Bench warmer, Harare North’s darling in Hatcliffe alone

The Harare North constituency covers affluent areas like Borrowdale Brooke, Greystone Park, part of Chishawasha Hills, and Glen Lorne, as well as high and medium-density suburbs of Hatcliffe Extension and Hatcliffe Consortium. While people interviewed claimed that the MP Tongesai Mudambo was active in the constituency, in Parliament, he can best be described as a bench warmer.


Problems in the constituency which the MP could highlight in Parliament

Water problems — Environment and Water ministry

Poor roads and potholes — Local Government ministry

No schools in Hatcliffe Consortium — Local Government, and Primary and Secondary Education ministries

Electricity problems in some areas — Energy ministry

Performance of the MP in Parliament

Mudambo is rather quiet when it comes to his contribution to debates on different motions and Bills in the National Assembly. During sittings of committee meetings, the MP, however, does make some contributions. It is very imperative for him to be very active in the House as a representative of the people.

What people said about their MP

Tonderai Mutswe

We know our MP and to tell you the truth, he is one person who is free and we can approach him anytime. He has made us feel free. One thing that he has done is that he has our backs as people he lives with. We appreciate what he is doing.

Gift Togora

I know my MP and I want to thank him for making people in his constituency happy. Let me tell you something, when a member of the community has a funeral, he is there to help in any way he can. Of course, he can’t be able to help everyone or make every person’s problems disappear, but when he can help, he does and this is why we appreciate him as his constituency.

Alice Mupemo

We know our MP personally and he is one person whom we are not afraid to approach. We have heard of many MPs who only appear when they want people to vote for them, but with our MP, we see him every day. He has addressed the challenges we face in our constituency like the water one. I am not sure if he is active in Parliament, but what I know is when it comes to helping people in his area he is always there.

Ivy Rushiye

I know my MP because he is a person who likes to stay where the people are and this makes us get to see him every day. He brought much peace in our area in terms of water problems, we no longer have problems with water like other areas. Boreholes were sunk near our houses, which means we don’t have to walk long distances to get water.
Mai Rugare

Yes, I know my MP. He is a son to me and he has so much respect for the elderly people. He is someone who grew up in the area he represents and this makes us more comfortable to talking to him. I can safely say that he has addressed the major challenges that we face in our constituency like the water problem. We are happy with him.
MP’s response

I see people every day, particularly in the Hatcliffe area, because that is where I stay. I am a free person, I do not inhibit anyone from approaching me. I get people who come to me and say that we want to talk to you MP and they do it freely.

Water has been a major issue in my constituency and I have managed to build 21 boreholes in my constituency, both manual in areas that do not have electricity and some that are electrified in areas that have electricity. I also managed to get vendors in my constituency formalised because previously, they would be harassed by the council for not having documents that allowed them to be vendors, but all that is in the past. I also assist people in my constituency all the time, especially in time of need.
Recently, I helped the families of people with burns. I assist my people and I love to see my community united and grow, this is why we always have family days and sports days, where the whole community comes to watch other in my constituency playing netball, football and many other sporting activities.

This is the chance that I give the youth to come and showcase their talents and as I speak right now, many youth have been snapped up by some clubs in the country in all disciplines. The Constituency Development Fund (CDF) that I received was used to build boreholes and repair some roads in my constituency, because in some areas, the public transport could not reach there. I also helped one of the schools, Hatcliffe 3 Primary School, to buy furniture, though I couldn’t buy everything, but I played a bigger role.

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  1. I’ve known Tonge for about 15 years since he was a youngster. I believe he is an excellent man full of vigour ideas and is close to his people. He’s exactly the sort of MP I want. He believes in action. Jaw jawing in Parliament is not his style.

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