Bushiri prophecy excites MDC-T


MALAWI’s controversial prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, has thrown the MDC-T in a delirium after he recently prophesied the “rebirth of Zimbabwe with new upmarket cities and modern infrastructure”, which the opposition party claims signalled its imminent victory.


MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa has of late become a butt of jokes, especially from Zanu PF leaders, who accuse him of leaving “in cloud cuckoo land” following his pledge to modernise the country’s infrastructure, including providing spaghetti roads and bullet trains soon after winning this year’s presidential race.

Addressing his congregants in South Africa on Sunday, Bushiri said: “God is doing a new thing in Zimbabwe. Hear me, as I speak as a prophet. God is about to exalt the land of Zimbabwe. We must pray for the land of Zimbabwe and I saw something about Zimbabwe very interesting. Zimbabwe has been a sleeping giant, but now the sleeping giant is going to rise.

“I am seeing a land that looks like Dubai. I am seeing a new city in Zimbabwe, it looks like Dubai and God is saying to me, ‘I am about to bless this land’.”

Bushiri won most Zimbabweans’ hearts early last year when he prophesized the ascendency of Kembo Mohadi to the presidium at a time Zanu PF’s vanquished G40 faction and former President Robert Mugabe were firmly in control of the governing party.

In his latest prophecy, Bushiri added: “God said tell the people of Diaspora, who are struggling in other nations, in other countries, that you are about to return home and be rich in their home. You are about to become rich in Zimbabwe because God is working on Zimbabwe. In the next six years from now, you will have something that looks like Dubai being built.”

He, however, warned that the country’s political transformation would be a result of collective effort.

“God is about to promote the land of Zimbabwe and He will not do it with an individual, he will do it with Zimbabweans. No one man, not one woman, not one politician, not two politicians, but all of them together. God is doing a new thing in Zimbabwe,” he said.

MDC-T acting treasurer-general Charlton Hwende immediately took to social media platforms to celebrate the prophecy as pointing to a Chamisa victory.

He tweeted: “Pastor Bushiri is also now talking about spaghetti roads and a city like Dubai to be built in Zimbabwe in six years’ time. When president Nelson Chamisa talked about these issues, he was vilified.”

His tweet attracted several responses from party sympathisers, although some cautioned against premature celebrations.


  1. This is what Stephen Sackur of BBC Hardtalk described as being silly and nonsensical to have a dream of a better Zimbabwe. He indeed exposed himself silly an nonsensical he is to even dare think that nothing good can come out Africa precisely Zimbabwe. Anyway whose report are we then to believe? Mark 10 vs 27, Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God all things are possible.” Nelson Stand on the word of God and allow him to use you to restore the dignity of our land. I for one had seen this way way before that you are a man on a mission sent by God to lead Zimbabwe into prosperity.

    • I agree with you 100%, this Sancur guy thinks nothing good will ever come out Africa that was an insult to Zimbabwe and Africa

    • Chibaba stop abusing holy scriptures twisting them to mean what you want.
      Read again what this “Prophet” said slowly. Musango mhanya with conclusions

    • I will say this as an African and a ardent student of history. The Data on Africa so far is clear. Without hating or praise but with all objectivity. Africa is a chaotic place. Potholes, Cholera scares, poor water reticulation, bad public transportation system, dirty surburbs, extremely corrupt leadership. There is corruption in the west, I must agree but when It is practiced by our fellow brothers in Africa its effects are devastating. Visit the University of Zimbabwe as an example. See the work of Smith and Halls like Manfred Hudson, Swinton and other infrastructure like the Library. In fact the charter of the University was white man mediated. Come to the Mugabe era, what does he give us, the shitty new complex arena. Deplorable I must say. Psychologists have known for years that you are what you aim at. So it is with our current road system, which reflects the mental organization of our leaders, from fathers at the house level to the president in the country. Look at all the Major Roads, They were again a brain child of descendants from the west not some piffle guy from zvimba who though all of our resources where His. A very Ignorant fellow, I must say with all his degree(s). Zimbabwe is yet to see an educated, pragmatic and progressive leadership. Will it happens in our lifetime? I hope so. I work hard and implement order in my business and family unit, for obvious reasons. If you go to the west, every public system works. Everything is on time, you might think, it is because they evolved better mechanisms of governance, like an anti-marxist ideology (which we adopted at Independence: For reasons known to the western and eastern world this way of thinking though appealing has failed in every nation it has been practiced. No serious historian and scientist debates this. I am looking at you Venezuela ), but there is more to it than that. I am of the mindset which Sir Winston Churchill put right, ” the success of a nation is predicated upon a nations ability to preserve values, ethos and industry from one generation to another.” The microcosm of the society is the family unit. If you cannot clean your own yard, order your own house, clean and tidy your own desk, do you expect to have order in any aspect of life. The current mayor in chitungwiza is an disorderly guy. Just being at His offices shows you an appalling and dilapidated system that is preposterous. It is a chaotic place, dust every where etc. This is the head office of the town. Do you expect anything good in so far as their management of the town? The answer is an emphatic No!! reason is simple for Africa its a long way to freedom and it begins with you. God bless Africa , God bless Zimbabwe and God bless Honde Valley.

  2. Looks like Bhaskisti of all the people saw this hidden truth in his 1 Kings 10:27; 2 Chronicles 9:27, 2 Chronicles 1:15 “The king made silver as common as stones in Jerusalem, and he made cedars as plentiful as sycamore trees that are in the lowland. I have never taken Bhaskisti serious as kept on preaching this message at MDC rallies. As a christian it looks like he has been speaking the mind of God about Zimbabwe all this while as is being confirmed here by Prophet Bushiri. I have judged Bhaskisti wrongly treating his message the way I would to every politician would want to abuse our emotions.

  3. As long as bullet trains & spaghetti roads exist in other nations and were built by human hands then why can’t we have them also, are we not human as well? These old madhalas of Zanupf are just so blind & definitely a setback to Zims transition into the future

  4. Some of the issues being promised by Chamisa may not happen during our life time but his vision is pointing in the right direction.

  5. This is what we said no need for a prophecy here. ED will win but being the reasonable he is will ask all Zimbabweans to come together to rebuild Zimbabwe. Only ED has been preaching the need to come together and let bygones be bygones. On the other hand all MDC has been talking about is how they will look into the past and mostly retaliate. ED is our Deng Xiaoping who changed China. You dont need a prophecy but just a good political analyst like myself bcoz i have been saying this before Bushiri. Thank me later

  6. Focus like a Cobra.Zimbabweans as one our nation will be the best in 10years to come.Not as Zanu PF or MDC-T but as Zimbabweans.ED has my VOTE

  7. Focus like a Cobra.Zimbabweans as one our nation will be the best in 10years to come.Not as Zanu PF or MDC-T but as Zimbabweans.ED

  8. I think God does not want to give credit to one individual which is why he is saying its going to be a collective action. Lets celebrate God rather than individuals.

  9. Whilst I like a new Zimbabwe in the way Bushiri describes, this man is an opportunist and plays with the minds of people. This is not a prophecy but rather expectations using facts on the ground. I could also prophesy that I see Bank ques dissapearing, restoration of water services and electricity to most suburbs and I see opposition and ruling parties joining hands for the good cause.I also see the birth of a new and stable currency. Investors are going to come in droves. The Chinese will have a bigger share of the cake. Now mark my prophecy and see!!

  10. One (above) is obviously one of those CIO agents spin doctoring in the corner of brutal Ngwena, reality has it that nothing good will ever come from zanu. Zimbabweans have simply to forget about zanu, it brought suffering immeasurable to the people of Zimbabwe. They wasted forty good years with an imbecile as a leader and now want another chance?, four generations have been destroyed by zanu, let us put an end to this nonsense, we live only once.

  11. MDC sympatyzas u NVR stop kkkk Did prophet Bushiri say Chamisa is gng to win??Did he say ED z gng to Lose??kkkkk Read again It’s abt zim bcming Dubai not MDC win ;To me I think wat he jus Syd z We r likely to have a gvt of National Unity &ED being the president

  12. There is nothing silly about Chamisa’s dream of having mordenised transport system and infrastructure, thats what we want in Africa. Thank you the prophecy, only God knows.

  13. Zanu pf is failing to provide cash in banks. They could have come up with a solution this crucial election time but they are failing. We cant rely on them. We gave them 37 years and they ruined and looted Zimbabwe.

  14. Bushiri is just like a political analyst. He saw nothing. This is speculation. He made a prophecy on Facebook and told me that God had showed him that he needed to give me R900000 but the condition was that I should give him a processing fee of R3500.00. I told him he should give me the R900000.00 first so I could deduct his fee from there. I have not heard from him ever since…..

  15. Comment…Ko muporofita uya wekuMalawi wekuti, vaMugabe vachafa zuva rakati, anonzi ani zviya?


  17. Let me advise you all. If any of you are Christians, look to God only and trust him more. I am not trying to run this prophecy down, but we must put our faith in the Word of God more than what has been prophesied, what political candidates promise. Man will always let us down but God will not. I don’t know who will win the elections but I have no doubt that Zimbabwe is in God’s hands.

  18. It requires no public opinion poll to verify that national development is anticipated with the exit of clueless Mugabe. No wonder Bushiri deliberately left it overhanging because change is guaranteed and he wants to triumph over his ‘prophecy’ either way. Nothing worth celebrating there. The MDC-T should persist with the clamour for a better nation by vote unwaveringly.

  19. All politicians under a GNU which will be led by President Mnangagwa are going to bring prosperity to Zimbabwe – this sounds like a more plausible interpretation of the Bushiri prophecy

  20. I do not see where Chamisa and the MDC are prophesied as winners of this election. What is clear is that Zimbabwe has already started on a journey to transform lives. The exit of Mugabe was the beginning. Whichever way this election will go I think the current tone has been set and Zimbabwe will never be the same. ED himself has pronounced a new policy focusing on the economy and even if Nkosana Moyo, Chamisa or Khupe were to win the election the direction this nation has decided to take is known to all. We still have some problems, big ones for that matter, but we have just simply decided to walk away from those problems. Some of them will certainly take longer to overcome that others. This is not about ED or Chamisa, this is about Zimbabwe in its totality. You have every right to love your presidential candidate but please do not twist this very clear prophesy to suit your dreams.

    • Comment… munoti reminder why we shld remember tiri the most literate country, lest we 4gt its Newsday dai panzi Mdc wazviita point out, this prophecy z about us as Zimbos

  21. I totally agree with the gentleman who said Bushiri is a political analyst,Our prayers are focused on peace prosperity for we have suffered for too long , not forgetting that some of these people who are denying,Bullet trains they will see them but will not be able to board them , coz vachafa tichivatsika kuti tikwire.

  22. Iwe neni tinebasa rekuvaka Zimbabwe, not zanu pf alone and not mdc alone but us as Zimbabweans, whats wrong with having zanu pf and mdc workingtogether for a one cause, iyoyo yekuda umbimbindoga ndoyatisvitsa kwatiri nhasi, zimbabwe is for zimbabweans. Manje ndopaunonzwa muzanu or mumdc hanzi tega toigadzirasa, nop, tose toigadzirisa zimbabwe. Dont be selfish like Bob, unit unit unit and unit, hapana chigunwe chisina basa. l rest my case

  23. @MAPHOZHO.no development through munangagwa because he is a tried and tested faiulure for 38 years baba.to expect such person to bring something better its a shear wast of time they must go home and rest vakura vanhu ava they dont even know where the current is flowing.its unit in terms of Mdc alliance not zanoids.they blue up their chances panguva yavo.toda kuvapukuta zvokuti vanotaura vega kuti ndadyiwa.

  24. IWE MA MAPHOZVO No development through munangagwa because he is a tried and tested faiulure for 38 years baba.to expect such person to bring something better its a shear wast of time they must go home and rest vakura vanhu ava they dont even know where the current is flowing.its unit in terms of Mdc alliance not zanoids.they blue up their chances panguva yavo.toda kuvapukuta zvokuti vanotaura vega kuti ndadyiwa.

  25. Comment…who is Bhushiri? anoita nezvei? ZanuPf under the able leadership of cdes ED and General will win the election resoundingly. we are tired of these false prophets who are bent on milking hard working and peace loving zimbos.viva Zanupf pasi nemhanduuuuuuu.

  26. Comment..Ho nhayi, makangamwa zva2013 pamakanyengedzwazve nababa vajukwa. Bva itayi chiringa.

  27. Comment…Pamberi nekubata kweVENE VOSE vemuZimbabwe. Pasi nehumbimbindonga. RUNYARARO rwunotanga neni. RUNYARARO rwunotanga newe. RUNYARO rwunotanga nesu TOSE. RUGARE!!!! Ngaruwande!!!! Jehovah, ndimi chete Samasimba, nekudaro, dyarayi mhodzi yerunyararo munyika yeZimbabwe. Akuna mumwezve anozvigona, kunze kwenyu imi Mwari. Ndimi chete Tangakugara, Muwanikwa uye Chidzivachepo.

  28. The prophecy is not for one person or party its for the country ,that it will do well because of change that was brought about by Ed#Chiwenga that the opposition is noe bad mouthing.

  29. The prophecy is not for one person or party its for the country ,that it will do well because of change that was brought about by Ed#Chiwenga that the opposition is now bad mouthing.

  30. Why is it people are afraid of change and development, why do you want to remain poor and unchanged, think of a brighter future for your kids and family.

  31. I rally behing u, Whitemen

    ED z setting feasible targets we need at the moment, he started command housing, a new paliament blding construction in Mt Hampden is being built, air pot z being upgraded…
    our population z still vry low Industry are down, wat prompts the need to invest in Bullet train something that cn cost more than current our GDP, this tym he ws clever he didn’t specify on time this will take, bt definitely not 6 yrs as Bushiri say,, wt E.D is preaching is realistic in 6 yrs compared to what the boy is promising..
    . MDC has own record being complaining about E.D not inviting them to start a transitional gvt, so ey need more from Zanu pf win than opposite,
    ryt nw Zanu has the ideas, MDC the keys to mek em possible altho truth be told ukaenda pa Harvest hse unoona kt Mdc yadhakwa ey cant even renovate eir place
    as it stands its better kutamba nembsvha dzekare dzaguta pane ku introducer dzitsva tiise dzimwe 30 yrs to waste

  32. I have question for all zanupf supporters and E.D sympathizers,which age group are you and where do you live??I fail to understand the rationality of any young Zimbabwean who still look forward to the prosperity of the country ushered in by zanu and E.D after 37 years of failure,it’s pathetic and it’s like hoping for the best but expecting the worst.Don’t be carried away by the hype of pre_election rather focus on the reality that comes post-elections because you’ll have to live with it til 2023 and God knows if you’ll still be around.

  33. Comment…My dear how old are u????U don’t Knoe its a scarm…that page is not Bushiri’s..So stop accusing man of God…There are sick stupid pple out there who are making lot of money using Prophet’s name..if u watch Prophetic channel you wl hear Bushiri himself advising dat we mustn’t fall for doz pple’s traps

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