Breaking: Con-court dismisses diasporan vote bid

A woman dips her finger in voting ink at Chisipite Senior School.

The Constitutional Court has dismissed an application by three Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora who were seeking the amendment of restrictive provisions of the Electoral Act, which precludes them from participating in the country’s electoral processes.

By Xolisani Ncube

The full bench said reasons for their dismissal will follow in due course but stated the court could not allow for the application to stand.


  1. The irony is that people ran away from Zim for economic reasons but now they want the country to fork out millions just to make them participate in the local elections from offshore. Why don’t they come back to vote and also see their folk and visit the graveyards too.We might be open for business but hatina mari yekutambisa (I pay my taxes by the way).Asipo Haapo.

    • Before independance people ran away to train and come back to fight against oppression today its no different people had to go outside Zimbabwe AGAIN to feed their families when the government could give jobs and pay its workers your comment shows that you are a fucken hippocrit who is benefiting from a broken corrupt system by the way how are you being able to pay taxes when its so exorbitant that no one wants to invest in this country because the laws and taxes are punnishing

    • Just goes to show how sallow minded the so called analyst is.This is not a unique situation to Zimbabwe .
      Other countries enable their citizens to vote from outside their countries.These are citizens who for no other reason than just to seek for greener pastures decided to leave.Zimbabweans had a good reason to leave than most countries whose citizens are able to vote from outside.For example Mozambicans always vote from outside.Its not possible for everyone to vote from all corners of the world but simple statistics will tell you the top three or four countries with the most people.
      Just to say asipio haapo is being selfish and stupid

  2. So they wanted zec to sent ballots fall all the 210 constituencies to every country of the world thats not practical .thank u the bench for dismissing this useless case.

  3. Indeed, zanu pf’s 38 years of misrule has dismally failed to develop zimbabwe hands down and has created a dynasty of masterpiece destruction ,how can they be able to simplify the facilitation of voting rights for its own cruelity making? Zimbabwe shall and will remain a dark country when other countries are reforming.Change is always imminent when the going gets tough.Down with useless and visionless ZANUS.

  4. We agreed as country,that our voting is now polling station based for a particular ward and constituency. Remember this was a proposal by the opposition that wanted to close all possible loop holes for rigging. For the presidential poll I can understand but for the Councillor and MP, who are the diasporans going to be voting for, unless they now want a Councillor and an Mp for the diaspora. Remember proof of residence was a requirement for registration, so you can not register to vote in Makokoba if you are resident in Magwegwe or London, that is the law.

    • Thank you very much for this,the opposition advocated for this rule/law they should just suffer the consequences if there are any

  5. It is an open secret that 95 percent of diasporans were as as a result of running away from political persecution and the economic meltdown and it is very obvious that almost 100 percent of diasporans would vote for any other party which is not zanu pf hence the reason why the co court had to come up with such a primitive and baseless ruling.Remember Jonathan Moyo once said zanu pf cannot reform itself out of power.By just dismissing the application,the full con-court bench will be drowning in luxury as a token of appreciation from the evil zanu pf govt.Even if it means continued suffering for the majorityof Zimbabweans,they dont give a damn as long as those six or so judges and their families are sitting pretty.

  6. Why should diaspora people be allowed to vote in the foreign land. Ngavagare ikoko because they don’t know kushupika kwedu muno. They have run away with their voting rights and I’m happy that they are not going to vote. If they had remained in this country things would have changed long back.

  7. I believe if you want to vote you should just come back to the country and cast that vote surely the country is no economic state to facilitate the diaspora voting

  8. You guys are all a-holes you want the same people to bring you foreign currency and investors yet these people contribute inmencely to the country’s GDP from remitancies the highest I remember was 25 percent when gvt couldn’t pay its ”evil servants” (mainly police and amry) these guys voices must be heard they have a right to vote just like everyone else

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