Beitbridge to regulate sizes of houses


THE Beitbridge municipality will invoke regulations governing sizes of houses to be built in ratio to sizes of stands.


Most people in Dulivhadzimo high-density suburb have built houses that almost fill their entire stands, leaving no space for gardens or garages.

This has resulted in cars being parked on the streets, at times blocking traffic.

In an interview yesterday Beitbridge acting town clerk Loud Ramakgapola said his municipality will regulate sizes of houses relative to the stands.

“It is an area that needs attention because there is a percentage of the stand the house should occupy not the entire yard,” he said.

“Our planning and engineering departments will have to look into that,” he said.

The shortage of accommodation in Beitbridge — with a population of about 60 000 vis-a-vis 11 000 housing units — spurred property owners to build large structures to cash in on tenants.

Some houses have up to 15 rooms and the average rentals per room are $60.

This has also created problems of litter disposal, overcrowding and straining sewer systems.

“Regulations do not allow that, so we will invoke these in new housing structures residents will build,” Ramakgapola said.


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