Chamisa blasts UK over ED romance


MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa has warned the British government that overlooking crucial democratic reforms in favour of managing political stability in Zimbabwe could lead to post-election instability.

By Blessed Mhlanga/Own correspondent

Speaking at Chatham House in London on Tuesday, Chamisa expressed concern over what he said was the inclination of the British government in Zimbabwe “to align with one political party against another”.

“We have seen that there has been a bit of a shift on the part of the British government in terms of focusing more on political stability and trade and commerce at the expense of democracy. But that is a false narrative, you can never have stability without democracy,” he said.

“We expect Britain and the EU to speak for free and fair elections. There’s a very disturbing trend in the context of the British government in Zimbabwe. We’re seeing the inclination to align with one political party against another. That is disturbing, particularly in terms of the issue of just setting the basic standard for free and fair elections.

“Because, for a long time, the British government has been emphasising norms, values – let those norms and values of free and fair elections be respected. That is all we want – we’re not asking for money. We’re asking for the solidarity of a global coalition for free and fair elections.”

Under the New Labour administration from 1997 to 2010, Britain maintained vocal criticism of human rights abuses and violations of the rule of law in Zimbabwe as part of what it called an “ethical foreign policy”. However, with the return of the Conservative party to Number 10 Downing Street, Britain has focused more on re-engagement to promote business and stabilise the economy rather than advance democracy.

This has earned vicious criticism from opposition voices. PDP president and MDC Alliance partner, Tendai Biti, who is travelling with Chamisa, called out the current British ambassador to Zimbabwe, Catriona Laing, in 2016, accusing her of supporting the then-Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidential ambitions.

“[They] are arguing that Zimbabwe needs a strongman. By that they mean a man called Emmerson Mnangagwa, who suddenly is a reformer,” Biti charged at the time.

However, Britain’s apparent shift of policy from an emphasis on human rights to business is not only confined to Zimbabwe.

In February this year, the state-run media in China commended British Prime Minister Theresa May, during an official visit to that country, for sidestepping human rights issues in favour of “pragmatic collaboration” with China.

However, Chamisa warned that this focus on the maintenance of stability with a strongman in power at the expense of thoroughgoing democratisation could in fact set the country up for post-election instability. During his week-long visit in London, he will be meeting senior UK government officials, including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Chamisa also accused Mnangagwa of being clueless on arresting high-level corruption in the public sector, which he blamed for the economic meltdown.

He said while Mnangagwa was going across the globe claiming Zimbabwe was open for business, the Zanu PF leader was actually a beneficiary of graft.

“We can’t be open for business when we have people who are open for corruption,” he said.

Chamisa said Mnangagwa, who has hinged his campaign on fighting corruption and opening Zimbabwe for business, could not deal with the scourge because he was a beneficiary.
“We can’t transform the economy without dealing with corruption,” he said.

“Corruption has been the biggest challenge of Zimbabwe and this is why it is impossible to expect the new out of the old because they have been part of the establishment of the infrastructure of corruption.

“They will not reverse it because reversing it means loss, means a negative reversal of the ill-gotten wealth, so we need to deal with corruption in a very radical manner.”

Chamisa challenged the new dispensation narrative saying Zimbabwe remained figuratively under the control of former President Robert Mugabe.

“Yes people are saying Mr Mugabe is gone, yes he is gone, but the old is dying without the birth of the new, yes Mugabe is out, but Mugabeism is alive, the system is very much in place.”

Chamisa called for a radical transformation of governance systems.

“We need to move from the situation of suspicion between the government and the governed so that the State is not seen as a prosecutor but as a protector, not as a perpetrator but defender,” he said.

But, Mnangagwa who was recently in Qatar defended his anti-corruption drive saying he was moving to ensure that all government departments in the fight of the scourge pull in one direction and he would fire those who resisted.

“My administration is not going to tolerate any form of corruption at any level,” he was quoted saying.

“To do this, we need the support of other institutions the police, judiciary, the anti-corruption commission and the National Prosecuting Authority, we are in the process of making them pull in one direction.”


    • because he is saying the leaders who are fighting corruption benefited from corruption. mafia cant heal itself. so mnangwagwa never externised funds. are you sure. chiwenga never did that. mpofu never did that are you . we will fight until these devils are brought into book. chamisa is saying excatly what people on the street are saying and you want to protect thieves.

  1. Chamisa is astupid who is power hungry. How do you expect to end corruption where there are no jobs. UK is right in promising to support Zimbabwe with or without ZANU PF and MDC. corruption is just a symptom of joblessness as a result of non-performing manufacturing sector

    • it is not the jobless who are at the apex of corruption…the jobless are smoking bronco and perhaps doing petty crimes which I believe is what you are referring as “corruption”…however the backbone of it (corruption that is) is being fueled by the chivhayos,the obert mpofus,the zanu EDiots…I mean these have the power to deprive 3 generations a good life,proper education,health facilities,infrastructure development,I say this because like any other citizen have been deprived of that decent life…..can you imagine at 22yrs am already a proud owner of a debt to the tune of $2500 and these are supposed to be University Fees Expenses accumulated over a period of 2yrs and you tell me Chamisa is wrong for saying lets fight corruption without checking which camp you come from…..whether you are Lacoste or G40…corruption must fall……

    • That makes no sense. Joblessness and endemic corruption are separate issues. Both are a result of political mismanagement but one does not cause the other. A jobless person cannot fuel corruption because they do not have the material ability to be party to it. Please think before you start typing.

  2. if you have cancerous pain won’t you complain every day sir? i guess some people are born blind they cant see that the country needs change. chamisa though said ” vana vembwa havasvinure musi mumwe”

  3. Why threaten post-election instability, this sound like a script written by Raila Odinga. So it means this country will never enjoy peace until and unless MDC gets into power. Ivai netsitsi nevanhu please because this blackmailing is sickening to say the least. The other time it was sanctions, the other time Nero was threatening Chinese investors now he is threatening post-election instability so we might as well forget about investments and development kusvika Nero atonga chete. This ‘Either its my way or you suffer’ attitude should be strongly condemned. #ChamisaIsNotTheSolution

      • I am sure you would agree with me that ED has indeed opened the democratic space to levels never experienced in this country. Furthermore people should be allowed to choose their gvt of choice without undue influence or fear period. In addition after elections the victors and losers should come together and unify the nation so that there is peace and stability which are essential for any meaningful development. Thats what statesman do kwete this Odinga syndrome.

    • cant you just see we need change. majaira kutambura kusvika pakufunga kuti rugare….ED has been president/ vice for years and we haven’t seen anything meaning full come out of it. So Chamisa is simply saying that will continue in this military state if ED wins.You will be going back to the same white people complaining about democracy soon.

  4. Its not about chamisa but its all about us getting the country in the right track as what ED has been vying for.This Chamisa despretaely wants our votes to an extend of threatening violence.Away with power hungry people!Away with people who are not for the development of the country but only want votes!

  5. The morden day EDiots atthe acrchtechts of corruption, our big EDeiot be able to fight corruption because the EDiot as ill gotten wealth his presidencey smells CORRUPTION

  6. Zimbabwe is open for business? who benefits from that?obvious the Zanu gurus and their families,My government will deal with corruption? who are the number one corrupted,is it not you the Zanu gurus? Chamisa is on the other hand is very correct, why Britain helping Zanu at the expense of freedom of the Zimbabweans? We NEED TOTAL CHANGE

  7. thank u chamisa we dont need money from britain we need rehabilitation as a nation n africa at large.we have the resources to make money.mugabe was right when he said so blair keep ur england n let me keep my zimbabwe

  8. “Brothers quarreling at home should help quarreling with other forces from outside’ Mao Tse Tung. Nelson approach is not good, why should we get harm from UK, he should move with time Britain is exiting EU so its no longer doing along EU its now building its empire to survive along EU, masamba achinja

  9. Comment…chamisa is right,why would someone think zanu has reformed after all they did to us.He(Mngwangfwgh) had to take stern action aganist all unscrupulous leaders such as mpofu inorder to convince us that he really changed instead he elevated soldiers as a reward fo the coup nd you think we’ll buy that nonsense.Zimbabweans will decide what to do come elections nt british gvt, Nelson lead the way brother we depend on u

  10. The British don’t vote.Real change is in the hands of Zimbabweans.Mr Chamisa you should be engaging Zimbabweans right now and then the British post election.Mugabe was ousted internally not by any external force.

  11. Chamisa hauna kana dhiri zvachose.Think Zanu yakaona kuti hauna dhiri thats why uchisiiwa uchizvisungirira nemashoko ako.
    Each time paunotaura unozvipfura makumbo.Hona ku UK wabvunzwa nyaya yema Chinese.
    Unogona kutaura uri kana Binga but with technology pasi rese rinenge richiona,nekuterera.
    Ma Zimbo akadzidza wangu after wataura vanono dzeya.Check Prof Diana Jeater,s comments on you in UK

  12. This boy a joke, can we call this a leader? Khupe was right she knew what we didn’t. The boy is exposing his weaknesses. His threat is just childish. Moreover he doesn’t even have a security guard not the mention 1 soilder.

  13. isu hedu ma 1st tym voters tongovhotera mukomana mudiki even akanyepa sei nhema dzake dzinovaraiza, mngamgagwa is analog uya azive watsapp ne fb , saka mudiki mu office

  14. Comment.. Ma zimbabwe the zanu of today is same as yesterday it only benefit those warimo corruption Pple only so we need changing

  15. ED should take 1 farm and give these boys to build their own country, thereafter supply them with spaghetti to buid their roads, toy bullets to build their trains and female dolls to give to each other. Surely we need to support our kids play.

  16. Chamisa , you are letting people down . Your reasoning is just too shallow and you advertise it by talking too much . You do not even understand that Britain is after business for their citizens and not for you . You expect them to leave their interests and support your interests . Besides , they are dealing with Mnangagwa as a government head and not as Zanu PF . Britain is not taking sides . They work with the government of the day and you can not tell the difference between government and party . Come on Chamisa , stop the nonsense and think and talk like a presidential candidate .

  17. dai makabatana pakabva mugabe tingadai tava kure so.asi mese munoratidza kuti munoda masimba.tichaita dzimwe five years muchingonetsana pasina chinobuda

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