve in our presence because we appreciate what they have done to this country and, as a country, we are going to ensure that they get what they deserve as gallant sons of this great nation,” he said.

“We are going to pay them a decent lump sum pension according to their contribution to the liberation struggle. Mnangagwa is engaging war veterans because he fears election defeat.”

Mnangagwa on Friday met thousands of war veterans in Harare, where they demanded immediate review of their $206 monthly pension and raised concern over their alleged sidelining in the just-ended Zanu PF primary elections.

They also demanded duty-free motor vehicle import facilities, tollgate exemptions, as well as free parking in all urban centres and Mnangagwa said he would look into some of the issues raised.

The government has also succumbed to pressure from civil servants and awarded a 10% salary increment across the board.

In 1997, war veterans got away with a lump sum of ZW$50 000 gratuity each after they cornered then President Robert Mugabe, a development which severely bled the economy after $17 billion was diverted to pacify the former fighters.

In his address, Chamisa also said he was confident of a resounding victory against Mnangagwa, claiming he was surrounded by “good advisers such as former Finance minister Tendai Biti and constitutional lawyer advocate Eric Matinenga, who would make his government stronger”.

“Some people are saying that I am young, but I am surrounded by good advisers. They will always advise me. Why should people of Chiadzwa wallow in poverty amidst this greatest avalanche of resources?” he said.

“It’s clear robbery. This is the reason why people are saying that there are no diamonds because they were stealing. When we get into power, there will be clear monitoring of the precious stone.”

Chamisa said Mnangagwa had nothing new to offer to the electorate because of his association with the Mugabe administration.

“Mnangagwa alleges that he is new and has something to offer, but he has been part of Mugabe administration’s for the past 38 years. He was Mugabe’s lieutenant and he was part of the looting team.”


  1. this again shows how immature chamisa he will only pay lumpsums to warvets if they support him and not if he wins the elections.i thought if one wins an election he becomes president to all zimbabweans and not only to his supporters?

    1. warvets has been neglected nevaidya avo muhondo zanu pf zvainotanga kutaura nezvavo pama election chete wani.definately will be president of zim.he once asked vachiwenga newalfare yemawarvets he even failed to answer it nw becoz its election time they are pretending as if they care.crocodile tears

  2. Tinotengesa Mishonga yechibhoyi inobva ku Malawi inorapa matambudziko akawanda akasiyana siyana kusanganisira kuuchika, kuwedzera nguva pabonde, ma rounds, kukudza nhengo yababa mumazuva gumi,zvirwere zvese zvepa bonde, ma fiboids nezvimwe zvakawanda. fonai pa 0714066125. Tinodhilivha pachena mu harare

  3. Panic Mechanic

    Were he born in 1981 he would have remembered that these losers received demobilization fees. Come 1997 they held Golum to ransom until he was forced to pay them lump sums and monthly gratuities. 99.9% of the War Vets are just nothing but lazy unproductive thugs who are high on the illusion that they won some war. Yet reality is that that war had reached a stalemate with Zanla Zapu having an edge in the unproductive useless rural areas whilst the productive urban areas remained firmly under the control of Smith then later Muzorewa.

  4. Was this “boy” born yet in the late 90s, when we talk of two major miscalculations which brought down Zim to its knees; the lump-sums to warvets was one one of them and the DRC intervention the other. I know ED was part of the old regime but for me he is making the right noises, what we need from him now is action whereas this boy Chamisa is all about kids-talk.

  5. Chamisa tinewe zvachose. Taneta nembavha dzeZanu Pf

  6. sure ,a u addressing the people concerns or u are attacking Mnangagwa here just air out your view ,what u want to do for the war vets period …

  7. thank you WAR-VETERANS you bring us INDEPENDENCE, but your demands are too much…the economy is struggling and you still want to drow down the little we have?stop those Inane demands and let us build the economy first…tofira yekuty nekuty makarwa hondo tisati tazvarwa here?tinyareiwo

  8. thank you WAR-VETERANS you bring us INDEPENDENCE, but your demands are too much…the economy is struggling and you still want to drow down the little we have?stop those Inane demands and let us build the economy first…tofira yekuty nekuty makarwa hondo tisati tazvarwa here?tinyareiwo

    1. chamisa ndiye arikuda kuvapa inobvepi uri ******zvi remunhu

      1. Comment…haha iwe domboramwari, unenge wanga usingavoni chunhu kuchirungu, comprehension… i dnt see anywhere panonzi if they support him, kwanzi if they get into gvt, they cn win without vets’ votes, just the younger generation, nevamwe varikumamisha, dzokera ku form 1

  9. Its true these war vets had all they wanted after Independence, they were offered education facilities that’s those who wanted to go to school, they were given demob, they had farms to run cooperatives, they were compensated for injuries in the war, they had that 50,000,they got their fees for their children and monthly pension. These guys will never stop asking. Right now most of them have these farms with 100 + hectares which they don’t want to share with their comrades who did not access to land.As nation we can not look at a section of the community as this will not be fair distribution of wealth. Most of those are not even War vets when you look at their ages but are benefiting these grants from the Govt.

  10. The war veterans deserve a bold leader who can tell them to their faces that the economy can hardly sustain these untenable demands. Campaigning on Mugabe’s misplaced ideologies of dangles at the expense of improving the economy for equal competition for all is misleading. A new battlefield is in the pipeline for the eventual winner as the two top contenders have succumbed to the same trap. I have constantly asked the war vets to sue the British colonials for compensation as many of their counterparts in other countries have done and spare Zimbabweans this burden.

  11. welcome to

  12. Chamisa, those are populist policies that zanupf government embarked on in 1980 that brought the country to its knees. For your information everyone suffered during the bush-war especially unarmed defenseless villagers, warvets overate their participation for obvious reasons. For this pledge to warvets you have lost my vote.

    1. there have to be paid like everyone else a decent salary, not hefty. that’s what this clever politician said. the papers are saying something which he never said. am surprised you want to leave because of what the selling papers are saying not the men themselves. it so funny that Zimbabweans cant read between the lines when it politics. that’s why mugabe ruled us for 40 years through propaganda

  13. Zvivanhu izvo zvakadya kare …. Nyika yese ngaimbodyawo taneta kuudzwa nezvevanhu vaiponda vana vamai vavo nekuda Mugabe… Nanhasi hapana chachinja mhani zvichingori zvimasoja zvekudhara izvozvo zvinehumhondi neropa mumaoko… We are sick and tired of their contribution which they washed away long back by suppressing the voice of the people. Nanhasi zvivanhu zvejunta zvichangofa zvakadaro… Vakarwa hondo chaivo I’m sure vakaenda ini Kwasara Mbavha chete chete dzinofunnga matumbu adzo… VERY SELFISH DEMANDS FROM WAR VETS… Chizozorai kana kungotevera kwakaenda mkoma Tongogara nana Mahachi. Nyika iyi haichade zvekudhara ndapota

  14. what if the war vets have asked him what he do for them. his answer we will always be I will give you a decent salary. which is what he said, not hefty salary. not what the press now wants to sell themselves about chamisa. they are a lot of good things he talks about in his rallies but because these papers think that those wont sell they would rather misquote him. this guy is becoming the president. no easy walk to freedom especially when you are fighting the zanu demon.

  15. If there was one good thing that the former president RG Mugabe did was welfare of the War Vets. He must be feeling betrayed by this group, with all what he has done for them and they dumping him at last.

    First, the demobilisation pay outs. Secondly, the compensation pay outs. Remember what percentage Joyce Mujuru was paid. Kkkk. Wonder with that percentage of disability still wants to run for Presidency. Thirdly the pensions pay outs. Fourthly the BEAM arrangements for school fees. Fifthly, the farm invasions(sic) looting.

    The reason why this country is where it is today is because RGM bowed to pressure and offered unrealistic and uneconomical pay outs to them. They have been catered for already and the pensions they are receiving are in line with the economy they helped to destroy.

    Do not worry about their votes Chamisa, in reality, they are less than 10 000 left.Put policies that bear future for our children. We have appreciated them already and the pensions will see them for the rest of their lives.

  16. Chamisa is as usual behaving like a school boy making senseless promises. How is he going to determine the contribution of each war veteran. Chamisa grow up and stop this madness of lying and making unwarranted promises. Ask an economist about the Black Friday, and you will know that it was caused by the giving of war veterans the $50,000 that was used for unproductive activities. What kind of a leader will give people money to buy things that do not result in the addition of value. A sensible leader would have said, we are going to engage the war veterans so that they enter into productive projects instead of giving them money, money to do what. He thinks war veterans are mercenaries who can be bought. Shame on you Chamisa.

  17. This boy must simply swallow his pride and joinn Zanu pf. He is simply following their poor ideas. MDC council betrayed us by installing a leader our behalf, we deserve better mature leadership pliz

  18. Chamisa is probably making false promises. If he wins the elections, the question is, will he really follow through with what he promises? For him to say it is possible to solve the liquidity crisis in two weeks, what I am wondering is, has he done his homework on what it really involves to solve the crisis?
    Also for him to introduce bullet trains cruising at 800km/h between Harare and Bulawayo is really out of the question. No train can travel that fast. If you go on to Google, see how fast the bullet trains travel at in Morocco – 200 miles/h.
    When I watched him on Hard Talk the other evening, he was being all defensive. I doubt he will be a good leader if he wins the elections.

  19. Comment…haha iwe domboramwari, unenge wanga usingavoni chunhu kuchirungu, comprehension… i dnt see anywhere panonzi if they support him, kwanzi if they get into gvt, they cn win without vets’ votes, just the younger generation, nevamwe varikumamisha, dzokera ku form 1

  20. Comment…iwe sucker duzvi ndimai vako

  21. He is reading from the fake promises rule book yet again. He will never go beyond this pie in the sky, like from what source?? One of the most stupid opposition leaders in a generation. He wont fool me!

  22. I think Nelson Chamisa instead needs take stock of MDC’S Democracy War Veterans, the nation’s latest liberation struggle, Otherwise compensations for past liberation struggles could require his govt to compensate descendants of the Mashona and Matebele rebellions war heroes. He also needs remember that he is talking about a peoples struggle in which parents who lost their children in battle were never compensated. With compensation paradoxically ‘merited’ by individuals who never contributed to the struggle.

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