Bank employees threaten strike

Workers in the banking sector have issued a two-week ultimatum to their employers demanding a 60% salary increase or they will embark on a strike.


The workers, represented by the Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union (Zibawu) have already rejected a 3,46% increase.

“Following the conclusion of the collective bargaining session in our sector, wherein parties declared a deadlock, we write to serve you notice of our intention to resort to collective job action,” Zibawu secretary general, Peter Mutasa wrote in a letter dated May 18.

The letter, which was addressed to the Bankers Employers Association of Zimbabwe (BEAZ) chairman, Victor Kwezera, said the workers will embark on sit ins or demonstrate if their call for a 60% upward salary review is not conceded to.

“The 14 days’ notice is issued in terms of section 104 of the Labour Act (Chapter 28:01) as amended.

“Upon expiry of the 14 days’ notice and subject to other mandatory provisions of the law, our members will embark on sit ins, sit outs, demonstrations, call for boycotts and any other concerted actions.

“This action can be averted if you accede to our 60% salary increase demand or opening of negotiations for a respectable salary increase well above your 3,46% offer,” Mutasa said.
At least 3 700 non-managerial workers such as messengers, tellers, customer service officers, loan officers and exchange control clerks among others are set to embark on industrial action.

The Zimbabwe banking sector has a staff complement of about 4 000 workers.

Kwezera acknowledged receiving the letter, saying he was working flat out to deal with the issue.

“They actually wrote the letter to me as the BEAZ chairman,” he said.

“I am currently working on the response with my colleagues.”

Kwezera was not at liberty to comment on the issues raised by the employees, saying he was still consulting the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe.

“Remember, we are a committee that reports directly to the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Zibawu said the least paid bank worker gets $636 per month.


  1. who cares the banks hardly have the cash and the little bit of money you get you resort to inside dealings so do whatever you feel like doing and we will watch from the sidelines neither will the government have a sypmatheic stance for you

    1. Elisha do not just waffle over things you have no knowledge about.Banks do not just do withdrawals like you want us to believe.It just goes to show your lack of understanding basic things.Bank rika 2 days risiri kushanda the consequences are too ghastly to contemplate.

      1. well said @metekede. It is good to reserve comments when you lack knowledge. Banks are driving the economy. Imagine this strike happening month end like this and many transactions to do with salaries are not processed on time and efficiently, The kind of chaos that will be created and damage to ordinary citizens. If their employees cant get their bank balances alone gvt will have to interfere.

    2. Elisha is right, almost all banking systems are automated. Send them on strike, it’s been years since we the banks have even dispersed a cent of cash, so who will even notice a difference. We will use Ecocash

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    1. Obvious what can you expect from a Zanu Pf(Elisha). You wonder how his brains work but anyway they work like those of ED and Chiwenga. I wonder whom does he think process all those electronic transfers.

  3. uyo anonzi eliasha ndodofo its better kunyarara pane kuratidza nyika hudofo hwakadaro

  4. Comment…I don’t care about bank strikes bcz they is no money in banks ppl can survive without you ,so your strikes have little impact esp me bcz if I want cash I go to money changers and use ecocash . these bankers are the one who support zanu PF muchakaura its better to vote wisely kwete kungoramba muchichema wake up the power is in your vote

  5. Why do people display their ignorance instead of seeking knowledge in areas where this lacks. I have in mind here @manu, @eliasha etc. They seem to speak (or write first) and then try to think after….

  6. Bank workers you are stupid. The least paid is $636, yet civil servants get 400. If you are tired go home and sleep. We will recruit others. There are many graduates from Midlands, UZ, NUST , GZU, etc.
    We cant be held ransom because of you. Where is the money to pay you. Shut up

  7. Patriotic youth

    kU BANK havachapa mari. saka kuita strike hazvina basa. zvimwe chete. Ngavaite ka strike kavo isu tichingo shandisa ecocash, tichingo swiper, tichikwenga , tichingokwenga, tichi swiper, tigoswiper, tichingo swiper

  8. Those who strike are having no nation at heart. They must be fired

  9. My take is that it will be suicidal and the timing to strike is not in their favour. Banks will be happy to offloading some of them anyway due to redundancy. Banks are going electronic saka ma teller hakuchina nekuti hachina mari. Vazhinji vacho ma temps saka pane nyaya. Many developments have happened against them. vanodyiwa ne technology zvakaitwa Post Office yematsamba.

    Asiwo ma banks acho ari kuita ma profits ekupenga saka yes, they deserve an increase.

  10. Do you know that most of the IT guys in banks are not managers and all your transactions will not go through if these people goes on strike ? musafunga kuti Bank ndi teller chete

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