Breaking: Zim election date set for July 30


Zimbabwe will hold its harmonised elections on July 30 after President Emmerson Mnangagwa gazetted the date on Wednesday.

More to follow


  1. thank you ED and now the real dirty campaign work begins, and false and genuine prophets and sangomas who incidentally are in the same category its time to cash in on this whole thing by hazarding who will be the victor come 30 of July

  2. Nelson, beware the ides of july! It is now that the fearsome repitile will prove to all doubting Thomases that he is a real crowd puller. Watch his rallies.

  3. Why waste time and money to sanitise a flawed process because none of the requirements for a fair and just process have been met in spirit and in practice. Rather just do a coronation of Garwe and co and divert that money to much needed healthcare. This is a charade with the tacit nod of the British Conservative government prioritising stability over meaningful democracy and rights for the ordinary man and woman on the street.

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