Back off: Zec tells opposition

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has brushed aside pressure by opposition parties for public disclosure on suppliers of ballot papers for this year’s general elections, saying there was no law compelling the electoral management body to involve political parties in its procurement processes.


Zec, in an emailed response to NewsDay, yesterday said it would disclose such details at the appropriate time.

“No, there is no legal provision which requires Zec to involve political parties in its procurement processes for the ballot paper and the printer. Section 52A of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13] only requires the commission to disclose the following information to all political parties and candidates contesting an election, and to all observers — (a) where and by whom the ballot papers for the election have been or are being printed; and (b), the total number of ballot papers that have been printed for the election; and (c), the number of ballot papers that have been distributed to each polling station,” Zec said.

Several opposition parties, civil society and pressure groups have over the past few weeks been piling pressure on Zec to name suppliers and printers of ballot papers before proclamation of election dates “to enhance transparency” in the electoral process.

The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance recently threatened a “national shutdown” to force the government and Zec to disclose the identity of the company contracted to print the ballot papers.

But Zec has resisted the pressure, saying it will comply with provisions of the Constitution at the appropriate time.

“As already has been stated above, this is a legal requirement and the commission will comply with the provision at the appropriate time as it has always done in all previous elections. There is not going to be any secrecy around the supplier and the ballots as the commission has an obligation to make these public in terms of the law,” the electoral body said.

Early this week, independent electoral watchdog Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn) claimed Zec’s delay in naming printers of the ballot papers violated the Constitution.

The group warned that Zec’s intransigence on this issue could lead to a disputed poll outcome.

“Zesn believes that adherence to the tenets of an open data policy by the commission will enhance on the integrity and transparency in the administration of electoral processes, whose outcomes are acceptable to contesting political parties, interest groups and the electorate,” it said.

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    Nonsense ZEC,why do you want to brew a disputed plebscite.Rubbish mhani.Kunyepera kuda kutewedza mutemo.Whats wrong in involving the political parties anyway,will you be breaking the law or you will actually be enhancing transparency and credibility of the election.Shame on you ZEC SHAME.

  2. Comment…ZEC has the prerogative to call political parties for consultations before going to tender and again parties have a say in the selection process to maintain credibility and standard. its should not be the sole job for either ZEC or State Procurement Board particularly in our case where previous elections were marred by allegations of rigging purportedly engineered by ZEC itself. so how can they maintain the fragile status quo, worse of it so trite & soporific. who is benefiting save for the governing party? if not then they should reform and start to do things well. like in some areas where government is trying to loosen its grip why not this area? otherwise ED’s globe trotting initiative of promoting free and fair elections is just a facade

    also, Chigumba is a liar, she is a Zanu-PF acolyte but I just want to urge her that the party is intents to please for the sake of money & fleet of ford rangers is a vicious predator that eats its own offsprings like her.

    1. If they did that, ballot papers will never be procured given the divergent views and preferences of all parties concerned, the 120 of them. At law all parties will have to be treated equally and that will be chaos. All parties seemed to be agreement with appointment of Chigumba, so allow her to to do her job without any undue pressure. What the opposition should be doing is gathering all their technocrats to arm themselves with tools to scrutinize the ballot papers when they are eventually unveiled, and if there are any complaints at that stage they are from an informed point of view. Unless its just politicking and cataloguing excuses when they lose the election.

  3. Does the ZEC chairperson mean there is a law that explicitly stops ZEC to disclose this to interested parties? Which section is this? Think outside the box madam Chigumba and help the generality of the populace to appreciate the processes and transparency of your operations. I see nothing wrong in doing so now.

  4. Chigumba is another Sekesai Makuwarara, being used by zanu to suppress the will of the people, she must be warned that she is under the radar as messengers of betrayal who have no space in the new Zimbabwe. If the elections are to be credible why hiding certain information, to benefit who and for what purpose. Manyangira yaona kare hamulume this time munolumila.

  5. so what is so difficult for zec to do such an easy thing. we will change. and these guys will pay heavily. zanu has not changed. same bus different driver.

  6. hanya nani kusura kwaarere

    Back off vachienda kupi? chigumba, if anything, and ‘am convinced, u are an accomplice, if not an outright chief strategist, in all these ZANU PF shenanigans. It’s now so clear even nekumwana mudiki kuti paballot apa ndipo pamuri kubira napo. Shuwa kuuraya future yevana vedu nekuda kwekamari kaunopiwa iwewe nenhuri yako chete vamwe tese tichifa hedu nenhamo? vamwe vanhu so.

  7. Guys this is simple ,the only way we can do as a nation is to stop this election if Chigumba and Zanu fail to disclose the tender for those who are going to supply the ballot paper. We can’t be fooled again by zanu pf. In other countries they protest day and night until Zec and zanu disclose the ballot printing. Lets unite the people of Zimbabwe ,we can’t allow another five years of misrule never never lets defend our self the people of Zimbabwe. Iwe neni tine basa .

    1. unopenga iwe Chidhoro


  8. ZEC IS STUPID AND IS A JUNTA BABY AND BRITISH PORN…Zanu has never won an election

    1. so what

  9. Mitemo ngaitevedzwe tikasadaro ingave nyika here nhai akomana. hatidi zvaBaby boy akabvuta masimba mutumbi wemushakabvu uchiri mumba nekutya kuenda kuCongress

  10. Kana zvadai ED is going to win. The reason why they are hiding ballot printing means Zanu yatohwina kare. ZEC is full of miltary,CIO and mahure do you think panechinobuda ipapo. This Chigumba woman is a suspect, a mere puppet of Zanu. I hate my country.

  11. kkkkkkk@GTI hanzi and mahure kkkk

  12. chiurura pfutsek kutaura kwausina kuswera KHUPENGA Kwaro anoti she was voted ngaatipe mavotes ake getaway mhani iwe chigumba u do not represent zimbabwe full stop

  13. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    In previous elections police was voting more than three times , a reliable source told me

  14. Asiii Zec inondishamisaaa if there is nothing to hide why not inform all participants in this election ruzivo rwavarikudaaaaa .nyangwee mukadaroo gore rinoo Zanu haitonge

  15. remember these rules are written and they can be amended if there is a need like this.rules are meant for people if they see loopholes on it something must be done. so where is the majority rule if there is only one part in fever of prevailing winds and the rest are not. it means there is no need of helding elections if things go like this. its very simple just to let other people know of what is happening and agree on terms and conditions zvinhu zvofamba murunyararo. totakurirwa musaga sekiti here kuti zvambonyanya kuita sei. isu hatina basa nekutomboziva on what is happening munofanirwa kupedzerana mega zanu n other oppositions but kana zvasvika nekwatiri it means hapana kuwirirana apa.


  17. Nelson Chamisa

    What provisions in the law are available for that. Involvement of parties in the procurement process.

  18. Maporo awo man nxaa. zec nechiPF chavo kusango

  19. This johnny-come-lately has been blowing hot and cold even on issues that are in black and white like the recruitment of the army in the electoral commission. Now she is constitutionally legitimizing her high handedness Renowned dictator Joseph Stalin once said that the people who cast the votes decide nothing whereas the people who count the votes decide everything. Give the commission a national outlook lest you confirm my fears.

  20. whats wrong by unveiling what is said by the LAW? Madam ZEC Boss and your members beware….do not connive with the wrong people….so you choose that little money you are given by Z PF at the expense of Zimbabweans? SHAME ON YOU, YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO YOUR FAMILY AND FUTURE GENERATIONS

  21. Listoling Regacy Malawi Zim VP

    They want to comply with the requirements of the electoral act late close to the elections, when they wont be any time to dispute anything. Typical ZANU modus operandi!

  22. Tichingotonga Tichingotonga Imi muchingowukura

    Nyika Ino ine Vene vayooo

    Takaiudza ZEC kuti usafukura hapwaaa tingadonhedzerwa pasi nekamwana kadiki

    Pambeeeeeeri neZanu

  23. jus tell us nikuv is at ghost of 2013 may haunt

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